ohalexsimmons, to comics
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A teleporter who can only teleport when moving, and when they re-appear, they make an explosion relative to the speed they were moving at when the ported.

Code name, Sonic Boom. #superhero #comics #xmen

ZachWeinersmith, to comics
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robotwig, to photography
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All shot practically using figures and miniature sets, the bts poses look different cause they all fell over before I took the shot bunch of c
ts they are!


vitani4000, to makeup
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✨ This is bodypaint done by me on me✨ Wonder woman as a vampire.🧛🏼‍♀️ Because why not? 😁

I'm wearing professional artist grade pasties from @nxp_pasties

Makeup brands used:


vitani4000, to art
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✨ This is

Just a fun battle-damaged Spiderman inspired by Mcroft07.

This was painted by me on me:)

See my page for more ❤️


Harlander, to indieauthors
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Finished the final draft, sent out the files, and ordered copies of the hardcover and paperback. Release date is set for May 25, aka (appropriate for a launch, I think). The pre-order links to pretty much every major retailer are up and linked on my site, https://JeffreyHarlan.com

Now to play my favorite video games for the first time in 3 months.


vitani4000, to art
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Heyy, thanks for 800 followers! That's pretty cool 🥺

Hi, I'm V and I'm a body paint artist! I paint myself 99% of the time and live on Twitch:)

See my page for more #bodypainting

#art #artist #artistic #mastoart #makeup #cosplay #creature #comic #paint #bodyart #bodypaint #bodypainter #zombie #hero #superhero #monster #elf #blue #green #atomeve #villain


BenHigbie, to Marvel
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enobacon, to portland
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Put on your costume to celebrate ! 2:15pm Sunday Apr 28th, family-friendly bike ride from the Sunnyside School playground to Books With Pictures. 2 miles each way with a break at the comic shop and food carts before looping back to the start.

rides at a 4-6mph pace for little pedallers & cargo bikes (training wheels, scoot bikes, scooters, or walking with wagons not advised.)


thevglibrary, to Batman
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Holy "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Batman❗

Had no idea this "turn-to-page" comic book existed for BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS.

Just catalogued into THE VIDEO GAME LIBRARY:



BenHigbie, to comicbooks
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CSDNews, to worldwithoutus
thevglibrary, to Batman
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alxd, to technology
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A thought on in :

In , tech is an allegory for either oppression or rebellion, there's nothing outside the dichotomy.

In stories, tech is always a weapon and any other use is invisible.

In then, tech could be a "crystallized community", with the sum of its values, cultures and decisions codified into the they create.

art_of_carun, to DCComics
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Marun, to art
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Commission de @NathWoodcroft et de @SolWoodcroft . Ce qui m'a pris le plus de temps ? LE FOND !
Commission for @NathWoodcroft and @SolWoodcroft . What took me the longest time? THE BACKGROUND!
#art #mastoart #digitalart #commission #clipstudio #superhero #super #hero

markwyner, to Health
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In 1975, John Burstein created the character “Slim Goodbody” the “superhero of health.”

His character began in a hospital to entertain/educate children. He graduated to daily shows, then to Captain Kangaroo, and eventually to his own series, Inside Story.

At 75 years he’s still touring as Slim in a show called Bodyology.


BenHigbie, to art
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Here's a painting of Batman from the 1989 movie, (maybe my favorite movie ever) that I did last year, now hanging in a home of a fan in California. I can paint ur fave characters too, whatever u'd like. This one below is painted w/acrylics+graphite on a wooden board~

laidbackdm, to DC
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Oops! How could I forget ’s birthday yesterday? Happy belated birthday Supes 😊

howtolovecomics, to comics

For , we look back at Emerald Twilight, the controversial 1994 Green Lantern story that explores loss and the Hal Jordan’s villainous reaction to it. https://www.howtolovecomics.com/2024/02/20/green-lantern-emerald-twilight/

BenHigbie, to gaming
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BenHigbie, to gaming
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CultureDesk, to Marvel
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A crew member working on the new Marvel TV series Wonder Man has died on set after an accident on a high walkway, BBC News reports:

vitani4000, to Marvel
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Hi, I'm FireStar from Marvel:) I wanted to paint something yellow so here we are. 😁 This is bodypaint plus a skin tight, professional, SFX-grade latex bra. I am both the model and the artist.


Computer, to Marvel
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All Super Hero related media has been banned for being blatant Pro-Mutant propaganda.

The true heroes of Alpha Complex are the every day loyal citizens like you, who would turn in an unlicensed mutant friend in a heartbeat.

#Paranoia #hero #superhero #marvel #DC #ttrpg #rpg #game #games

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