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RPG tip from the archive: Give characters a clear reason to explore dangerous locations or don't be surprised if they simply give it a miss.

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Der Spielleiter bricht nach einer Stunde ab, weil er sich zu krank fühlt. Die Spieler nutzen die Zeit für eine Strategiebesprechung, wie sie in das Gebäude eindringen wollen, mit dessen Auskundschaften sie beschäftigt waren.
Von "elektronisches Tor öffnen", über "über den Zaun springen", "den Zaun desintegrieren" einigen wir uns schließlich auf: "wir klingeln".

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Lazy RPG Prep and the Lazy RPG Talk Show: Sly Flourish Twitch Stream

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RPG tip: Use the opportunity at your game to step away from real life and enjoy tales of high fantasy with your friends.

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RPG tip: Clarify choices.

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The Book Stores in , and are one of Sweden's most profitable businesses in book retail. They sell tabletop games as well. So at their recent equity issuance I did something unprecedented and bought some stock.

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The Stockholm Book Store is bang in the middle of the Old Town's main tourist street, where almost every other shop space offers either tacky souvenirs, meals or snacks. Big shop, hundreds of square metres on two floors. It's amazing that they can make that work!

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Nighthaven – Shadowdark Gloaming Session 31 Lazy GM Prep: SlyFlourish YouTube Video

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RPG tip: Spend time building and planning your big boss encounters.

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I shall do this as well - is as... follows:

@tieflingdiotima - for facts and good vibes

@ZebraFeatherAH - for art and indie that slap

@trisz - for art and a really unique style

@Rooki - for being an amazing lad

@reisutheowl - for even more amazing and based commissions

@RufuScott - for stuff and helping him regrow his following (recent server move)

@MondayMoon - for cool stuff

@imperor - my little community

Ya'll are great

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Nighthaven – Shadowdark Gloaming Session 31 Lazy GM Prep: Sly Flourish Podcast

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thinking about Keep on the Borderlands again. for such a basic adventure (pun absolutely intended) there is a lot of interesting stuff to think about.

like this: how many really bad guys are there in the module where you can say "yes, this person is bad"?


I would maintain there are exactly three bad guys, and maybe it's just one of them and the other two are under duress or being manipulated by magic.

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27 hours left!!
Help us get to that $7,000 stretch goal! I have been waiting for this game since I first played Traveller.

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A write-along/TTRPG Playthrough stream!

By popular request, we are designing our own dungeon for "Troves"--the Roguelite D&D-style solo TTRPG!

Help us design it LIVE right NOW:

#writingcommunity #indieauthor #writer #story#indie #fiction #stream #livestream #litgames #amwriting #canlit #writeyourstory #emergingwriters #writealong #TTRPG #SoloTTRPG #DnD #5e #pathfinder #PF2e #dungeon #itchio #cozy #cozyvibes #troves #delve #roguelike #roguelite

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If you want to play this yourself you can purchase it here:

[Also, since it is sometimes unclear--I just play the games. This is not my game nor do I have any relationship to the creators.]

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I spent the entire day working on finishing this Dungeon for "Troves" and all I managed to do was create 4 new mechanics and 3 variants of the dungeon.

At what point should I just leave well enough alone?

Some of it is looking quite cool, I think. Other stuff might just be a hat on a hat. I dunno. Needs playtesting, really.

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Pride started as a riot. What would make the people of your world go on a rampage?

#WorldBuilding #AmWriting #writing #pride #PrideMonth #ttrpg #dnd #rpg #authodons

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RPG tip from the archive: Mix in word puzzles and riddles into your more mathematical cypher-type puzzles.

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RPG tip: Skip scenes or locations if there's no chance to learn something interesting or useful in them.

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my solo
game Dungeons of Galora has a download page with some content you can check out!
It's a solo adventure called In the Hall of the Elderkin: a 20-minute read-and-play to give a quick run-through of the system and setting of the game.

@ttrpgs @rpgmemes @rpg @RPG

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Forgot I'd pre-ordered this, and got a fun surprise today!

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Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a tool to hurt your players' feelings in purpose:
#dnd #ttrpg #rpg #osr

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RPG tip from the archive: Wrap typical locations and settings in the lore and pantheons of your world.

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