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Cell biologist and biochemist Leonard Rome’s lab discovered an odd, abundant component of cells in the 1980s — and he’s still trying to figure out what it does. Could solving the cell’s biggest mystery help cancer patients someday? has more.
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A sad day - #MichaelMosley has been found dead after going missing four days ago on the #Greek island of #Symi.

For all that, though his life was short, it was never dull:

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In the Clarion-Clipperton Zone of the Pacific Ocean between Mexico and Hawaii, marine scientists have discovered animals humanity has never seen before: creatures who live very different lives, in the permanent darkness of the abyssopelagic., Science Alert reports:

#Ocean #Newspecies #Sealife #Biology

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Fragments of mitochondrial DNA in sperm that are carried into the egg during fertilization are evidently the epigenetic mechanism by which fathers' health affects their childrens' health--specifically, the propensity for obesity and diabetes later in life.

#Science #Biology #Health #Epigenetics #Obesity #Diabetes #Diet

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The Catalyst: RNA and the Quest to Unlock Life’s Deepest Secrets by Thomas R. Cech, 2024

How did life begin? What makes us human? Why do we get sick and grow old? In The Catalyst, Cech finally brings together years of research to demonstrate that RNA is the true key to understanding life on Earth, from its very origins to our future in the twenty-first century.


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Well, at least these probably didn't float around and land on you.

This Arachnid in Illinois Had Armored Spikes on Its 8 Legs - The new species is too strange to be assigned a category, by Olivia Young May 30, 2024

"...“This is the big question,” says Jason Dunlop, co-author of the study. “The new fossil resembles some (but not all) living harvestmen”—aka daddy longlegs—“with spiny legs, and has some vague similarities to mites,” although he says its body is much bigger. The segmentation pattern and slight constriction between the head area and abdomen suggest that it may belong in a group with whip spiders and whip scorpions, “but unfortunately we can’t see the mouthparts, which would help us to confirm this hypothesis.”

So, maybe giant biting mites, possibly poisonous (ala daddy longlegs). Sounds fun [not].

#Spiders #Arachnids #Archaeology #fossil #Science #Biology #Etymology

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We’re hiring @ Mossy Earth! We’re looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated Project Officer to help us continue to develop and manage our Cromarty Seascape project in Scotland! 🌊 🐚 Could this be you?

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Drug that ‘melts away’ tumours could replace surgery for bowel cancer, say doctors
All patients in pembrolizumab trial were found to be cancer-free after combination of drug and surgery

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World's oldest skin fossil found so far -- a sample from 286-289 million years ago, before the earliest dinosaurs by at least 40 million years but incredibly similar to modern crocodiles

#history #fossils #science #paleontology #biology #evolution

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27 h very well spent in - gave a seminar talk at the department of , discussed and data until brains were fried and got a wonderful city tour the next morning. Good people, good food, good spirit. Went home feeling so grateful, appreciated and inspired 😇🥰

Also leaving this here for the next time I don't feel so good about this whole science thing 🫠 feeling a sense of community within the work we do might really make the difference ✊️

A screen announcing the Ecogical Colloquium at Köln University by Dr. Christian Guill & Louica Philipp

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Spent some time hanging out with some blue at the lake before coming back home 😊

Damselflies have existed since the Late period & found on every continent except Antarctica. Presence of damselflies & the larger dragonflies, indicates a healthy .

Several blue damselflies, perched on & flying around water lily leaves.

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BIOLOGY. The geometry and make-up of surface layers on (prokaryotic) cells. Interesting to think of the natural geometric patterning of proteins as layered system boundaries that are necessary for life.

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The Bartgeier, also known as the Bearded Vulture or Lammergeier, is found in the Alps and other mountain ranges of southern Europe. It has an incredible 3m/9.8ft wingspan or 1.4 LeBron James. Photo taken at Alpenzoo in Innsbruck, Austria. Alpenzoo continues to house and breed Bartgeiers as part of an ongoing conservation effort.

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