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openSUSE Developer/Maintainer/Member/Whatever.
I do things with openSUSE. Not that I'm particularly good at any of them =P

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Heya!, VulcanSphere is here, Interests including watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, watching motorsport, and listening to diverse range of music. Have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with cyberpunk and its aesthetic (night city, neon lights, and rain)

Visit my personal website:

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Electronic Music Producer (Vostronix) / Drummer / Developer / Linux/ Fedora Fan / Climbing / Kitesurfing / Hobby Pilot

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Linux and FOSS advocate. Writer and Historian by trade. Weekly podcasts at and Linux related videos on Youtube!

:opensuse: :qtile: :vivaldi:
I now treat this as my main social media account, so you'll get a bit of everything. Linux, writing things, sports, you name it.

#linux #youtube #youtuber #FOSS #FLOSS #NaNoWriMo #Writer #FanFiction #Reading #amreading #WindowManagers #Eagles #Dubs #SFGiants #MSUSpartans #History #Historian #amwriting avatar


Do you use your powers for good or for awesome?

Senior #DevOps Engineer at a major research institution (views/opinions my own) and a severe #Linux and #opensource enthusiast. Also into #retrocomputing, #fountainpens, #Volkswagen, #music, and #cooking. #fedi22

Hoosier currently living in California.

Firefish: avatar


Connoisseur. Raconteur. Globetrotter.
Linux aficionado. 🐧 FOSS evangelist. 🌱
May contain traces of nuts & the odd swear word.

•Opinions are my own•

#CyberSec #IT #HR #F1 #MMA #FOSS #Linux #E2EE #PGP #Meshtastic #LoRa #StandWithUkraine🌻

🦣 Joined 𝟵 𝗔𝗽𝗿 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟴 (RIP

📍🇪🇺 | 🗣️ en,pt | ✔ provenb943a2 avatar


Describe myself? Why? Who I believe I am is irrelevant to who you're going to believe me to be. avatar


My job? Computer Sisyphus and Meme Historian. I work on #cryptography. I like #videogames and #books.

#fedi22 #python #linux #macos #ffxiv #pygame #python #ultima4 #ultima5 #infosec #security #postquantum #godot

I work for AWS, but I definitely don't speak for them. avatar


Get the latest news for Linux distributions, apps, and devices. We provide breaking GNU/Linux and Open Source news, opinions, tutorials and reviews. avatar


«Try again. Fail again. Fail better.»
Ranty Open Sourcerer. 🐧🐙🦀🦎
Foodie. Hiker. Cyclist.
Personal account.

🇪🇺🇺🇳🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈🇭🇰🕯 💉😷 avatar


I write about local government in Bloomington, Indiana and publish here: avatar


Don't mind me.
Computer science. Digital media. Audio engineering. Slightly VR development.
Dysthymia, social anxiety and ADD.
Lost soul and seeker of all things good. Be it positivity, meaning, happiness, love, or a cup of hot cocoa under a warm blanket.

All opinions belong to the little alien inside my head who just wants to go home.

Note: I don't subscribe to a blind "follow back" mentality. I curate my feed. Nothing personal. avatar


Describe myself? Why? Who I believe I am is irrelevant to who you're going to believe me to be.


While I do natively write in English, I also use a combination of DeepL and Naver SmartBoard to translate my text to better communicate. If you notice an error, please let me know, and I'll forward it to the right people. avatar


46M (He/Him) Mostly Retired, Part Time linux developer


Official News Source for the openSUSE Kalpa Project



Vegan solarpunk anarcho-syndicalist pretty much covers everything I believe in. Resident of so-called Malaysia.

Tankies and fascists please block me. I don't want anything to do with y'all.

Use the alt text function when uploading images.

Assume best intentions and treat each other kindly. Unless they are fascists and tankies. Block on sight.

All my public posts are licenced under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 avatar


Enjoy #Linux, #macOS, #FreeBSD & #Unix like systems? #Opensource software & #programming? Enjoy #Sysadmin & #DevOps work? Follow us to make the most of your geeky IT career. #ActuallyHuman (e/human) avatar


Wir sind ein Online-Magazin und ein Podcast rund um Freie Software und Freie Gesellschaft. Bei uns schreibt und spricht die Community für die Community.

Unsere Beiträge werden automatisiert gepostet. Wir sind aber immer für euch da, um mit euch zu kommunizieren (kein Bot).

Schreibe mit:
Unterstütze uns:

#linux #opensource #foss #technology #nobot #fediverse #society #podcast #gnulinux avatar


Outfluenza, Itgirl, Auteur und Vollzeitgeek, 32. Tübinger Student aus Reutlingen. Kaiserin von Österreich. Das junge Angebot von ARD und ZDF. Doktor der Computerologie. Chefarzt für inneren Cyber. Kein Proktologe. Artikel in Nature, Micky Maus & Playboy. Kolumnist bei Mastodon. Liebt deutsches Qualitätsfernsehen. Tröts mit hoher Bioverfügbarkeit. MyDealz-Guru. Staydown statt Startup. Hat keinen Podcast. Hobbys: Kompjuter, Internet, Lesen, Antifa #Linux #Plasma #Politik #NoCovid #TeamVorsicht 😷 avatar


Hello! 👋
I am GMate8, I use my skills to contribute to open knowledge and FOSS. Besides these, I like educational, philosophical documentaries and takes. I like to question the age of today, and trying to revolutionize the future of humanity. I am a privacy advocate since 2020, and a Linux user since 2021.

Contributor and Ambassador
#OpenStreetMap advocate, mapper.

#fedi22 #movies #linux #education #android #philosophy #magyar #politics #synthwave #retro #music #videogames avatar


Technical Biologist 👩‍🔬 | #Multiomics | Farm Animal Genetics 🐮🐷🐔 🧬 | 10XGenomics | #CCC 💻 | | Antifa 🏴 | #Freifunk 🆓 | #ADHD 🤯 | #Deaf 🦻🏻 | :demigirl_flag: :bisexual_flag: :genderfluid_flag: :lesbian_flag: | Pron: he/she er/sie
Admin von
Backup @robin


I am on OkCupid 😘
#HPC admin (by accicent)

Masto-Engel 😇
Flirts welcome 😘

Reminder: ⭐≠ endorsement
Beiträge werden nach 2 Wochen gelöscht. avatar


• Married to the best woman ever ( ❤️
• No kids, but 3 🐈.
• Owning a small 🏡 and a small 🚗 in a small, but beautiful country.
• Working for the 🇨🇭 government as #PostgreSQL DBA.
• Hobbies: #LEGO, #PostgreSQL, #Apple, #Linux, #C64, #Amiga, #DVD​s, #Books, #Hiking


More on 🇨🇭 written in Swiss dialect:

Profile banner image shows the Aare river and the city of Solothurn,🇨🇭, Ⓟ & © 2023 with kind permission by Michael Pfeiffer
( avatar


Hi, I’m Gregor Niehl, a tech enthusiast from Germany born in 2007. I am generally interested in all things #Linux and #OpenSource.

I write apps for the #GNOME desktop, and am part of the GNOME Foundation and the GNOME Circle Committee. avatar


Father of three human children and one crazy cat child, life-long gamer, appreciator of art and architecture, appreciator of science and music, lover of movies and dice. avatar


I go on hikes 🥾. Ride a bike 🚲. Work with leather (mostly to make stuff I need) 🐄 and write software (for fun and for money) 💻

Consulting Software Archaeologist
Web Service Necromancer

Mi lengua es el español 🇲🇽
I speak English fluently 🇺🇲
ve Türkçe öğreniyorum 🇹🇷
Je voudrais apprendre le français 🇨🇦
நான் தமிழ் கற்க முயற்சிக்கிறேன் 🇸🇬 avatar


Geek, Linux user, open-source contributor and developer. Former security researcher & consultant turned data engineer. Itinerant tinkerer and knowledge junkie.

Running websites since 1999. Grew up with Games Workshop (Warhammer 4th to 6th, 40K 2nd to 4th Ed, Mordheim, WHQ), but now just a reader and occasional painter. Single-player PC gamer.

Dreams: Big. Achievements: Small.


(Disclaimer: Comments are my own, not my employer's, boost = interesting not endorsement of the person, etc) avatar


My gender is liminal, I'm just passing through.
:flag_trans: :nonbinary_flag:
she/her; ae/aer

Former Hare Krishna, Trekkie, digital minimalist, EOS enjoyer, Vim evangelist, Chaos Buddhist, statistician. Not necessarily in that order.

Links at avatar


Un tipo cualquiera... o tal vez no.

Borro toots y apruebo seguidores.

#videojuegos #softwarelibre #reflexiones avatar


IT person, likes #IaC, #Linux, #DevOps and #MechanicalKeyboards - collects #ThinkPad notebooks 💻

Host of (german) #ThinkPadMuseum and #FocusOnLinux podcasts 🎙️ avatar


Latest news from the Linux world and Open Source software. Provides you with tutorials, reviews, tips & tricks, and more. avatar


Leader of the #OpenPrinting project since it was founded in 2001, introduced the CUPS printing system in Mandrake Linux in 2000 working at MandrakeSoft and with this and a lot of evangelism (booths, talks, tutorials) made the other distros also switch to CUPS, since 2006 printing maintainer at Canonical, co-organizing annual meetings with the Printer Working Group (PWG), since 2008 every year mentoring in Google Summer of Code, doing everything to make printing on Linux and similar "just work". avatar

jspath55 avatar


Open Source Thing-doer, wandering around the Fediverse ca. 2010. Posts are in English and (some) German with translation help at times.

#foss #florespondence #tzag
#nobot #nobridge she/her

Prior instance (archived): avatar


Holarse - Linuxspiele von Linuxspielern, die unter Linux am Linuxspielen sind.

#Linux #LinuxGaming #UpgradeToLinux #OpenSource avatar


Used to work at Tesla and System76 as well as doodle about with homelabs. Figuring out life now.
Daily driving tux since 2018, project use since 2004.
(Posts deleted after a few months)
Message me here if you add me on Steam, as I usually need context for friend requests. avatar


Climatematch Academy is a wide-reaching, inclusive and approachable program aimed to introduce computational methods for climate science. The existing climate science research community severely underrepresents the global population that will be impacted by climate change. Climatematch strives to create a globally diverse climate sciences community, trained on cutting edge techniques to access and analyze open-source modeled and observational climate data.


AK Digitales und Beisitzer im OV Altstadt Sanderau, KV Würzburg. Theaterliebhaber, Nerd, Gay avatar


News from the Libre Digital Health ecosystem. avatar


math | code | make | music | love | repeat avatar


Functional Safety, MBSE, and Python. I lead Functional Safety at @ford
and I maintain @modelwithgaphor. avatar


tr '!-' 'P-!-O' <<< "w: 92<6C567@[ :EVD >6[ 92<6C567@]"


مهندس برمجيات وبنى تشغيل
Software & Infrastructure Architect

#محتوى_تقني_عربي avatar


En esta cuenta se borran las publicaciones cada mes. avatar


here for #opensource projects, etc.
my projects:
my blog:

#linux #i3wm #jwm #xfce
#debian #opensuse

automated post deletion: 1 month
manual post deletion: frequently


#Physics, #programing :python: :rust: and a #motorcyclist. My life is pretty plain. I like to watch puddles gather rain.
#Pop_OS with Lemur 9
#GrapheneOS on Pixel 7
#Boxing & #calisthenics
#English & #Español
He/Him 🇺🇸


leftist, 21, ♑ ✧ Emacs and functional programming addict ✧ BCompSci avatar


Social Knowledge Sharing Platform.

Learn something new Today, Everyday!!!


#Linux since 1994. #Online since 1992. Motördad since 2005. #Metal since cradle. Born in #fulda, living more than half of my life now in #karlsruhe. #Speedcubing from 3x3, 5x5 to 13x13 #Metalhead, #Businesspunk, Linux Evangelist and Knowledge Broker at work. 🗣️/⌨️ 14 languages (on GitHub) 🤪 and 🇩🇪 and 🇬🇧 ❤️ #opensource and #freesoftware + #eff #fsf #gi #privacy 🔐 🛠️ assistant machinist for "⭐️" means "this" or "that" in lack of ❤️👍🏻👀🤣🤪🤔…


Tooting in german and english.
There's no place like ~/ avatar


Android developer based in Salzburg, Austria 🇪🇺, who loves coding, cycling and coffee.
Additionally, I enjoy listening to music (see listenbrainz), some nerdy podcasts (harry potter & history) and watching the occasional indie movie (see mubi).

It's dangerous to go alone, take a bunch of hashtags:
#linux #voidlinux #bspwm #kotlin #android #clojure #fairphone #atreus #cycling #foss #vegan #sustainability avatar


Works as developer in GreyCortex. Studied at FIT VUT Brno.

Volunteers on OpenAlt Conference. Contributes to various open source projects. Flies with microlight airplanes. Interested about alternative mobile operating systems such as Nemomobile, Ubuntu Touch, or postmarketOS. avatar


i am a raichu that likes tricking rocks into thinking and gaming

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