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Advances in Ukraine's east by resurgent Russian forces, which significantly outnumber and outgun the Ukrainian defenders, has marked an inflection point in the more than 2-year-old conflict.

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Head of Canada’s intelligence agency warns Canadians not to use TikTok

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Donald Trump suggests Biden will be ‘jacked up’ on drugs for presidential debates.

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@byteseu They always project, and so we now know that they are jacking up Trump on drugs to counter his growing dementia.

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Everything Cohen testified to is corroborated by other witnesses & physical documents.

Too much attention is being generated around Michael Cohen's testimony, because Cohen is the target of the tRUMPublican 'Blue Suit Red Tie Coup-Groupies' task of discrediting 'tRUMP's Fixer Bagman'.

Most media represents the tRUMP controlled narrative, which is a faulty point of view.

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Beijing is pouring billions into Pakistan to complete a key Belt and Road initiative artery. But this is threatened by terrorist groups targeting Chinese interests.

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Hopefully they do it in retaliation for what the Chinese do to the Uighurs. They would then be the only Muslims who did something for their fellow Muslims in China. I’ve yet to hear the Muslim leaders around the world express outrage against the CCP’s treatment of the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

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Residents are fleeing missile fire and sheltering without food and water amid escalating fighting in the Sudanese city of al-Fashir.

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MAGA dumbfucks have no idea that Trump raped E. Jean Carroll because Fox News never told them.

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German police raid pro-Palestinian group in Duisburg over alleged Hamas support and antisemitism

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‘He needs a lobotomy!’ Donald Trump’s former aide raises cognitive health alarm

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Maritime security: 'Hacking a ship is just like hacking a Tesla but bigger'

Cyberattacks on shipping up 400-500% in five years, Lloyds List Intelligence

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Israel-Gaza war live: US completes floating pier to deliver aid to Gaza; five killed in Israeli friendly fire incident

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How did this take so long when back in 1944, we built a pier to land tanks / supplies fairly quickly

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been publicly challenged about post-war plans for the Gaza Strip by his own defense chief, who vowed to oppose any long-term military rule by Israel over the ravaged Palestinian enclave.

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Trump ‘plans to send kill teams to Mexico to take out drug lords’ | Former president is reportedly yet to announce the full details such as how many US troops would be sent to capture cartel bosses

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Trump is not aware Mexico is a sovereign country and could send kill teams to the U.S. in a return favor??

stupid fxck

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Incomplete information about some 10,000 people killed during Israel’s military offensive in Gaza has led to their exclusion from an official tally of women and children casualties, statistics seen as an important indication of civilians deaths.

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Stormy Daniels’ husband says couple will ‘vacate’ US if Donald Trump is found not guilty

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@verdantsquare disappointing

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IDF kills Hamas terrorists embedded inside UNRWA school in Gaza Strip

American Medical Missions Trapped in Gaza, Facing Death by Dehydration as Population Clings to Life (

Upward of 20 American doctors are trapped in Gaza, some at the European Hospital, due to Israel’s post-invasion closure of the Rafah border crossing.Upward of 20 American doctors are trapped in Gaza as a result of Israel’s post-invasion closure of the Rafah border crossing into Egypt, according to sources with knowledge of...

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Chancellor wants to build $1tn 'British Microsoft'

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt plans to raise a homegrown tech titan, but does the UK's investment landscape support that lofty ambition?

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Because what the world, and Britain needs is another Microsoft. 🤦‍♂️

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@johnleonard we had arm. but then we also had fujisu (well, ICL:-) we also have bae systems. but hunt will be looking for a job soon. i wouldn't employ him if i was into investment

Germany's Scholz and Nordic leaders urge more Ukraine aid (

The leaders of Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland met to discuss their common security threats and how to further support Ukraine in the face of Russia's full-scale invasion.German Chancellor Olaf Scholz underscored his support for Ukraine at a meeting with the prime ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway,...

‘I feel like I've been tricked’: Some property buyers in China’s Tianjin have been waiting 8 years for their homes (

A group of around 1,500 homebuyers say they have yet to see the apartments they paid for about eight years ago, as challenges persist in China’s property sector. The promise was they would be ready by 2019, but the majority are still unfinished, according to five of the homebuyers, who requested anonymity out of fear of...

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thejapantimes, avatar

A former U.S. Marine pilot fighting extradition from Australia on U.S. charges of training Chinese military pilots to land on aircraft carriers, unknowingly worked with a Chinese hacker, his lawyer said. #worldnews #crimelegal #us #australia #china #hackers

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