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@linux Sharing a 'small' inconvenience I had to fix with #opensuse #slowroll (I suspect #tumbleweed is the same) - I couldn't launch snaps (spotify, bitwarden) after update - error was: cannot determine seccomp compiler version in generateSystemKey fork/exec /usr/lib/snapd/snap-seccomp: no such file or directory

The fix (I first tried re-installing, didn't work) was to:
a. locate snap-seccomp - was in /usr/libexec/snapd
b. symlink: ln -s /usr/libexec/snapd /usr/lib/snapd

#linux #snap

Vendetta9076, avatar

But snap is cringe


This is why I prefer using Distrobox on my personal computer. No package for Signal-Desktop? No problem, run it through a Debian container using Distrobox.

lunarloony, avatar

Did another Mac thing! After a false start last night, is now up and running. And it's blummin' fast for an old girl.

Best part is, it turns out the fastest processor this Mac can take is like £15-20 on eBay. That plus a bit of extra RAM will make this into a tidy little performer. (Not a Performa, sadly.) (Also not that little.)

Quiet enough to keep in the living room, too.

lunarloony, avatar

@vga256 Good to know.

For curiosity's sake, I tried my RAM again, DIMM by DIMM, and my Mac didn't like any of it at all. Tried it alongside the RAM it came with (keeping in mind what you said about mixing RAM) and I got a red LED. So... I think I will have to seek out something that will definitely work, because it's clearly not keen on what I already have. Shouldn't be too expensive, though.

vga256, avatar

@lunarloony my guess would be that it's quad-ranked ram then. strange!

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A new country has emerged in the top 5 of usage the past six months: USA leads with 31%, followed by Germany (12.4%), Brazil (6.5%), UK (5.4%), and Russia (5.1%). 🇬🇧 Made leap into the fourth position.

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Do want to know what is happening with the ? What meetings are happening within the ? Visit to find out what's happening today.

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: A is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), to accommodate the difference between:

  • Precise time (International Atomic Time (TAI), as measured by atomic clocks), and
  • Imprecise observed solar time (UT1), which varies due to irregularities and long-term slowdown in the Earth's rotation.

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Estrenando fastfetch... Para el y por supuesto en Tw. :opensuse: :linux:

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We've making some minor adjustments with for our Conference schedule. Check out the talks we have on the this year. It's a you won't want to miss.

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Went through 5113 packages on my install and managed to uninstall 200 or so.

Not the greatest spring cleaning ever, lol.

mbeddedDev, avatar

@thelinuxcast I heard that rm -rf / should help to cleanup everything ;)

thelinuxcast, avatar

@mbeddedDev I should try that! I'm sure everything will work just fine after.

thelinuxcast, avatar

Day 300. is nearing the year mark. Still loving . I don't think I'll make it to the year mark before doing a fresh install, though. I may try to just clean out some of my packages manually and see if I can clean up that way without nuking and paving. Then I can keep this install.

gentoobro, avatar

@thelinuxcast> I don't think I'll make it to the year mark before doing a fresh install, though.

I don't usually even run emerge --sync that often. 😅

thelinuxcast, avatar

@gentoobro how often do you update then?

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Are you interested in to the Project & becoming a of the ? Get more & find out how simple it can be.

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Anyone else get a lot of package downgrades on tumbleweed? Over 100 packages to be downgraded.

ulfi, avatar

Not till yesterday.
What repos do you use?
(I only use default + MPEG and in some desktops Packman (Essentials) as well.

thelinuxcast, avatar

@ulfi I have a bunch of repos enabled. MY system is a bit bloated.

jloc0, avatar

is like a 3gb ISO and it’s basically a bare gnome desktop. I can get a 3gb liveslak and ship all the ap/ & l/ sets of Slackware AND use native package managers to maintain it with. Aeon didn’t even have nano installed. What the hell is on that ISO? 😂 I really want to map it all out and see if I can make a comparable live system. Ya know, for funsies.

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April's Tumbleweed update moves past xz attack & brings crucial fixes. 🛠️ & updates, & enhancements, plus more!🔗

opensuse, avatar

users! Leap 15.6 has entered its Release Candidate phase. Help with bug fixes and stability. 🐞🔧 Check out the long awaited Cockpit interface! 🖥️

vwbusguy, avatar

's OBS is some powerful and useful stuff, albeit a bit of a learning curve.

hobyte, avatar

@vwbusguy It really sounds powerful, but I never found a getting started tutorial. Do you know a good tutorial to get started?

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txtechnician, avatar

I finally asked too much of my laptop today.

ALT + PRINT SCREEN + R + E + I + S + U + B

If you know, you know.


milosz, avatar
uncomfyhalomacro, avatar

i want to try out kde dolphin from flatpak but it seems i can't open it when opening "Downloads" list of firefox.

switching back to Dolphin installed through zypper works though.

odd 😟

any of you have experienced this?

#opensuse #KDE #Plasma6

uncomfyhalomacro, avatar

@alxdre301 is that for tokodon?

alxdre301, avatar
chronicallydave, avatar
thegreybeardofthetree, avatar

How do you pronounce 'Suse'?

Ans: Soo-sah

Didn't know that. I always see-sawed between soo-zay and soo-zee.

kytta, avatar

@thegreybeardofthetree since they're German, I've been (and will be) saying [zuːzə] (ZOO-zeh) :P

chronicallydave, avatar
chronicallydave, avatar
7faces, avatar

@chronicallydave @bloomington_in I Continue to No Longer Attend City Council meetings. Thank you for your report. 🫡

7faces, avatar

@chronicallydave @bloomington_in Never mind. I just got a $30 ticket for a green meter. I'm ready to burn city all down. BURN IT DOWN.

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We will dive deep into the world of #openSUSE Leap in less than 4 hours. Watch our live stream if you're interested in #learning about #openSUSE tools, build processes & more.

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Two full months into Pop_OS now. While genereally happy, I struggle a bit with the system getting slower and slower over time, I need to reboot every 2-3 days to get back to normal. Resource monitors shows no havoc procresses and no excessive memory usage.

For some other reasons I installed openSUSE Tumbleweed in a VM with KDE 6 and now find it very tempting to switch. It was super fast and KDE seems just so much better at this point.

Switching distro is a huge PITA, so if you have any arguments against it, I would appreciate that before I go down that road 🙂

louis, avatar

@withoutclass Very good advice, thank you. 🙏
Btw. I installed KDE on my Pop_OS and - surprise - after a few hours was not so happy anymore, its feature richness comes at a mental price for me. I was constantly fiddling with settings and completely lost focus. I realize now that some of the dumbness of the Gnome UI has advantages - perhaps my multidecade Mac experience is somewhat part of my DNA now.

With regards to lightweight DEs: I rely on full-blown DEs like Gnome for all the built in goodies like automatic power and network (Wifi) management, printer and scanner support etc. etc. since I only have one machine for personal and work. I realize this can all be done with the right mindset and patience with every DE, but that's where I personally run out of steam.

withoutclass, avatar

@louis nah that totally makes sense. If you want to just get to work and not have to fiddle a bunch going with a full DE makes sense :)

For me I love the simplicity of a tiling window manager and just having the couple utilities I need installed such as Network manager.

There is also an Emacs Window Manager that exists...😁

thelinuxcast, avatar

Holy shit snacks, .

BumblebeeMan, avatar

@thelinuxcast I read a news article in German that they might rebuild all their packages after the xz incident. Looks like it really happened!

SFaulken avatar

@thelinuxcast This happens a few times a year, when some major dependency down in the guts of the stack gets updated. And everything that links to it gets rebuilt up the stack.

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