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So Josh Hart really came over on camera and told Reggie Miller "I think they're saying fuck you" into a hot mic to make sure he didn't miss that the MSG crowd was in fact chanting "FU Reggie"

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Heyy, thanks for 800 followers! That's pretty cool 🥺

Hi, I'm V and I'm a body paint artist! I paint myself 99% of the time and live on Twitch:)

See my page for more #bodypainting

#art #artist #artistic #mastoart #makeup #cosplay #creature #comic #paint #bodyart #bodypaint #bodypainter #zombie #hero #superhero #monster #elf #blue #green #atomeve #villain


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Source says Hamas negotiators in Cairo to accept Gaza ceasefire proposal, reports Al Quds newspaper.

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If true, President and Secretary deserve status.

I'll believe it when the are safe.

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Having slipped in an Aristophanes reference, I feel entitled to knock off work for the day.

Yet I plunge on.


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🇺🇦🇺🇸 Standing with Ukraine: A Humanitarian Volunteer's Perspective

🌎Together, we can make a positive difference! 🕊️


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It's Professor Snyder. Listen to facts and wisdom.

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Sometimes, the hero is because they die.

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Happy 90th birthday to our and trailblazing , Dr. ! 💚
Thank you, Jane, for being a relentless for and our planet. Thank you for showing us how to live in harmony with and each other. Thank you for inspiring so many people (especially the youngest lovers among us) to listen not only to the animals but also to the voice inside us all that whispers: “You can make a difference.”


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❤️Said goodbye (for now) to my mother “Millie”in Dorchester before my humanitarian volunteer trip to Ukraine 🇺🇦

😋But of course, I couldn't leave empty-handed (or empty-stomached). 🇩🇴Homemade Dominican food is the best way to fuel up for a good cause.

Love you, Ma!💙💛

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"Rich already had an understanding of his own trauma responses, and an established support system of government services and fellow military veterans. Jess and Kassy did not."

For The Washington Post, Dan Zak profiles Rich Fierro:

#Longreads #Hero #Shooting #Reporting #Journalism #Profile

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Commission de @NathWoodcroft et de @SolWoodcroft . Ce qui m'a pris le plus de temps ? LE FOND !
Commission for @NathWoodcroft and @SolWoodcroft . What took me the longest time? THE BACKGROUND!

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A quotation from Lessing, Gotthold:

ARIDÄUS: What is a hero without love for mankind?

[Was ist ein Held ohne Menschenliebe?]

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

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He told a story about attempting to pay for his family’s meal @ a Cambridge, MA., restaurant; Floyd was @ Harvard on a fellowship, & Willis was 3 years old @ the time . . . “The man would not take my American Express credit card. So I pulled out my Visa card, & he wouldn’t take my Visa card.” The same w/his traveler’s checks. But the $10 bill Floyd had — that was accepted. “I’ll never forget that as long as I live," Floyd said. (gifted)

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Gentle reminder that usually what is called too radical today, like government taking over vacant buildings under eminent domain for low cost housing, is both the way of the future and moral.
This example of a US pre-revolutionary abolitionist Quaker is a perfect one. He harangued, lobbied and shamed his fellows in order to get slavery and indentured servitude destroyed. Yet he was called a radical then (and to some extent even now) for his actions. Even today, I reckon he would be called a radical by half the White population for wanting to abolish slavery completely as in prison labor.
Moral: todays progressive radical is often tomorrows moral hero.

mcgoo84, to sketch

I've been a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since I was a kid, and Casey Jones has always been my favorite character. I love his personality, his sense of humor, and his skills.

I hope you like my drawing!

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A hero isn’t someone who wants attention and to be honored. It’s the others that want to force it on the hero to make themselves feel better.

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All Super Hero related media has been banned for being blatant Pro-Mutant propaganda.

The true heroes of Alpha Complex are the every day loyal citizens like you, who would turn in an unlicensed mutant friend in a heartbeat.

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US climate scientist’s defamation case over online attacks finally comes to trial - "Michael Mann alleges, in lawsuit first brought in 2012, that attacks on his work by climate denialists amount to defamation"

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Longtime New Democratic Party leader Ed Broadbent has died at 87.

The Broadbent Institute announced his death in a statement Thursday afternoon.

"Our country has lost a fierce champion for ordinary Canadians, an intellectual who strongly believed in building a good society," the statement said.

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