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I'm a recent (comparatively) move from another server, and here I am poking about on this one now. I'm a #canada #trans woman, operating in multiple spheres at once - #gaming, #writing, #cooking, #tech, #hacking, and a dozen more I can't remember right now.

Mid-30s, been on HRT since 2021, and looking forward to meeting more people all the while!

(She/her, by the way.)

#nobridge - not that I expect the spiders to listen.

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GottaLaff, to random
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Worth emphasizing this, because most news outlets did not:

“Rep. Matt #Gaetz (R-Fla.) on Thursday ominously invoked Donald #Trump’s call to far-right violent extremists while joining the former president at his criminal trial in New York.

“Standing back and standing by, Mr. President,” Gaetz wrote on social media, along with a photo of himself positioned behind Trump at his trial.”

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/matt-gaetz-stand-back-stand-by-proud-boys_n_66462d52e4b0dd63cd2ba653 https://uk.news.yahoo.com/stand-back-stand-matt-gaetz-174110101.html

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You would think, you would hope, that after the 2009 murder of George Tiller -- the blame for which could be laid squarely at the feet of Bill O'Reilly and the FOX News Fascists -- that the modern judiciary would be less than fond of such stochastic terrorism. And terrorism it is, after all, an attempt to stifle the processes of the Court through a rational fear for their lives.

But no: Gaetz, a man who never met a little girl he didn't want to screw, doesn't risk any sort of reprisal in the slightest, for all that a reasonable House would at least take the option to impeach him at this juncture.

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@DWTSquawk7600 @GottaLaff

They seem to have a persistent hope that, by instilling as much fear as possible, they'll reduce any actions against Republican Interests -- read, that of big business, fascism, and the imminentization of the eschaton. (Never you mind that the obliteration of Palestine and all its people certainly won't be getting Gabriel to sound the trumpet.)

And if a few Democratic congresscritters get shot by those in a fragile emotional state who've been pushed over the edge by their words -- well, surely they can't be to blame, they were nowhere near the trigger at that time.

(See also: Sarah Palin putting Gabrielle Giffords in the crosshairs on her website -- and Giffords subsequently being shot in 2011.)

As a rhetorical attack, it's carefully balanced between huff and bluster and absolute cravenness, a petty illustration of how warhawks always seem to have bone spurs.

GottaLaff, to legal
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NEW 🧵starts HERE.

Remember: I cannot reply while live-posting, so plz use NFL (Not For Laffy.. no hashtag) so I can skip your replies. THANK YOU.

1/... Erica Orden:

Trump returned to courtroom accompanied by Eric, Lara Trump, + rest of entourage.


Back in overflow, the rules are as strict as ever—even Chris Hayes
gets ID'd.

"Press credentials?" a court officer demands, as another reporter gives a good natured, "You sure you're a member of the press, Chris?"

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Thank you as always for the thread!

I'm not entirely sure what the defense is going for. The cross sounds like he's made Cohen seem more human and approachable -- rather than a traitor and a turncoat, instead a man who was fanatically loyal until he was thrown under the bus. That's not a very good way to make him out to be the villain of the piece.

GottaLaff, to legal
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🧵starts HERE.

Remember: I cannot reply while live-posting, so plz use NFL (Not For Laffy.. no hashtag) so I can skip your replies. THANK YOU.

1/…More color from Pagliery:

Eric Trump just swapped seats with Rep. Donalds just in time for the congressman to appear in photos behind Trump's defense table.

That's what this trial is now for Trump, a political photo opp.


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@tdwllms1 @GottaLaff

NFL: it does likewise strike me as odd. Getting someone else to speak on your behalf to circumvent a gag order is a pretty clear violation at least of the spirit ... though enormously hard to prove active malice.

Unless, of course, you brag about it to the press pit...

GottaLaff, to legal
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#TrumpTrial starts HERE. #Trump #legal
Please remember I don’t reply while live-posting. Plz use NFL (Not For Laffy, but no hashtag) so I can ignore those replies.

1/… Bower:

Trump enters the courtroom. Before arriving, he lingered for a moment in the doorway, talking to his lawyers, Emile Bove and Todd Blanche. He had a piece of paper in his hand, which he waved around as he spoke.

Wait for it….

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@HistoPol @GottaLaff

I like to think that there's a subtle emphasis on Mister Trump, not quite to the degree with which Hugo Weaving emphasizes "Mister Anderson" but about halfway there.

Just my imagination running wild, but it'd be fun.

andycarolan, (edited ) to gaming
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Who has most of your money?

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Can't put two votes on the poll, but right behind Valve is Nintendo, solely because I have a fairly large NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube library, with the Switch holding a fair bit too.

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Much of the stuff is used -- but I have enough of it that Nintendo has to have gotten some amount of dosh from me in some byzantine manner. The Switch, of course, I must have well over $1,000 worth of games on, and I'm not sure how much of that is first-party.

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Truuuue, and it's quite possible that Sony Online Entertainment got a fair amount from me way back in the day, but nowhere near as much as the other two. The newest Sony console I own is a PSX (two of them, in fact), and I mostly have it for posterity's sake.

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Going back to your last post, we can't think XBox without also thinking about how much money we've given Microsoft as a whole, though. I might never have owned an XBox console, but I've certainly thrown more money at Windows licenses than I care to think about.

(I also owned early PC copies of Fallout 3 and Bioshock, so there's a little going to Microsoft there, too.)

gsuberland, to random
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did you know that the default Windows 10 desktop background is a photo, not a digital effect?

it's a Kvant Spectrum laser projector with Saturn 9000 scanners beaming light into a sheet of transparent acrylic with black cardboard masks.

there's even a short video showing an animated show variant of it here: https://www.precisionlasers.com/projects/windows10

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Did you know the Windows 95 desktop background was an actual field?

All jokes aside, though, this is some pretty awesome photography.

KimPerales, to random
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Hope, but Hamas is stalling:

Israel has given Hamas a week to agree to a #ceasefire deal or it'll begin a MIL op. in Rafah. EG worked with IL on a revised proposal -presented to Hamas last weekend. But Y Sinwa hasn’t responded. Egyptian officials say Hamas is seeking a LT truce & guarantees from the US that a cease-fire will be respected by IL. Hamas officials: expressed concerns -latest proposal is still too vague/gives IL room to restart the fighting.

#IsraelHamasWar https://www.wsj.com/world/middle-east/israel-gives-hamas-a-week-to-strike-a-deal-or-rafah-offensive-will-begin-2ffe70bd?st=gi7j5q1kc6o3jyp&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink

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I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Israel would even put up a good-faith effort at a ceasefire negotiation, let alone a truce. Netanyahu and the rest of the regime currently there have made no bones about their desire to exterminate every Palestinian - 'from the river to the sea' - and even were the US to put up sanctions in response, I don't see any ostensible state of peace being upheld.

This is doubly true if Israel carries out their plans to occupy Rafah, said offers not to being tentative and not worth the paper on which they're not even written.

gwensnyder, to random
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This May Day the cops are really working overtime to demonstrate why they should never be considered workers or part of the labor movement

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But Gwen! They have a union and everything! What more should they need to do to show that they're just average work-a-day citizens like the rest of us?

Next you'll be claiming they should divest themselves of their full-automatic rifles, and frankly, that's un-American.

fkamiah17, to UKpolitics
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... may he and they find much joy in one another. Preferably well away from the rest of us.

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I'm always so glad to hear that a solid 1/7th of the population will merrily support Adam Sutler in his goals to lock up, deport, maim and kill All The Wrong People. Bonfire Night when, folks? Oh right, it already has a date...

Snide sarcasm aside, political polls are a waste of perfectly good electrons: while that 14% might be a valid impression under some circumstances, that's more accurately 14% of the people who have the time, energy, and inclination to take part in political polls, and that's assuming that they're not funded and written by the Murdochs. They'll always swing to the disaffected upper class who are upset that they can't drive their high-end sports cars down King's Road without seeing a poor.

theogrin, to random
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I don't think I'm asking too much. All I want is for everyone who owns shares in Boeing to be forced to ride a 737 MAX whenever they fly anywhere. I think that's a reasonable expectation.

raganwald, to random
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More evidence AI is a bubble: Companies have stopped asking themselves whether new features and products empower their customers to achieve anything meaningful.

Instead, features and products are viewed through a single lens: “How well does this feature or product act as a conduit for marketing generative AI, lifting our prospects through hope?”

Exhibit 1: The attached image doesn’t actually show use cases: These are hand-wavey overgeneralized business functions. It’s not falsifiable.


@theogrin@chaosfem.tw avatar


Almost zero of these use cases are handled more efficiently, much less correctly, than by a human agent, and typically at much greater expense on every level of the whole shebang.

The one which might be more efficiently done by an algorithm is pricing and promotions, and that's just because that particular set of tasks is adjacent to sociopathic inclinations which reduce customers and clients to nothing more than numbers on a screen.

My favourite here is 'knowledge creation'. An LLM doesn't create knowledge. It eats what you feed it and then regurgitates a Markov chain which is engineered to look correct, without any consideration for content or meaning. And that to my mind illustrates, most clearly, why this bubble is going to pop, and soon: they're feeding the GDP of small nations into something which demonstrably puts out something much smaller -- and much worse.

JuliusGoat, to random
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Isn't it interesting that every killing by every cop is just a single bad apple that should never be thought to spoil the bunch, while every protest by and on behalf of marginalized people must be flawlessly perfect, or all participants deserve the brutality the police exist to deliver to them?

@theogrin@chaosfem.tw avatar


Isn't it remarkable how every white male cishet mass shooter must have some form of exceptional circumstance or cause behind their action so as to separate them from all those other lone wolf white cishet male mass shooters, while every marginalized person who commits (or is said to have committed) a crime like shoplifting becomes the exemplar, the shining epitome of every other marginalized person in that and any other group?

If only there were some way to square that circle, something about differentiation.

Impossible_PhD, to random
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  • theogrin,
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    Good luck! It's a very good story, and I do eagerly look forward to every update, but it hits hard without apology at various points.

    It's also a tale of a transition of a different sort, but that part of the story will become rapidly evident.

    @theogrin@chaosfem.tw avatar


    What gets me is inconsistent polish, such that every now and then the beta-reader part of my brain will click on and start hyperfixating at stuff when I'm just trying to enjoy the plot. It's easier to ignore when the SPaGhetti is either consistently good or consistently bad, but trying to chew through it when some of it's overcooked and some of it's still hard is an experience not much to be desired.

    GottaLaff, to random
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    Via Brad Moss:

    If he has $175 million in cash why did he need a bonding company at all?

    #Trump: I put up $175 million in cash but she said the bonding company isn't good. She doesn't like the bonding company because she doesn't know if their collateral is good. I put up $175 million in cash and she is questioning the bonding company.

    @theogrin@chaosfem.tw avatar


    (NFL as she's livethreading.)
    Narrator: "Their collateral was not, as it happens, good."

    After these shenanigans, I'd not be surprised in the slightest if AG James simply says, "Go ahead, start seizing."

    hazelweakly, to random
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    My favorite genres of animated movies:

    • sapphic and queer love
    • trans coded coming of age
    • traumatized parent tries to raise young kid and struggles with not traumatizing them while young kid deals with being torn between external expectations and internal desires
    • strong female lead kicks ass and is allowed to be both powerful and pretty
    @theogrin@chaosfem.tw avatar


    I feel like this perfectly describes Turning Red.

    flexghost, to random
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    Right now, we have half the country gloating. Reveling in the fact someone is in pain or mortal danger

    Saying things like “should kept your legs closed” Mentioning how Jesus something, something

    Then they mutter something about the sanctity of life


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    Idaho's lawyers, in arguments made before the SCOTUS, have now functionally stated that abortion is not a form of medical care.

    These ghouls will do anything and everything they can to kill as many pregnant folks as possible.

    theogrin, to random
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    So honest fact.

    I was not expecting a genuinely exceptional prog rock concept album to come out of Alan Wake 2, of all things, last year.

    I won't be resetting my expectations because this is the Poets of the Fall, but the 30-minute drop is them having way too much fun all around.

    NoraReed, to random
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    the thing where "flammable" and "inflammable" are english synonyms is as recent as 1813, which means unlike most things that suck about english someone knows what guy's fault that is https://www.merriam-webster.com/grammar/flammable-or-inflammable

    @theogrin@chaosfem.tw avatar


    Flammable means inflammable?! What a country!

    theogrin, to random
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    Well now. Today I learned that when you begin a purchase with Amazon, putting the item in your cart or favouriting it, Amazon will supply the vendor with your account information, whether or not you actually get around to finalizing the purchase.

    This includes your name and phone number.


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