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• Coder in Sydney, Gadigal land
• Bass/Rhythm/Lead guitar
• Bouba in the streets;Kiki in the sheets
• I run a couple of bots.
• I do #WebDev, currently working with a #perl system and learning #Golang at the same time, which is giving me mental whiplash

User image and header are both from the animated series "Gravity Falls" in which a fictional President of the USA issues a bill worth -$12.

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melikhovo, to Writers
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Today would be the great writer Carol Emshwiller's 103rd birthday. She is too little known today, and so my message to the world is a simple one: Read Carol Emshwiller!



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@melikhovo @bookstodon Perhaos you could give a quick outline of the type of stories she wrote? Her style or subject matter? What makes her different?

rayckeith, to random
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dreamed that different programming language's objects/classes felt like physical objects: Java objects felt like old AT&T phones: heavy, old electronics in a black Bakelite® enclosure.

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@rayckeith When I program in #Perl I often feel I'm woodworking.

negative12dollarbill, to random
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davidho, to random

I was at a conference and a speaker dismissed my question by saying that I should check out the work of David Ho. 😵‍💫

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negative12dollarbill, to mastodon
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Is there something on #Mastodon like the old #CanHasPDF hashtag we used on Twitter?

I would like to get hold of a single academic paper without paying some exploitative corporation $25.

I already tried Sci Hub.


#Academia #Literature #OpenAccess

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I have emailed the author, who is still around, although they have transitioned since they wrote the paper which is listed under their dead name!

TodayInTwitter, (edited ) to random
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Here's a thread of some tweets from Elon's (now confirmed) burner account.

One of them asks: “Do you like Japanese girls?” The other proclaims: “I love Hong Kong yay.”

Really, it's just a goldmine. Please read: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1650674324209287169.html

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Can you reproduce them here please? They're not visible without a Twitter account.

negative12dollarbill, to random
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@dimillian Hey is there a way to mark all notifications read in Ice Cubes, the way there is in the web version of Mastodon?

GottaLaff, to Montana
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Senate candidate says he lied to ranger about gunshot wound in 2015
Tim Sheehy was cited for illegally discharging a weapon in a national park but says he made up the gunshot to cover up a bullet wound he received as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan that he never reported to superiors”
Gift: https://wapo.st/3JbuTO5

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@GottaLaff This is the most confusing story I've read in years. I feel like I was kicked in the head by a horse after reading it.

mcc, to random
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A URL with "/cgi-bin/" in it

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@mcc Oh the nostalgia. What about a url with a tilde followed by the owner's username?

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@foolishowl @mcc cgi-bin is unintentional?

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@foolishowl @mcc You're the one making the extraordinary claim here dude, it's your Russell's Teapot.

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@mcc @foolishowl Yes. Also in the absence of AJAX, how is the data put out by my CGI script supposed to get back to the browser?

skinnylatte, to random
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Anyone who wants to ‘help’ governments set up Mastodon or something erm, respectfully don’t understand governments. The problems are never ‘we don’t know how to do something’ (most of the times we know how to do something). The problems are why we can’t do something (never technical, always money, people, procurement and policies)

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@skinnylatte If they'd got all the way to deciding to do it (years away as you say) then we could help them make granular decisions about tech maybe, tweak their settings, choose between platforms? But otherwise 100% agree.

mcc, to random
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2008, me: I love the idea of cryptocurrency

BITCOIN: The word "cryptocurrency" now means "financial scams based on inefficient write-only ledgers"

2018, me: I love the idea of the metaverse

FACEBOOK: The word "metaverse" now means "proprietary 3D chat programs with no soul"

2022, me: I love the idea of procedurally generated content

OPENAI: From now on people will associate that only with big corporations plagiarizing small artists and turning their work into ugly content slurry

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2010 ME: I love the idea of electric cars!

shoq, to random
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Saint Elmo's Pyre?

Noted Tesla bear says Musk's EV maker could 'go bust' and stock is worth $14


> Tesla is facing a price war, intense competition from Chinese players and weakening demand for its electric cars.

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@shoq @mentallyalex @jhpot @root

Lots here:

Basically "bought this before <thing>" where <thing> is "we knew how awful he is" or "he lost his mind" etc.

Holberg, to random
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I can recall watching in horror as longtime Twitter pals -- mostly women in the UK -- went full TERF. Ranting about nothing else all day long, all week long, all month long, all year long.

Which would've been bad enough if I only thought it ignorant, mean-spirited and boring. SO BORING.

But I've also never understood -- fundamentally -- how anyone's identity has anything to do with anyone else. How your definition of yourself can be harmed by someone else's definition of herself. Meshugas.

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@Jonathanglick @Holberg They did have one high-profile case in which an assigned-male offender petitioned to be moved to a women's prison. That seems to have triggered some fundamental phobia.

fkamiah17, (edited ) to random
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If you're not finding enough time to fit some reading into your life, here's a selection of wonderful short books you can rip through in a couple of hours. A short 🧵 📚

J L Carr - A Month In The Country
Diana Athill - Somewhere Towards The End
Nan Shepherd - In The Cairngorms
Alan Garner - Treacle Walker

#Bookstodon #Recommendations


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@fkamiah17 @Wufflekins
Gatsby was basically forgotten about until WWII when the armed forces started distributing cheap paperback reprints to servicemen. They picked Gatsby as one of them. Nice short book, manly themes, I guess. It started a revival.

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@fkamiah17 @Wufflekins
Maybe people simply thought if the US Government was printing 150,000 copies it must be a Great Book somehow.

ChrisMayLA6, to books
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At the risk of reigniting a debate that has been had in my timeline in the past... here's a report of a University of Valencia that looked at over 20 paper examine the differential effects of reading digitally & on paper.

The research confirms my experience (my own & in the reading of my erstwhile students) that reading digitally is less likely to lead to long-term educational (knowledge) benefits...

#reading @bookstodon


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@adritheonly @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon
Promise me your terabyte of precious books is backed up?

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@adritheonly @ChrisMayLA6 @bookstodon
Nice. For full 100% certainty the copy should be in another location but you know your stuff.

TheJen, to random
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The only thing I want to know is how teeth and eyes somehow became not body parts for insurance purposes.

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Teeth are Outside Bones

QasimRashid, to random
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MAGAs are labeling DEI as "Didn't Earn It," which is wild because in reality, generating historic wealth through 2 billion acres of stolen land from Native Americans, enslaving Black people for 300 years, banning Asian immigration until 1965, & banning women from financial access til 1974 — all without paying a single red cent in reparations or restitution — is the living breathing example not earning it.

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You know who was earning it? Black Wall Street, Tulsa 1921


Alice, to random
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Should I change my profile pic to this cute illustration of an anthropomorphic hotdog?

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I feel you're burying the lede. It's a hot dog with an ejaculating hot dog penis?

dimillian, to random
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Launching Mastodon and not being able to see anything about the Baltimore incident might finally mark the time when I need to build a Fediverse service around the news.

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OK so who are you following? Any major news sources like The Guardian for instance?

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