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Pixel 9 Pro 5K Renders and 360 Degree Video Provide First Look At Google’s Flagship

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TIL that Eminem opened a restaurant in Detroit called Mom's Spaghetti


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FEMA Natural Hazards Risk Index
Source: https://hazards.fema.gov/nri/map

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How the US Census categorizes race


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These are posts from Bluesky, Nostr, and Mastodon users, all in the same feed.

This is the power of and powerful bridges made by @alex , @snarfed.org@snarfed.org , and @twilliability and utilized by the @agora client


@doktorzjivago @alex @twilliability @agora @laurenshof ah yeah I should probably make that clearer on the app. There's two separate functionalities there:

  1. You can log in to your Mastodon, Bluesky, or Nostr account and see the feed for your existing follows on those accounts.
  2. You can also follow users from any of those protocols from a Mastodon account. The goal is to be able to follow users from any of those protocols regardless of the type of account you're logged in to.
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The White House website (whitehouse.gov) runs on WordPress. The site presents the content on the latest bills, legislation, statements, and more.

Why haven't they setup #ActivityPub yet?

For that matter, have any of these #WordPress powered sites setup AP yet? #Fediverse

The Next Web
Time Magazine
CNN Press Room
Microsoft News
TED Blog
The Harvard Gazette
Reader’s Digest


@paul Here are their RSS Feeds:

  • White House: @www.whitehouse.gov.briefing-room.blog@rss-parrot.net
  • TechCrunch: @techcrunch.com@rss-parrot.net
  • TNW: @thenextweb.com@rss-parrot.net
  • Time: @time.com@rss-parrot.net
  • CNN: @www.cnn.com.index.html@rss-parrot.net
  • Wired: @www.wired.com@rss-parrot.net
  • Mashable: @mashable.com.feeds.rss.all@rss-parrot.net
  • TED Blog: @blog.ted.com@rss-parrot.net
  • Harvard Gazette: @news.harvard.edu.gazette@rss-parrot.net
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I’ve been testing #Kagi for the last week or so (yes I know about the Brave drama, but I don't want to go there).

So far I'm impressed with the results and I'm considering subscribing. But they had an outage yesterday which lasted HOURS, and because their extension basically intercepts and redirect any search traffic, I couldn't just visit DDG and search. I had to disable the ext first (which is a pain in Safari).

This has me questioning whether a fledgling search engine is the right choice…


@autiomaa @kev if i’m not mistaken, only the safari extension does that redirect behavior, because that’s the hacky workaround needed to add it as a default search engine on iOS.

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Just added an algorithmic “For You” feed to the @agora Mastodon client!

It finds high quality posts from your follows, and combines it with interesting posts from accounts you aren’t following.

The goal is for it to be the best combination of posts from your network and undiscovered posts based entirely on your interests, not on maximizing engagement or clicks.


Big thanks to @pkreissel and the awesome FediAlgo project for making it possible

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My Amazing AI app is now also available for iOS. It lets you run Stable Diffusion 1.5 locally (offline) on your iPhone or iPad.

It requires at minimum an iPhone 15 Pro or iPad with M1 processor.



@Gegenwind @sindresorhus Their processing power probably can't handle it well.

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Organic Maps Android Auto support is finally available in Google Play! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.organicmaps Many thanks to the team and beta testers!

P.S. Don't forget to update maps after updating the app to see all improvements and avoid unexpected issues.


@organicmaps Awesome job! Is there a timeline for split screen support in carplay? right now it only supports being in full screen mode

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Alaska Airlines CEO: "Following tonight’s event on Flight 1282, we have decided to take the precautionary step of temporarily grounding our fleet of 65 737-9 aircraft."



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I’ve had a look at the trending/explore page a few times now. Every time I do, it’s like 80% politics, most of which is American politics.

Le sigh…


@robb @kev the trending feed is generally aggregated by what your instance is seeing trending both locally and with federated instances. It’s not curated by the app developers.

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bird.makeup is a twitter bridge that makes Mastodon much more appealing for those wanting all their follows in one place. So it's super lame that many of the largest instances chose to outright block it, rather than setting it to limited.

The entire purpose of "limited" is that only users who explicitly follow someone on the limited instance, will see that persons posts. So what's the problem?

cc-ing admins of the blocking instances:
@Gargron @mwadmin @trumpet @wild1145 @nicdex


@trumpet @Gargron @mwadmin @wild1145 @nicdex oh wow i wasn’t aware it took that kind of toll on servers. why does it cause instances to cache every single bird.makeup account, rather than only the ones your users follow?

patching in the creator of bird.makeup for insight: @vincent

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Heads up: Google just killed yet another product. RIP Google Podcast.


@nixCraft My favorites are @pocketcasts and @podverse

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In support of user autonomy, it would be nice to see clients notifying users when a profile they’re searching is on a remote instance that’s blocked/ by their instance, and then offer to load it for them directly if they still want to see it.

Instance admins have the right to choose what gets federated to their servers, but users shouldn’t be totally at the whim of those admins decisions.

This is one of the things i’m prioritizing with the Agora client i’m working on.

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Total energy production sources and consumption by state

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Valetudo: Free your vacuum from the cloud

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Hey everyone, Merry Christmas!

I'm pleased to announce that I have unblocked the Mostr Bridge, Spinster, Neenster, and Poast from Threads. Read more here: https://soapbox.pub/blog/threads-server-blocking/

This Christmas, let's make the world more open and connected.

Enjoy your freedom!


@alex Merry Christmas and awesome work as always!!

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