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From the trenches in Ukraine to all Americans that made new aid for Ukraine possible.

Thank you❤️


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Go get your country back, & kick Putin off your land.

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Via Angry Staffer:

She thinks you should be forced to have your rapist’s baby.

Republicans in a nutshell, folks.

Bash: You think there should be exceptions for rape and incest?

: I don’t think a tragedy should perpetuate another tragedy

Tommy Vietor:

Kristi Noem is considered a leading contender to be Trump VP pick. Here she says that women who are victims of rape or incest should be denied access to abortion services.

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Here is a list of the 112 Republicans who voted against Ukraine aid

Or as we say in my country: “traitors”

How many did you guess right?

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I'm just wondering... do we even kind of vet the financial ties of people in Congress? Because a lot of the things certain politicians do would make more sense they were being paid by foreign adversaries.

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A decade later, Barre Seid's 1.6 billion trust fund donation would eradicate the civil rights of 167 million American women.

Attacks on reproductive medical care was funded to eradicate voting rights.

Barre Seid, Tim Dunn, Farris Wilks, & Jeffrey Yass don't think women should have the right to vote.

  1. Think Tanks are tax-free vehicles for influence peddling & coup plotting


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Here are the 112 PUTIN REPUBLICANS that voted against aid for our ally Ukraine in their war against Russia:

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Time to do a deep dive into the megadonors behind each of these traitorous Republicans.

Which ones are working with China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia to end American democracy?

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⚡️BREAKING: US HOUSE ADOPTED THE BILL ON AID TO UKRAINE (H.R. 8035). With little votes left to count, a majority is reached.

Thank you USA 🇺🇸🤝🇺🇦

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  1. Ukraine will regain every inch of its territory, including Donbas, Crimea and Sevastopol.

  2. Russian oligarchs' assets will be forfeited to rebuild Ukraine.

  3. Putin will stand trial for crimes against humanity

  4. Putin's enablers will be investigated and prosecuted.

  5. Democracy will prevail.

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"For months, our security priorities have been obstructed by pro-Putin supporters. Only to let Putin win. We have a responsibility as Americans to do what is necessary, to defend democracy, wherever it is at risk," Minority leader Jeffries.

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Sometimes you think people are stupid, and then you find out that they’re actually much, much stupider than you originally thought.

Like, deeply idiotic.

Multiple Inception-level layers deep.

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@paninid @BarryCooke

The global anti-democracy movement is heavily supported by the fossil fuel industry and its financiers.

Forbes lists the donors funding Trumpism:

Jeffrey Sprecher
Robert Bigelow
J. Joe Ricketts
Kelly Loeffler (married to Sprecher)
Phil Ruffin
Jose Fanjul
Kelcy Warren
Linda McMahon
Geoffrey Palmer
Robert Mercer
Steve Wynn
John Paulson
Ike Perlmutter
Elon Musk
Larry Ellison
Peter Thiel

The Saudi, Russian & Chinese influence flows through these billionaires

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😳”1 woman miscarried in lobby restroom of TX emerg rm as front desk staff refused to admit her. Another learned her fetus had no heartbeat at Fla hospital, day after security guard turned her away from the facility. No Carolina, woman gave birth in car after emerg room couldn’t offer an ultrasound. The baby later died.

Complaints that pregnant women were turned away from U.S. emergency rooms spiked in 2022 after the SCOTUS overturned Roe v Wade”

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@YusufToropov @GottaLaff

Remember the names of the misogynist GOP megadonors who bought a Supreme Court to kill women.

Jeffrey Yass
Charles Koch
Tim Dunn
Farris Wilks
Dan Wilks
Barre Seid
Leonard Leo
Harlan Crow

These women suffered at their hands.

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President Biden slammed Trump today for being against raising the minimum wage. Good.


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dworkin, to random avatar

😂Trump fell asleep in court yesterday.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe!

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@mastobit @dworkin

One of the few effective methods of persuasion to convince the bigoted to part ways with a anti-democracy cult is ridicule.

No populist leader lasts long when they become an object of mockery.

In the 1940's, a Superman radio show by Stetson Kennedy mocked the KKK. It worked somewhat.

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