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Trump Just Posted Something So Dark and Disturbing on Truth Social That We Can’t Ignore It

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@byteseu Another trash rag?

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Israeli forces moved deeper into Jabalia in northern Gaza, striking a hospital and destroying residential areas with tank and air bombardments, while Israeli airstrikes killed at least five people in Rafah in the south.

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The FBI cut ties to at least a handful of informants and issued warnings about dozens of others after an internal review prompted by concerns that they were linked to Russian disinformation, current and former U.S. officials said. #worldnews #politics #us #russia #fbi #misinformation #russiaukrainewar

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's death in a helicopter crash prompts questions about his successor and the impacts on power dynamics in the Middle East. #worldnews #politics #iran #ebrahimraisi #ayatollahkhamenei

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South Korea and the UK will co-host the second global AI summit on Tuesday, focusing on safety, innovation, and inclusion amid calls for better regulation and addressing various emerging risks.

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Andrei Belousov becoming Russia's new defense minister shows that President Vladimir Putin is fully redirecting Moscow's economy toward the war effort.

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French President Emmanuel Macron called a meeting of his defense and security council to discuss the deadly unrest in the Pacific territory of New Caledonia.

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@thejapantimes maybe grant them independence

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Iran was thrown into uncertainty Sunday as search and rescue teams scoured a fog-shrouded mountain area after President Ebrahim Raisi's helicopter went missing in what state media described as an "accident."

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Ukraine ups pressure on US to allow strikes in Russia: ‘This is insane’

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Advances in Ukraine's east by resurgent Russian forces, which significantly outnumber and outgun the Ukrainian defenders, has marked an inflection point in the more than 2-year-old conflict.

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