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#Biden was plotting to assassinate himself, acc/to the logic used by #Trump & #MAGA #Republicans.

The #DOJ policy statement on when officers can use #LethalForce —misrepresented by Trump & his supporters as proof of an assassination plot at #MarALago —was also in the paperwork for the consensual search the #FBI conducted of #POTUS Biden’s Wilmington home, looking for #ClassifiedDocuments.

#law #gaslighting #extremism #incitement #StochasticTerrorism #NationalSecurity #VoteBlue #BidrnHarris2024

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Dear Citizens,

This is an urgent, dangerous threat! We CAN'T ignore it.

For the sake of our democracy and the memory of those who fought against such evil, WE MUST STOP Trump.

Never again.

This is an urgent, dangerous threat! We CAN'T ignore it. For the sake of our democracy and the memory of those who fought against such evil, WE MUST STOP Trump. Never again, nazis. Tells the dangers of fascism

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4 months after the #FBI raided #MarALago, Trump’s attys discovered 4 docs marked #classified in his personal bedroom.
That revelation was among several cited by US District Judge Beryl Howell in a newly unsealed 2023 opinion that found prosecutors had presented compelling #evidence that #Trump #knowingly stashed #NationalSecurity docs in his home & then tried to conceal them when the #DOJ tried to retrieve them.

#criminal #law #obstruction #ClassifiedDocuments

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Throughout the opinion, Howell — who was chief judge of the Washington, DC federal district court at the time — described w/varying degrees of incredulity how 4 documents w/ classification markings could have been discovered in #Trump’s private quarters months after prosecutors had subpoenaed them & the #FBI conducted its own exhaustive search of the property.

#ClassifiedDocuments #NationalSecurity #criminal #law #obstruction #EspionageAct #AileenCannon #JackSmith #DOJ #MarALago

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“Notably, no excuse is provided as to how the former president could miss the classified-marked documents found in his own bedroom at Mar-a-Lago,” Howell wrote.

In a footnote, #Howell also noted that another #Trump adviser connected to his SaveAmerica #PAC had acknowledged scanning the contents of the box that contained the #classified materials in 2021 & storing them on a personal laptop provided by the PAC.

#ClassifiedDocuments #NationalSecurity #criminal #law #obstruction #AileenCannon #DOJ

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Howell’s opinion was unsealed along w/a large batch of other previously secret grand jury-related docs stemming from the investigation into #Trump for withholding reams of #ClassifiedDocuments after leaving office in 2021, incl’g some of the nation’s most sensitive #MilitarySecrets. US Dist Judge #AileenCannon, a Trump appointee based in #Florida, released the batch of docs Tues after lengthy negotiations w/ #JackSmith’s team & Trump’s lawyers over redactions.

#NationalSecurity #criminal #law

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‘We’ll See You at Your House’

Fear & Menace Are Transforming #Politics

#Public ofcls from Congress to City Hall are now regularly subjected to threats of #violence. It’s changing how they do their jobs.

Rep #JamieRaskin, D-MD, played a leading role in #Trump’s 2d impeachment. He said he receives ~50 menacing calls, emails & letters every month.

#law #extremism #terrorism #DomesticTerrorism #NationalSecurity

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"[The New York Case] may be the least serious of the four criminal cases against [Trump], and I’m worried that Trump’s successful stalling of the other three cases will cause the news media to sideline coverage of those charges – involving the plot to overturn the 2020 election and the theft of secret documents."

~ Mark Jacob


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"If news outlets don’t keep those cases front-and-center in the run-up to the 2024 election, they’ll be playing into the hands of the MAGA Republicans who are desperately delaying justice. …

The right-wing propagandists who say Trump is the victim of 'lawfare' and a 'witch hunt' won’t stop trying to undermine the credibility of our courts, so honest journalists can’t stop bringing the facts either."


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Exclusive: advisers met Israeli PM

3 fmr foreign policy ofcls in Trump's admin met w/ Benjamin Netanyahu & other public figures in on Mon….

The delegation was comprised of Robert O'Brien, who served as Trump's 4th & final adviser, as well as fmr Ambassador to the John Rakolta & fmr Ambassador to Ed McMullen….

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How should numeric probabilities be translated into words? Maybe they shouldn't be.

"Words of estimative probability" wreak havoc in high-stakes communication like assessments and briefings, in part because intelligence and defense institutions map numbers to different words (!) — see Amelia Kahn's forthcoming work at

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I repeat:

It must be made ILLEGAL for a computer system to pass itself off as human.


Otherwise we’ll be #%!$d by 2028

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Human identification / #AI identification is a #nationalsecurity issue.

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President on Monday evening signed a bipartisan bill prohibiting Russian imports of enriched a move intended to cut off one of the last significant flows of from the to amid the in .

American companies pay roughly $1B a year for enriched uranium, the main fuel used by reactors, from .
took swift action to ban Russian oil & gas imports a month after the Feb 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

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The bill also frees up $2.7B…in previous to build out the domestic processing industry.

“This new reestablishes America’s leadership in the nuclear sector,” adv Jake Sullivan said in a stmnt Mon. “It will help secure our sector for generations to come.” The bill passed the in Dec, but stalled for months in the , where Sen had blocked the measure over unrelated disputes.

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AM I THE ONLY ONE who thinks #AG Merrick #Garland needs to intervene in the #ClassifiedDocs case that has now been indefinitely postponed on the grounds that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW BEFORE THE ELECTION if the #Republican candidate for president is a #NationalSecurity risk. #MerrickGarland


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Thurs 9 May, 2024 🧵

The prosecution asks that the defense be precluded from asking whether she was arrested. Justice agrees w/the prosecutors, saying that “anybody can be arrested” & that it “doesn’t prove anything.”

The people call Stormy Daniels back to the stand

atty begins questioning by saying that in 2011, Daniels denied having had sex w/Trump.

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abruptly left the in the summer of 2019 after learned that she had shared details about his family. She now works for Trump's former adviser Robert O'Brien, who runs a geopolitical consultancy.

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Ridiculous that says that there are "novel & difficult" issues when her delays have meant the CIPA issues have barely been considered by the court. The only section of CIPA she has considered was §4, which is straightforward.

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In yet another bad sign for :

has essentially banned in . His cabinet voted to kick out of Israel says its are threats to .

I guess the pen truly is mightier than the sword & all that.

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's cabinet decided on Sun to shut down …in for as long as the in continues, on the grounds the TV network threatens .

Al Jazeera rejected accusations that it harmed Israel's as a "dangerous & ridiculous lie" that puts its at risk & said it reserved the right to "pursue every step"

The network is funded by the govt & has been critical of Israel's op in Gaza.…

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TikTok CEO #ShouZiChew has said the company will take the fight against the new law to the courts, but some experts believe that for the #US #SupremeCourt, national security considerations could outweigh #FreeSpeech protection.

While #TikTok is a global phenomenon, it represents a small fraction of #ByteDance's revenue, according to analysts and investors. #TiktokBan #SocialMedia

ByteDance says 'no plans' to sell TikTok after US ban law

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The cabinet vote came after ’s parliament passed a law allowing the temporary closure in Israel of considered to be a threat to during the war in .

With foreign journalists banned from entering Gaza, staff based in the have been among the few reporters able to cover the war on the ground.

Israeli cabinet moves to close Al Jazeera's local operations in Israel

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Attorneys for Ryan Corbett, an American imprisoned in Afghanistan by the Taliban without charge since 2022, have filed new petitions to the U.N. urging action to secure his release. Two non-Americans who were jailed with Corbett but have since been released testified to his deteriorating condition, saying he could soon be dead. Corbett’s wife, Anna, says her requests for meetings with President Biden and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan have not been answered. CBS News has more.

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On the important issue of #Border Security, Republicans are perpetuating a fraud on Americans. Republicans block all debate and ammendment to our border security bill.

Republicans rejected the bipartisan measure negotiated by their own members because they take orders from and are controlled by Donald. Republicans killed the bill because Donald ordered it. This is weakness to take orders from someone who was voted out of office, the adjudicated fraud, adjudicated rapist in a complete ethical collapse and dereliction of their duty. They are endangering the Security of all Americans.

🎥 Senator Jon Ossoff, GA

#natsec #nationalsecurity #RepublicansAreTheProblem


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