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Not enough people realize that the "Turing Test" as originally presented was "can a gay English man in 1945 tell the difference between a chatbot and a femme-coded woman" over a teletype connection.

(Turing was very gay and had a sex-segregated education and then work life: he basically didn't know women and his alienation is palpable. But today's techbros don't have any such excuse, and the emphasis on femme-coded AI is ... telling.)

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Wiki- “Turing was prosecuted in 1952 for homosexual acts. He accepted hormone treatment, a procedure commonly referred to as chemical castration, as an alternative to prison. Turing died on 7 June 1954, aged 41, from cyanide poisoning. An inquest determined his death as suicide…”

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Kicked out of Whole Foods for loudly demanding partial foods

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@mcc @donni

Half a century ago they used to have these things called drinking fountains. They were really cool.

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Human Rights that are dependent upon Sex, Geography, or Orientation are not Rights.

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For every #right there needs to be a #responsibility.

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« … the fact of the matter is that some 67% of Americans according to recent polls support the United States calling for a ceasefire and 60% opposed sending more weapons to Israel… »

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🕊️ 🇵🇸 🍉 🙏🏻 ✌️ ☮️ 🇺🇸

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@poligraf @palestine

Gee, Joe Biden sure burned up his empathy cred. Where the heck is his moral compass when we need it? What galls me the most is that he’s so freaking religious.

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    That’s the miracle of ultra-processed foods!

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    I hear are becoming very popular. I’m going to buy one.

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    An unpublished report compiled by the United Nations which CNN has obtained describes beatings, sleep deprivation, sexual abuse and threats of sexual violence against both men and women detained by the Israeli military.

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    UN agency accuses Israel of detaining, coercing staffers into false confessions about ties to Hamas

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    In sometimes you don’t remember you live on the .

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    An offer of free #LegalServices for #Palestinian #Protesters in #Illinois.

    “If you’re arrested in Illinois at an encampment protest against the genocide in Gaza and need an attorney, I can represent you pro bono. Email me at”

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    Have you ever met someone who lies all the time, but doesn't seem to realize they are lying?

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    Some people are really good at creating a social illusion. Near the end of my career things went south when they hired a direct section manager who had promised the impossible and lied her way to execs into the job.

    The guy that hired her was new and not much better and so it took three years to get rid of her.

    She’d talk 110 miles an hour in technobabble and if you didn’t know your business, she sounded fairly legitimate.

    Complete nightmare for me.

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    It’s not but l love this .

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    Traditional lectures suck, all the evidence points to it. It's not that there is no place for lectures, but the time spent in them needs to be drastically reduced.

    "Games are the secret to learning math and statistics, says new research."

    "This research backs up what we already know—that traditional lecturing is not the best approach for learning, even in numbers-based subjects like economics or statistics."


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    @FantasticalEconomics @academicchatter

    When I was in university (UCD) I took an upper division math course on solving physical puzzles and then writing their proofs.

    Thinking and writing out the proofs was the best part for me. Trained me in ways nothing else could.

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    In 1988, Echelon came out for DOS – it looked like the future!

    I thought, “Wow! This is in actual 3D!”

    And from my kid perspective living in the 80s, it was true. It had wireframe graphics and ultra-smooth scrolling. When I piloted the ship, it felt like I was completely in control.

    We may snicker now at the EGA graphics but you got to understand that an NES couldn’t do this. Echelon really showed off what PCs at the time were capable of doing. It was revelatory.

    Returning to it now, it’s amazing how far we’ve come in the past 36 years. However, playing this game is still fun – if only to stare at those wireframes!

    Echelon screenshot (RTX 3080 Ti)
    Echelon screenshot (RTX 3080 Ti)
    Echelon screenshot (RTX 3080 Ti)

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    I was an early fan of Qbert. Loved my C64.

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    This website kills paywalls.

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    This is one of the many reasons why #BernieSanders was such a better candidate than #HillaryClinton and her #heartless “basket of deplorables” comment. So unfortunate we didn’t elect him instead of #Trump.

    The polls were clearly in Bernie‘s favor.

    ~ US senator slams Biden’s reported approval for more weapons to Israel – Middle East Monitor

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    29 Mar 1626: Charles I defends the Duke of Buckingham against #Parliament in a speech written by William Laud #otd #HistParl Almost exactly year earlier on his deathbed, James VI & I had asked Charles to protect Buckingham.


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    Is this the Scottish Witch Hunter?

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    Samuel L. Jackson has made around $357,161,000 from his movies. He averages around 2200 words per movie in 156 movies. That's about $1040 per word.
    "Motherfker" was 1116 of those words.
    Samuel L. Jackson has made roughly $1,160,640 from saying "Motherf

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    Today is my birthday!

    If you'd like to do something for me for my birthday, would you please reply to this with—or by other means send me— something with colors you liked? Like an image or a video or a link. Music would also be acceptable if it gives you a strong synesthesiac association with color.

    If this request confuses you, here are some examples of images with colors I found striking [Artists: Laurie Barmore, Vian Borchert, Erica Aurahack]. But your reply can be whatever colors you like.

    Abstract art by Vian Borchert
    Abstract art by Vian Borchert

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    #School #vouchers are a scam for the #rich. They are designed to take money out of #public #schools.

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    Are you all tired of being angry all the time? I know I am.

    I read three news articles today, and I'm ready to Be Gay, and Do Crimes. I'm a pacifist, but damn, these people are testing me. I'm going to give them a Southern Church Lady Blessing:

    Well, bless your heart, I hope you get exactly what you deserve.

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    Minnesota Nice.

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