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27, Autistic, Chronically Sick, Queer, (Any/All)
Writer, Artist, Activist.

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I don't think anyone understands the gravity of my situation

If I don't find a way to cover this I'll be forced to go back to my home country. We can't even afford a plane ticket, I legally cannot work on the Visa I currently hold.

PLEASE, PLEASE donate if you can or pleaseeee share my fundraiser with friends and family and get this to go viral or something! 😭

Cash app $AceyAngel
PayPal AddriannaWing1


AceyAngel, to KindActions
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Because my partner and I keep running into financial issues we've started a mutual aid on GiveButter and have the money set to where we cannot touch it until it is time to apply for my new Visa.

Please, donate if you can, even if it's just $1. I'd really like to remain in my partner's country as the only other option is homelessness and being separated again. 💔

Goal must be met no later than Aug 1st


AceyAngel, to trans
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Emergency aid for disabled individual;
$180/600 groceries/eye appointment/ Visa app fees

$50 for eye appt at minimum
$200 for weekly groceries
$350 cost for new Visa application

Anything helps. Please boost / share 🔁


AceyAngel, to Autism
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I created this graphic and logo the beginning of April for Autism Acceptance month.

(posted on my IG, but only now thought to post here as well.)

Happy Autism Acceptance month.

AceyAngel, to Autism
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Emergency funds needed for Autistic Chronically sick individual... Have ongoing food needs and still need funds for replacement glasses.

Any and all help kindly appreciated!

Please boost if willing!

Had to reset total raised from last time as the $67 went towards food...


CashApp - $AceyAngel

PayPal - AddriannaWing1

AceyAngel, to mastodon
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I only raised about $67.15 on my PayPal fundraiser for food expenses and new glasses prescription / appointment.

If you are open to you can still purchase some art of mine here https://ko-fi.com/spaceyangelacey/shop

$400 is the goal.
Can also donate direct to;



All shares and support VERY much appreciated! 🫶🏻

AceyAngel, to disability
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I think as well as sharing my Autistic experiences I'm going to also try and share information about my combination of chronic diseases and what it does to an individual's body over time... It seems many people I am close to have never even heard much about Celiac's or especially Graves' disease...

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I created a blog some time ago for my Autistic Journaling... I'm going to use it to share experiences with my chronic illness as well.

For anyone that is interested

Link to my blog: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/addriannawa


AceyAngel, to KindActions
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Acey is a multiply Disabled trans immigrant with ongoing medical needs. An onset of medical debt and poverty has put them in severe hardship. (Please read pic for outline of needs)

Glasses, Eye appointment, & food
Guesstimate around $400

All shares and engagement gratefully appreciated! 🫶🏻



AceyAngel, to KindActions
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Addrianna is in desperate need of glasses, please boost so they can reach their goal to replace their broken pair!

More details and donations here;

@mutualaid @mutual_aid

luckytran, to random
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It's stunning that the technical leader of the World Health Organization's COVID-19 response, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, publically reaffirmed that COVID-19 is still a global health threat and still a pandemic, yet hardly any media outlet has covered this except for this one.


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@luckytran heavily sighs in disabled and immune-compromised Really wishing people would considering acknowledging this fact. COVID is still k*lling and disabling many individuals. I've not recovered since and I was already Chronically ill prior to contracting COVID. Long COVID has worsened my health amd pre existing symptoms of other diseases.

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I am Autistic, no amount of criticism from anyone will change that.

What can be changed is the ignorance surrounding the stereotypical views of what Autism Spectrum Disorder is.

A spectrum meaning it cannot simplify a large group of individuals in just a few words.

We are all uniquely different, and experience life as an Autistic person, differently. We may have some similar experiences or traits, but all humans do.

AceyAngel, to Autism
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Yes, being Autistic isn't an excuse to be racist, ableist, ect...

Buuut it IS an explanation to a lot of other things that are DISABLING for us.

E.G. Audio Processing Disorder is common amongst those of whom are Autistic/ADHD (Im BOTH)

Often times, my brain process auditory sounds as distortion.

Think of someone tuning an old radio and there are distorted voices coming through.

It isn't an excuse, it's a disability.

AceyAngel, to gaming
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Amongst the mess that is my life- I am currently in the making of another gaming article for my Vocal blog, and also more gaming content for my YouTube! Please, consider supporting me by sharing and subscribing to my pages!

Link to all my media accounts are in my bio, and below;


AceyAngel, to KindActions
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Disabled person in need of emergency funding;

On Aug 22nd I had to go in for blood tests, X-rays, and more... The costs were more than we anticipated and ended up needing to use the emergency credit card...

As of now $140 is left to pay, plus late fees.

Direct link to donate;

Below are some transaction proof of appt and bills. (I don't have the others I'm sorry)

Transaction details for $180 on August 22, 2023 for Medlab.

AceyAngel, to KindActions
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Boosting helps extend reach! :blobhaj_hearttrans:

Still need cover $310 for Medical expenses (BTs, Chest X-Ray, general exam, ECT)

disabled/chronically ill - (needs assistance with finances, taken to important apts, help with some daily tasks and mobility aid...)

More Details & donations;

Thank you for your kindness!


AceyAngel, to mastodon
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Addrianna needs $310 to cover recent medical bills - (Blood tests, Chest X-Ray, and Full medical)

Theyre disabled, chronically ill - needs assistance with finances, taken to important apts, help with some daily tasks and mobility aid.

Addrianna does NOT collect benefits, nor work, therefore doesn't have a secure income.

Details & donations;

Thank you for your kindness!

dannotdaniel, to random
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Everyone please get & display one of these flags, if you can. This is also a note to myself, because I am part of "everyone" in this request.

We live amonst dangerous bigots, who need to know we outnumber them. 🌈


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America is so damn dangerous it terrifies me... I have my little Genderqueer Pride flag and the rainbow flag, I'll be displaying them both in my little potted plants outside my house. In New Zealand, it's not as dangerous but it's also not very common to see LGBTQIA support (minus my bank, they use pride themed debit card designs) , we're all hiding it seems ... 🥺

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I wish I had close friends and family that loved and supported me... I'm just struggling so much... I don't know what to do anymore.

AceyAngel, to writing
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Consider supporting my writing blog by giving it a follow, like my stories, and leave me a comment or two on your favourite ones!

Direct Link; https://vocal.media/gamers/few-free-cozy-games

The more support I received the better chances I have of earing a passive income from my submissions!
It won't be remotely enough to support mtself, but it's a start in getting to the next level in my career ambitions!

AceyAngel, to art
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Daily reminder that those small time artists on social media are real people...

If they're like me, they rely heavily on engagement. That means they need it to help boost their content or make future sales. Just viewing their page or post doesn't do anything at all for them.

It is completely F R E E to like, share, and leave a short, polite comment- "This is nice!" Or "GOOD JOB!"

It makes our day and I promise we will remember you and your kindness. Even if you don't buy anything.

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@looneybyron @actuallyautistic I've been having trouble with this, too. Wishing I had an Autistic therapist that was more affirming, too. Ive suffered with CPTSD since childhood and now OCD... It practically runs my life and I've been burnt out since 2020.

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I relate this a lot! I struggle with verbal communication and I'm shy. I avoid personal DMs or emails whenever I can.

If I had it my way I'd be a successful full-time artist and YouTuber.

But even when asking for help publicly, no one really engages, maybe because they don't know me well enough.

I don't even have friends to check in on me so it's very hard...

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$5! Ko-fi Shop Sale!

That's right! All of my digital art prints are on sale for the month of July for only $5!

I have Phone & Desktop Wallpapers, Pixel based Icons (for use on Discord, Twitch, Ect), gifs, and MORE!

Be sure to nab the freebies as well, yes, Free items, including a Barbie themed planner! 😍

Be sure to spread the word to help a small artist out!


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What do we think about the new Social media app, ?

My take is that it's been very interesting.

I've had genuine interactions, my account is gradually building through organic communication and with people who post relative content to my own.

I feel that this is a big step in a good direction.

The only drawbacks IMO are the abundance of accounts unrelated to mine being catered to my newsfeeds. Like NFTs, celebs, and ai.

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