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Beset by criticism over its environmental and social impacts, the controversial project of building Indonesia’s new capital city in the Bornean jungle has finally come out with guidelines for biodiversity management.

The country’s president has hailed the Nusantara project as a “green forest city,” but just 16% of its total area is currently intact rainforest.

By Hans Nicholas Jong

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The U.S. just changed how it manages a tenth of its land

For decades, the federal government has prioritized oil and gas drilling, hardrock mining and livestock grazing on public lands across the country.

That could soon change under a far-reaching Interior Department rule that puts , and development on equal footing with resource extraction.
The final rule released Thursday represents a seismic shift in the management of roughly 245 million acres of public property
— about one-tenth of the nation’s land mass.

It is expected to draw praise from conservationists and legal challenges from fossil fuel industry groups and Republican officials,
some of whom have lambasted the move as a “land grab.”
Interior’s Bureau of Land Management, known as the nation’s largest landlord, has long offered leases to and gas companies, firms and .

Now, for the first time, the nearly 80-year-old agency will auction off “ leases” and “ leases” to entities with plans to restore or conserve public lands.

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"If large sections of the Big Bend border were to be lit as they are elsewhere the impact would be immense. It could effectively end the Greater Big Big International Dark Sky Reserve and the binational effort."

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A beautiful way the #SpecialNeeds Community can celebrate #EarthDay. Here is a submission to #FlipboardEarthday by @foodnservice. #Flipboard, #Environment, #sustainable #conservation #healthyeating

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You can help the planet in your backyard. Gardening is the way to go. Here’s a #flipboardearthday submission by @Leah_ingram #earthday #environment #sustainable #conservation #healthyeating #gardening

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Let’s start with saving the planet with the beautiful #African fauna. Here’s a #flipboardearthday submission by @ExploreAfrica #earthday #environment #sustainable #conservation #healthyeating #recioes

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We need to think positively about our planet. Here’s a #flipboardearthday submission by @goodgoodgoodco #earthday #environment #sustainable #conservation #healthyeating #recioes

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. You can do your part to save the earth very easily with sustainable cooking. Here’s a #flipboardearthday submission by @binkiscuisinec #earthday #environment #sustainable #conservation #healthyeating #recioes

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Sustainable food eating does not have to be boring! Not with all those beautiful colors and flavors that nature provides. Here’s a #flipboardearthday submission by @shilpakerur #earthday #environment #sustainable #conservation #healthyeating


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American Farmland Trust
Farmland Protection Stories

The Lor family was able to buy their farm in Minnesota with help from American Farmland Trust which bought the land from a retired goat farmer and protected it with an agricultural conservation easement.

No Farms
No Food®
No Future

Without farmland and ranchland, we can't win the global fight against climate change. Our food, our water, our environment, our survival—it all depends on American agricultural land.

Learn More, or donate:

#Conservation #Farm #Farmland #Agriculture

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Mongabay is thrilled to announce the expansion of its editorial team and is currently seeking a Wire Reporter.

The Wire Reporter will produce at least three short, non-technical articles daily about conservation and environmental issues in English.

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Decades-old Cans of Salmon Reveal Changes in Ocean Health

Researchers used tinned fish to reconstruct parasitic population change, giving new meaning to the phrase “opening a can of worms”

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Journalist Dahr Jamail joins the Mongabay Newscast to discuss the history and present context of resource wars, which he says are putting pressure on the planet’s ecological limits.

Noted for his work as an unembedded journalist during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, Jamail says resource-based motives are behind many if not most conflicts today.

by Mike DiGirolamo, Rachel Donald

#News #Environment #Conservation #Podcast

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Four In Five Bird Species Cannot Tolerate Intense Human Pressures, out of Aarhus University, published by Global Ecology and Biogeography

by @GrrlScientist

#birds🦉 #ornithology🪶 #biodiversity #conservation🌍 #habitat

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Scientists say that coral reefs are currently undergoing a global bleaching event, with more than 54% of the world’s coral reef areas in the territorial waters of over 50 countries experiencing heat stress. According to one scientist, the percentage of areas dealing with bleaching-level heat stress “has been increasing by roughly 1% per week.”

by Elizabeth Claire Alberts

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In February 2024, Papua New Guinea’s parliament passed the Protected Areas Bill, first introduced two decades ago, into an act, which aims to establish a national system of protected areas to achieve the conservation target of protecting 30% of PNG’s territory by 2030.

By Spoorthy Raman

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Mongabay is excited to expand its editorial team by seeking a Staff Writer for West and Central Africa.

The Staff Writer will be primarily responsible for generating news and feature stories within the region. This role involves developing and producing articles in close collaboration with Mongabay’s editorial team to discuss story ideas and coverage plans.

#News #Environment #Conservation #JournalismJobs #Opportunities #EnvironmentalJournalism

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