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JFC, the is so desperate for a which must be called in the next 6 months ... But not before the make one more attack to damage the


BBC News - Sunak to tackle 'sick note culture' in speech on welfare reform

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"For while Labour has an effective plan to win, it is not obvious that there is as yet any corresponding strategy for governing, certainly not in the transformational way voters seek. There are missions, targets, new bodies to power growth and reviews a-plenty. But these are less than a programme"

Even the FT is getting impatient.

#LabourParty #UKPolitics #GeneralElection

Labour has a great plan for winning — but for governing?

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sees chance of second MP as Labour voters waver in Bristol
Poll predicts Green co-leader Carla Denyer will win in new Central seat by siphoning off votes from disillusioned left

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Ministers James Heappey & Robert Halfon step down from their cabinet posts, with Halfon the MP for Harlow also announcing he's to step down as an MP at the next election.

This brings the total to more than 60 Tory MP's who've now confirmed they will not stand at the 2024 .

Rats fleeing a sinking ship? 🐀

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You'll recall that the Tories included in their last manifesto the end/curtailment of the exploitative ground rent system in England & Wales.

Well, it seems this has now been abandoned in the face of intense lobbying from investment & pension managers who receive the payments.

So, just to be clear, given the choice of helping homeowners (under leaseholds) or people in financial services, despite a manifesto commitment, the Tories chose the latter...

So much for democracy, then!


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@ChrisMayLA6 Perhaps any that reneges on a commitment should be bound to call a ?

Perhaps a by-election should be called in the seat of any who contravenes the Nolan Principles of public life?

Perhaps the party should offer which are significantly different to that of the ruling party?

The disUK's is a sham.

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A combination of an October election and new voter ID rules is likely to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of UK students.

An analysis of the student vote in the 2019 general election showed that Labour did much better in constituencies with lots of students, while the Tories performed “considerably worse".

#VoterSuppression #UKPolitics #GeneralElection #Students #StudentVote

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A ‘Damning Indictment’: Eight Million Voters May Be #Disenfranchised in #GeneralElection, MPs Find

#UK’s #EectoralRegistration arrangements are a ‘threat to the rights of #British voters’

The House of Commons’ #LevellingUpHousingAndCommunitiesCommittee has found that the current electoral registration system is inefficient and ineffective, and the new requirement of having to show #MandatoryVoterPhotID at the ballot box will make matters worse.

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I've been posting a lot less. I do want to say something I think is really important for elections, there's big ones coming up in #UK & #US.

67.3% voted in the 2019 UK #GeneralElection.
66% voted in 2020 US #election.

A third of the populace don't vote. Many of them feel politics is just a tool for the rich and powerful, or don't see how it affects their life, are persuaded by apathy and 'nothing really changes', and many also are turned off by the divisions.

Libtard & Snowflake being yelled by 1 third, Nazi and Fascist being yelled by the other third, and a third just check out & wash their hands of it all. Typically those people are not on the #Fediverse and will need to be engaged elsewhere, often more successfully in day to day life, by asking questions and listening.

It's important to speak to non-voters in language they can accept. Things do get worse when we don't vote. Engaged voterbases have better outcomes. Not only will politics shape how most parts of society we take for granted either continue or decline, but also how humanity survives coming challenges (tolerably, badly or or barely at all).

Voting has a direct impact on everyone's day to day life, our healthcare, our age care, our disability care, our childcare, our emergency care, our grocery & utility bills, our kids education, our illness & maternity cover, our pay & working conditions, how safe our food air and water is, and how much everything costs our families.

#TacticalVoting is becoming more important than ever. Yes the rich and powerful try to rig the systems, that's why tactical voting is so important. Here are some good UK resources.

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Whats wrong Dad? Oh Theresa May is not standing at the next general election. Oh dear…

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We don't know when it's happening yet, but we know that it will be happening in the next 12 months...A general election is brewing.

Make sure that:

  1. You're registered to vote.
  2. You've got ID to take with you (or you're doing a postal or proxy vote)

More info at

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In Taking Up #Trump’s #Immunity Claim, #SCOTUS Bolstered His #Delay Strategy
By scheduling a hearing for late April on TFG’s assertion that he cannot be prosecuted for his actions in office, the justices increased the chances that he will not face #trial by #Election Day

Nonilex, avatar

time — equivalent to the period between Dec 13 & the originally scheduled trial date of Mar 4. If #SCOTUS renders a ruling on the #immunity decision in June & preparations for the #trial start up again immediately, the extra 82 days could push a trial date into Sept.

At that point, the #GeneralElection campaign would be in full swing — & there would be no guarantee that the trial could be completed by #Election Day.

#law #criminal #conspiracy #JackSmith #Chutkan #ElectionInterference #Jan6

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#Biden opens w/huge lead in #DemocraticPrimary in early results

#POTUS Joe Biden was leading #Michigan's Democratic presidential primary contest Tues, as expected, w/the #ProtestVote against him pulling about 7% of the tally.

Biden had 88% of the vote, followed by 7% #uncommitted, 2% for Minnesota US Rep Dean Phillips & 2.4% for self-help guru Marianne Williamson, with 3% of precincts reporting.

Nonilex, (edited ) avatar

We're going to need a lot more #Democrats to #vote in the #GeneralElection than did in the #primary if we want #Biden to beat #trump. Look at the total number of votes.

Even if Biden picks up 100% of the "#uncommitted" & Trump only gets 50% of #Haley's, Trump still wins #Michigan.

#VoteBlue #Biden2024 #SwingState #democracy #autocracy #Tyranny #PowerOfThePeople

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@TruthSandwich thankfully it’s just the primary, I believe they’re smart & know would’ve allowed to immediately annihilate all not only in , but also in the . Anyone calling a Zionist & refusing to vote for him in the is giving a vote to Trump who is a full fledged & beholden to the who believe ’s possession of will bring the rapture.

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The first leaflet of our #SNP candidate for Moray West, Nairn, and Strathspey in the #GeneralElection Graham Leadbitter

If you live in #Nairn you should be getting one of these through your letterbox soon if you've not already.


Page 2 of leaflet What is the SNP doing to fight back against THE COST OF LIVING CRISIS? * £25 PER WEEK Scottish Child Payment * COUNCIL TAX FREEZE in 2024/2025 * FREE BUS TRAVEL for under 22s and over 60s * TRIPLING the Fuel Insecurity Fund * Defending the PENSION TRIPLE LOCK
Page 3 - letter from Graham Dear Voter The next Westminster election is hugely important for us here in the north of Scotland. After 14 years of Tory austerity budgets, a hugely damaging Tory Brexit, a Tory Cost of Living crisis and a Tory party who crashed the economy, it is past time that they were kicked out of Government in Westminster. This new Westminster seat is at the heart of vast renewable energy resources infrastructure, yet we pay the highest price for energy in the UK. SNP MPs are the strongest voices on these vital issues at Westminster. Now, more than ever, Independence is the only way that Scotland will get the Government we elect and the only way to reverse the damage of the Tories - a party intent on reducing spend in vital public services, whilst removing the cap on obscene bankers bonuses. With the powers of Independence we can take full advantage of the renewable energy bounty on our doorstep, invest in public services, vital infrastructure and support our communities. As your SNP candidate, I pledge to champion these issues and many more. I work hard to represent my community as a councillor and I will take that work ethic to Westminster and fight for all the communities in this constituency. Yours aye, Graham
Page 4 - bar chart showing that only the SNP can stop the Tories here CON 45.3% SNP 44.2% LAB 5% LD 4.6%

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🆕 blog! “Minority Governments and the Boundary Commission”

The UK is almost certain to have a General Election this year1. The Boundary Commission for England2 has reworked the existing Parliamentary constituencies to make them more fair3. As such, constituencies are generally more equal in terms of electorate. But, of course, geography trumps g…

👀 Read more:

#election #generalelection #politics #uk

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We don't know when it's happening yet, but we know that it will be happening in the next 12 months...A general election is brewing.

Make sure that:

  1. You're registered to vote.
  2. You've got ID to take with you (or you're doing a postal or proxy vote)

More info at

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Before 1918, general elections in the UK were spread over multiple weeks, as each constituency's returning officer could choose their own nomination and polling days.

Pleased to share a short piece by me on the long life (and quiet death) of the long #generalelection

Somewhat ironically, the article is only free to read for a week...


transactualuk, to trans avatar

We don't know when it's happening yet, but we know that it will be happening in the next 12 months...A general election is brewing.

Make sure that:

  1. You're registered to vote.
  2. You've got ID to take with you (or you're doing a postal or proxy vote)

More info at

#Trans #Transgender #Nonbinary #LGBTQIA #LGBTQI #LGBTQ #LGBT #Queer #GeneralElection #Politics

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Starmer has caved in on the £28bn environmental pledge for no other reason, then it would leave him wide open to cynical attack from the Tories

Where's the transformative vision the country desperately needs, where?

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A question for those with detailed knowledge of #UKpolitics and the laws surrounding #parliament in general:

If the UK were to become involved in a #war or major #conflict, could parliament suspend a #GeneralElection indefinitely?

It seems from Grant Shapps' rhetoric that the #government is more focused upon preparing for war than avoiding it, and I certainly wouldn't put this tactic past the #Conservatives given their healthy parliamentary majority and record to date.

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Sunak ‘facing pre-election disaster’ if childcare expansion plan fails in autumn - "Persistent fears over staffing and funding could lead to promises being broken to parents weeks before likely poll date" sounds perfect #generalelection

lindasgoluppiart, to uk

25 January 2024: 356 days until a UK General Election (unless we get lucky.)

Just imagine having yet another Tory infight for their useless party's useless leadership.

#GeneralElection #UK #Politics #GTTO #Mastodon #Fediverse #ElectionCountdown #PR #LindaSgoluppiArt

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When will imposed Prime Minister @RishiSunak admit that his standing within his own party is nearly as low as the respect the people of the UK have for him?

He must finally do what is best for Britain, call a #GeneralElection and resign.

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