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to levy against over attack on

The will impose sanctions on Iran’s missile & drone program, as well as entities supporting the Iranian regime or military, adviser Jake Sullivan announced late Tues.
Earlier in the day, Secretary Janet Yellen said additional sanctions on Iran would be forthcoming in retaliation for its attack against Israel over the weekend.

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ofcls & their are discussing potential responses to Iran, as leading Western ofcls converged on Washington for the spring meetings of the %
& . Their options are limited because is already one of the most heavily penalized countries in the world, w/ US in effect on its , & sectors.

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The #Biden admin is expected to deny permission for a mining company to build a 211-mile #industrial #road through fragile #AlaskanWilderness, handing a victory to #environmentalists in an election yr when #POTUS wants to underscore his credentials as a #climate leader & #conservationist.

#SaveRoadless #ClimateCrisis #ActOnClimate

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is intent on bolstering in the to fight . , the venture behind the proposed road, has said the copper it seeks is critical to make , photovoltaic cells & transmission lines needed for , & other . But is also determined to environmentally sensitive lands, & has been expanding the footprint of natl monuments…while also blocking off some from & .

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Yet another lovely day here in Spain today (Tuesday April 16th) and fully 87% of electricity on the Spanish grid today is coming from emissions-free sources (solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, etc.), up from 86% yesterday


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Norway mulls datacentre licencing in bid to kick out cryptomining

Wants to know who's doing what in its datacentres

#technews #cryptomining #norway #energy #datacenter

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Microsoft Edge search (corporate laptop) now automatically making queries to their AI. I wonder how much more energy that default setting is consuming now... #AI #energy

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Fool's gold could actually be worth money now. Here's why

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How much engery/effort is needed to generate any lies and how much enery/effort is needed to reject/disprove them.
#lies #energy #trump #donaldtrump #refutation #disprove

The world explained by diagrams.
#world #diagrams #worlddiagram #humor #DiagramOfTruth #DiagramDerWahrheit #TortenDerWahrheit

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Something is odd nowadays.

Every government and company seems to go pro-environment, yet with all this wasteful stuff we seem to be going into the opppsite direction.

Can anybody explain me why?!

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'An energy war is being waged': former oil boss warns of price rises after Ukraine infrastructure attacks

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Stole this off of Lemmy - totally gonna print it out and put it in my office. 😎

#fuelcells #hydrogen #energy #nasa #engineering

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For those of you who (rightly) think that a key element in the world's response to climate change would be the retiring of coal-fired energy capacity & the halt to new building of plant will be concerned by the current record on both.

While we fret (rightly) about oil & gas, we shouldn't forget that coal continues to be a major problem.

Once again our political leaders are making pious pronouncements, but doing too little for a green transition!

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How new tech is making geothermal energy a more versatile power source

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4 Best Smart Thermostats for a More Efficient Home

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How can we ensure energy data from KEcoLab are stable?

@sthak9 has some ideas.

"Ensuring KEcoLab Stability: Introducing Dedicated CI-Test"

is a KDE tool for measuring software's consumption, but it needs robust testing to ensure stable functionality after code changes. Sarthak presents his work in Season of 2024 implementing dedicated test builds with test scripts.


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Strikes against Russian energy infrastructure could disrupt supplies, raising the stakes for U.S. President Biden as he heads into the election. #commentary #worldnews #russia #ukraine #russiaukrainewar #oil #energy #globaleconomy

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"The goal of [the] Wilks and those that share their ideology is to gain control of levers of power and control information," Texas-based campaign finance analyst Chris Tackett told the outlet. "That's why they invest heavily into politicians, agenda-driven nonprofits and media organizations like PragerU and the Daily Wire. It is all connected."

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Sum 41's 'energy and attitude' inspires new bands

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▶ Markets Vs Green Energy; Israel's Attacks On Lebanon w/ Brett Christophers, Ronnie Chatah | MR Live

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In even better news today Thursday April 11th, I'm delighted to report that 88% of electricity on the Spanish grid is coming from emissions-free sources (solar, wind, nuclear, hydro, etc.) up 1% from yesterday's 87%


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▶ Crowder Is SO Low Energy Lately...

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