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Today is World Turtle Day. I was commissioned by Turtle Survival Alliance, to revisit my ‘Turtles, all the way down’ print again, with a variety of wonderful but sadly endangered turtle species of special focus, in 2 prints: 1 for turtles from around the world, and 1 for North American species. Turtle Survival Alliance works to prevent extinctions of these amazing and varied animals worldwide, 🧵

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Please boost - Wombat State Forest 1 hr 15 mins from Melbourne is being trashed. Write to your MP

This is about
Same logging - different names

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Concern 'environmentally destructive' logging continues in Wombat State Forest despite ban

"After celebrating the end of native forest logging in Victoria, conservationists allege it continues under another name."

"What is the regulatory framework to ensure that various environmental laws and regulations are being adhered to, or are we sort of entering into a lawless logging regime, which would be very, very concerning."

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On this :
The assumption that is a mere add-on and irrelevant for modern economies, is one of the most extreme sectarian ideologies I can think of. Unfortunately, it's still dominant in academic and business circles. The real thing: Human economies are a mere sub-set of the economy of nature, which is based on biodiversity. As long as economists don't make that their starting point, it will become increasingly difficult to sustain human civilization.

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Happy International Biodiversity Day!

Most people (and evidently, AI) think that biodiversity is all above ground, where we can see it. Think again....most biodiversity is in the soil, and overwhelmingly microbial.

Pic: a set of soil saprobic fungi; we've worked on them for 10 yr

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To achieve global targets, & must prioritize the establishment & effective management of large, interconnected with high integrity - in an essay published May 21 in journal .

The authors argue that protected & areas that meet all 4 criteria—which they name 's "—will be disproportionately important for biodiversity conservation.


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A week ago I found such a symbol of biodiversity in the forest. I counted 6 species on one stump. Who will be the winner? 🙂
#BioDiversity #BioDiversityDay #Photography #Forest #Tree #Bioroznorodnosc #Fotografia #Las #Drzewo #MarekJedra

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Logging hasn’t truly stopped in Victoria

"Whether for fuel breaks, salvage logging, or private land logging, native forest logging hasn’t stopped in Victoria. It will continue for many years, and the logs cut from these operations will be sold commercially."

"Much of this logging is not be fully regulated, as the Office of the Conservation Regulator is in the same department as the one conducting fuel break and salvage logging. It is difficult for a government department to regulate itself. This regulator also has no power over logging on private land."
Projects makers

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More than 8,000 hectares of land will be left to to help boost .

The new management project by will be carried out in 4 areas, including in & in .

The will include a number of activities, such as the possible of lost wildlife like butterflies, rare & beavers & the moving of to restore .


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interested in preserving & ensuring the survival of species will have an opportunity to actively participate in later this year.

The will be launching a first-of-its-kind engagement with community groups through requests for proposals as part of a broader Wilder to save imperiled species globally, announced on May 15.


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Some good news.

An insect glue, produced from edible oils, inspired by plants such as sundews that use the strategy to capture their prey, has been produced in a new trial. A key advantage is that pests are highly unlikely to evolve resistance, as this would require them to develop much larger and stronger bodies, while bigger beneficial insects, like bees, are not trapped by the drops.

#Environment #Pesticides #Farming #Biodiversity #Agriculture


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Awwwwwww... 💜


Pedal-electric Hopper may be the German "car" you didn't know you wanted.
The rider's pedaling power is augmented by a 250-watt rear hub motor, taking the Hopper up to a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph). The motor is powered by a removable 30-Ah/48V/1,440-Wh lithium-iron-phosphate battery, which is claimed to be good for a range of approximately 65 km (40 miles) per charge. An optional rooftop solar panel should help boost that figure.
In order to minimise maintenance and mechanical complexity, the Hopper utilises an electronic pedal-by-wire system instead of a traditional chain-drive drivetrain.
Such systems work by having the rider spin up a generator as they pedal. Doing so converts their mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is fed into the motor. That motor converts the electrical energy back into mechanical energy, which is used to turn the wheel.

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