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Apr 20

4 min

It's not me doing the smoking.

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This is why I love mastodon and stay here. @dgar keeps me smiling, and encourages the best from people

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Gardening humor

It's old but I always find it funny!

#Humor #Gardening #Slugs #Snails

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Editorial and Political Cartoons

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I only bring snacks that are easy to throw.

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As a cat wig hater, I’m just going to drop this here. (Do not test me with a bouffant or a buzz cut.)

#Humor #Funny #Lol #Fun #Humour #Cat #Cats

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I was so unpopular at school they called me "Batteries.”

I'm never included in anything. #Funny #Comedy #Humor #Puns #DadJokes

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Touch base with someone you haven’t seen in over a year. Remind them you’re still a pain.

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And then Benny snapped.

# Humour.

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It's that time of the week for another comic strip on Throwback Thursday.

Kindergarten, circa 2006
by @ChrisPirillo & Brad Fitzpatrick

License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

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“Smoking or non-smoking?”


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Find some humor in your life and exploit it.

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Isn’t a baby shower just a baptism?


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And don't get me started on the whole no physical menu thing.

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are you kidding?
he will sleep in your bed

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As A USGS Employee Working In Spatial Data: hehehehehehehehe <-- link to XKCD cartoon

"The standard North American NAD83 coordinate system is misaligned from the actual Earth, off-centre by about 7 feet. Someone knows where I am, and I'm in the wrong place."
#GIS #spatial #mapping #humour #humor #datums #coordinatesystems #NAD83 #NAVD88 #mappymeme #survey #USGS #NGS #benchmark #surveymarker #NorthAmerica #geodetic #geodesy

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What did the rabbit give his girlfriend?

14 carrot earring

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I don't know how they knew setting this this to Ave Maria would be ten times funnier, but it is! [sound on, or watch once without sound and then turn on the sound, like I did]

Slow motion shot of a man doing a backflip on a bouldery beach and trying to kick a football -- he barely touches it and then lands on his face. It is set to the song Ave Maria.

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