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It's the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, and I'm ringing in summer the traditional way: holed up in my basement home office, reacquainting myself with Qemu by creating a bunch of virtual machines.

vwbusguy, to linux avatar

I wonder if has some kind of minimal and/or way to run x86 applications on an host, similar to Rosetta for MacOS or the similar WIP Microsoft compatibility.

begasus, to random avatar

is again participating in , one of the projects I'm especially interested in is bringing hardware virtualization support for as I use QEMU pretty much to check builds for packages on either 32bit or 64bit images.
Read more about it at :

schenklklopfer, to windows German avatar

Ich bräuchte da eine #Windows VM auf meinem #Linux Laptop.

Was will ich dann da nehmen?

#QEMU/#KVM und den virt-manager oder #VirtualBox?

Oder was ganz was anderes?

wimpy, to linux avatar

I've been making my Quickemu project macOS-compatible; meaning it can run on a macOS host 🍎

Quickemu is a project to quickly create and run optimised Linux, macOS and Windows virtual machines 👍

Here's my test case in action:

This is NixOS ❄️ running a virtual machine of macOS Ventura 🍏 via Quickemu, which is running a virtual machine of Aline Linux 🐧 via Quickemu

The project is here:

dulvui, to macos avatar

Impressed by how easy it is to run a virtualized MacOS Ventura on Linux with quickemu! I tried some other MacOS virtual machines or Docker images, but none has worked so easily and immediate as with quickemu.

0xDEADBEEF, to random avatar

Last I tried screwing around with , and on I had a bunch of fun with scripts from sbo and dependency hell – since neither is an official slack package.

How does this fare in 2024 if I were to try to get a headless host for my stuff (qubes-like but I like pain)?

9to5linux, to linux avatar

#Linux Weekly Roundup for April 28th, 2024: #Fedora Linux 40, #Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, #GNOME 46.1, #QEMU 9.0, #Slimbook Fedora 2 laptops, #EndeavourOS Gemini, Ubuntu #Lomiri, #Audacity 3.5, #Tails 6.2, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

ParadeGrotesque, to random avatar

Well, well, well...

"We’d like to announce the availability of the QEMU 9.0.0 release. This release contains 2700+ commits from 220 authors."

QEMU version 9.0.0 released - QEMU

ParadeGrotesque, avatar

Surprisingly... 9.0.0 seems to compile just fine on 15! Yay! 🤓

This being said, I am only on:

[2407/9553] Compiling C object libqemu-aarch64_be-linux-user.fa.p/linux-user_uname.c.o

So there is still plenty of time to mess things up. Let's see how it goes, and if the end result is usable.

ParadeGrotesque, avatar

And I am pleased to report that 9.0.0 compiles straight on 15 with almost no fiddling at all!

Took a while on my little server, but:

$ qemu-system-x86_64 --version

QEMU emulator version 9.0.0
Copyright (c) 2003-2024 Fabrice Bellard and the QEMU Project developers

$ ls /usr/local/bin/qemu-sys* | wc -l

Ooooh yeah! 🤓

stsquad, to random avatar

As I knew I was on holiday for soft freeze I got all my maintainer PRs in early for 9.0. It is now released to the wild. The big update is FEAT_NV2 emulation as well as a number of enhancements to various board models (and some deprecations of the older unloved code). For we now support reading register values as well as a new thread-safe inline ops API. The also saw a number of tweaks. More to come for 9.1 and the tree is now open ;-)

linuxiac, to random avatar
kernellogger, to random avatar

9.0.0 is out:

"'block: virtio-blk now supports multiqueue where different queues of a single disk can be processed by different I/O threads

migration: support for “mapped-ram” capability allowing for more efficient VM snapshots, improved support for zero-page detection, and checkpoint-restart support for VFIO

ARM: architectural feature support for ECV, NV, and NV2

ARM: board support for […] raspi4b (Raspberry Pi 4 Model B)"'

governa, to random avatar

9.0 Released WIth True Multi-Queue Support For VirtIO Block Driver

9to5linux, to RaspberryPi avatar
dduque, to manjaro avatar
danie10, avatar

@dduque what made my blindingly fast (for a Windows VM) was to set aside a partition formatted to NTFS, instead of using the default virtual file on the host OS (also Linux).

nekohayo, to linux avatar

Not holding my breath there, but in case performance profiling data can provide new insights to allow optimizing / / Spice guest tools / graphics to provide faster Windows on without VirtualBox, here is a fresh bug report on window dragging performance specifically:

Also profiled the suspicious constant CPU usage while idle:

eugenialoli, to macos avatar

My main laptop is a Air running , but interestingly, I don't really use the . I use it as if it's a instead. I only launch with it (and to run ). Every time I HAVE to use the OS at length, e.g. to do something with Finder, it's an exercise in frustration.

What I enjoy very much is the interaction of the hardware with the input UI software (e.g. how the touchpad feels and behaves in conjunction to ). Not the rest of the system.

begasus, to random avatar

Fixed an issue reported by one of our users, seemed "file_data" package couldn't be installed, upon checking it seemed the checksum didn't match, a revision bump solved the issue, trick used, update Haiku sources, create an anyboot.image and boot this in on . :)


schenklklopfer, to random German avatar

Wie schlimm ist es eigentlich auf mit zu emulieren?

Frage für ein Windows in einem Container auf einem ARM vServer in der ?

governa, to random avatar
_leonov420, to random avatar
kernellogger, to linux avatar

live migration technical deep dive –

Eugenio Pérez Martín writes:

"'"[…] This article explores the live migration steps performs and how it tracks the information it needs to make the process transparent. It explains how QEMU coordinates with vhost-kernel […]. I will also explain how the guest can switch device properties, such as MAC address or number of active queues, and resume the workload seamlessly in the destination."'"

publicvoit, to NixOS avatar

How am I able to setup a new Win10-VM in ?

aqemu which I was using for years is broken in NixOS since at least one major release. It doesn't even install when I allow broken packages for a nix-shell.

qt5-virt-manager doesn't seem to have a VM setup wizard.

is not able to find the installed qemu-img to create a new virtual disk ("Ensure that you have installed qemu-img in your system and it's available").

Any ideas what I could try?

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