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Putin promises 'serious consequences' to 'small, densely populated' European countries calling for Ukrainian strikes on Russia
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Ukrainians Hunting Russian Metal in the Black Sea


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President Zelensky yesterday was shown F-16 fighters, which will be transferred to Ukraine.

Deliveries are expected very, very soon."

Damn, I’ve been hearing about these F-16s (a 50-year-old plane, if anything) for two years now.

They keep coming and going (soon, almost!), and the bombs upon Ukraine keep flying and flying.


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Russian servicemen of the 70th motorized rifle regiment near Rabotino, Zaporozhye region. The command doesn’t care about them at all - they are forced to hold their positions at any cost in a hellish meat grinder. From the nauseating smell, the soldiers cover themselves with masks and are forced to sit for days in a dugout where the corpses of their comrades decompose.


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A new General Dynamics arms factory has opened, focusing on the production of 155mm artillery shells, in Mesquite, Texas.

The Pentagon has reportedly set a goal of producing up to 100,000 artillery shells per month by the end of 2025 to supply Ukraine with weapons.

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Air Force: Ukraine downs 7 missiles, 32 drones launched by Russia overnight.

Ukrainian forces shot down all the 32 Shahed-type "kamikaze" drones and seven of the 11 Kh-101/555 cruise missiles launched by Russia overnight on May 30, the Air Force said.

Moscow's troops also launched eight S-300/400 missiles against Kharkiv Oblast, the Air Force said.

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Archive footage of the work of the American M1A1 "Abrams" tank at the Avdiivka Coke Chemical Plant


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At 12 years old, Lera is learning to walk again. Last summer a Russian missile attack shattered one of her legs, and left the other badly burned.

Close to 2,000 children have been injured or killed in since Vladimir launched his full-scale invasion. But the war doesn’t always leave visible scars like those that run up Lera’s leg.

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French President Macron just announced that France supports hitting military sites on the Russian territory with French weapons.


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's arrogance and nerve are absolutely breathtaking. This dude goes and invades a sovereign nation without any sort of provocation, then he threatens the world with destruction if that nation strikes back. If he's so worried about escalation, he can pack up the murderers, rapists, and child abusers that make up his military, and go the fuck home. It's his actions that are responsible for the current situation.

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Finance officials from the Group of Seven rich democracies said they had moved toward agreement on a U.S. proposal to squeeze more money for Ukraine from Russian assets frozen in their countries. But the ministers left a final deal to be worked out ahead of a June summit of national leaders.

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's soldiers talk of exhaustion, faith, personal loss and a perilous shortage of munitions as Russian forces take new ground. Reuters traveled along the front line, where Ukrainian troops say Vladimir must be beaten back. Otherwise, said one, "he’s not going to stop over here."

“They’re constantly firing, constantly probing,” he says. “We have to survive somehow and we have to hold the line.”

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A question to ask at an level

Does have sufficient economic capacity to pay the war damages to Ukraine?
just to demine the fields the expense will be ENORMOUS
there are entire cities to rebuild
(and not counting the murdered civilians who... have 'no price')
the answer is easy ... > NO
Russia is NOT able to pay war damages...
So ? what to do with Russia ?
Give a portion of Russia to to repay Her ? would NOT be enough.

chiamaluca, avatar


I heard too 'rumors' that would love to separate from the Russian 'udders'...
of course... a 'no man's zone' between and will be necessary
created HATEs (that did not exist) that will now exist for decades.
But the question of war damage remains...
I don't see how it would be possible to avoid them...

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grossly misrepresented the Ukrainian constitution and Ukrainian domestic law on May 28 in order to further promote the information operation claiming that Ukrainian President Volodymyr is no longer the legitimate president of .



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Russian President Vladimir warned the West on Tuesday that members in Europe were playing with fire by proposing to let use Western weapons to strike deep inside , which he said could trigger a global conflict.

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Tony Ingesson, Assistant Professor in Political Science at Lund University speaks to FRANCE24's Monte Francis about the growing calls in European countries to bring back obligatory military service and extend it to women, as #Russia makes gains in eastern #Ukraine.
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Kriegstreiber #Putin möchte behalten, was er hat.

Eine von ihm vorgeschlagene Waffenruhe ist scheinheilig, die Europawahl steht bevor.


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An Ukrainian drone strikes detection radar station "Voronezh M" in the russian city of , Oblast

Drones attacked targets in , next to the palace of

Anna Danylchuk is a professor of linguistics at Volyn National University in Lutsk, she vlogs every day, giving a perspective of an Ukrainian from inside war-torn .

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"Meet the CRANKs: How China, Russia, Iran and North Korea Align Against America

Setting aside “Axis of Evil,” or its calibrated stepchild “Axis of Upheaval,” what might be a better name for the China-Russia-Iran-North Korea cluster? Consider an acronym—" ,” representing -Russia - - ."

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Vovchansk, Kharkiv region.

Ukraine's hands are tied behind their backs because they cannot strike military targets inside Russia with Western weapons.


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Violence, abuse, prohibition to use the toilet, use of pepper spray and the "I am Russian!" song blasting on repeat. This is how wounded Russian solldiers who refuse to go back to Ukraine to die in the "Special Military Operation$ are being disciplined in Yakutsk, Russia - cramped into small cells, 28 people in each one.

They didn't protest against going to Ukraine to kill, loot and torture in the first round.
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Jens Stoltenberg supports lifting restrictions on the use of Western weapons to strike military targets on Russian territory.


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12-year-old Maria and her mom Iryna were killed by the Russian strike on a construction supermarket in Kharkiv on Saturday.

Their church shared the information. Yurii, Maria's dad, is in the hospital in critical condition.

Deepest condolences.
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This is what a construction supermarket in Kharkiv looks like after the Russian strike on Saturday.

According to the latest data, 16 people were killed, 45 injured, five are still being searched for under the rubble.
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