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Are electric cars better for the environment than fuel-powered cars? Here's the verdict - ABC News
(At least for the Australian power market)
I’d also like to see these types of charts include battery replacement. And this doesn’t address the increasing issue of carbon use due to city structure caused by the reliance on cars as opposed to building and zoning for local & mass transit.


msquebanh, to britishcolumbia
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is lending $75 million to 's service to help buy four vessels & install electric charging infrastructure.

A statement from the federal says it has closed a deal with Services as the company expands the of its fleet.

It says terminal upgrades are to be completed by 2027 and the battery electric ferries will be used on small-volume & shorter routes.


stshank, to TeslaMotors
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"Instead of competing, [Western automakers would] rather just shut out competition entirely. The concerns about cybersecurity don’t address the elephant in the room here: Your product sucks, compared to what China is putting out now." https://insideevs.com/features/719015/china-is-ahead-of-west/

Casey, to Energy
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bluegreenandfree, to random

Today is a big day... getting my gas range replaced with induction. Chuffed, as they say.

Used to live in a place with one, then had to switch to gas, and let me tell you, it's real hard to go back to anything else after induction, but especially gas.

stshank, to Health
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Because methane is a potent greenhouse gas, the climate is a good reason to replace your gas stove with an induction cooktop. But health risks could be even more motivating. Pollution reaches bedrooms. Asthma and death rates rise. And I bet you don't use your fume hood much.


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    This is why the #BaseloadParadigm is dead. The #NewGrid is #BESS - #LDES with #RenewableEnergy feeding it. #Nuclear & #Hydro are obsolete and no longer needed. It's time to retire all of them. #Decarbonization #Electrification #ECOEthics. @unnameduser

    alanrycroft, to TeslaMotors
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    Almost 600 EV chargers coming to Greater Victoria after joint investment

    Four orders of government combine on $8.7M in charging port funding

    >> and that’s just in one small city. Don’t fall for oil and gas lies about range “anxiety” they just want you to burn gas


    25kV, to random
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    Great to see this month's Modern Railways going in hard on ... reporting on the important RIA strategic electrification and rolling stock report. Get it here https://www.riagb.org.uk/ALCHPNZRW24

    Magazine article titled "RIA Reveals Decarbonisation Roadmap"

    ai6yr, to autos
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    curt_nordgaard, to TeslaMotors
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    So, electrification of road transport is proceeding despite all the headlines.

    Just like this winter when a lot of news outlets tried telling me that my EV wasn’t working well in Minnesota (contrary to my experience for the past two winters).


    EndemicEarthling, to China
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    Electric vehicles are making an increasingly bigger dent in oil use, both globally and in Australia. In 2022, they displaced the use of 1.5m barrels of oil a day. Daily global oil demand is around 97m barrels, so there's a long way to go.

    But it is not electric cars doing most of the work. It is e-bikes and mopeds. These devices are ten times as common as electric cars globally (led by widespread adoption in ), and twice as popular as e-cars in Australia. In 2022, electric micromobility devices globally displaced more than four times as much oil as electric cars.

    If you've never tried one, consider giving it a go. Most bike shops will give you a free test ride. Personally, getting an has been one of the best decisions I've made in the last few years and has been one important way of maintaining our household record of never having owned a car.


    See also:
    This illuminating video from Simon Clarke, titled "How bad are e-bikes for the environment?"

    25kV, to random
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    Big day tomorrow

    cracks knuckles, touches toes, does other metaphors for getting ready for a big day


    @25kV Hopefully someone in the next UK administration will actually do something with the proposals. They can’t say they haven’t been given any guidance!

    helenczerski, to climate

    The Fully Charged/Everything Electric team really is one big family, and I love these photos. The London show was our 14th (inc all international shows) and every one is so exciting - so many new ideas/techs for cleaner energy and transport, and they’re already the present, not just the future. Onwards and upwards!

    helenczerski, to climate

    Amazing opportunity for students (& other young people) here - Everything Electric LONDON tickets are FREE for under-25s:

    "Young adults (16-25) will get free admission to the show. Tickets can only be bought at the show when proof of age is provided."

    If you know young people who are interested in working in or studying a clean future for energy and transport, this is for them. Please do pass the word on!


    mars1024, to TeslaMotors
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    Transformers are a necessary piece of the energy puzzle. Now, there's a shortage for them. ⚠️

    Electricity is transported at high voltages. 🔴 Homes need low voltage. 🟢

    Transformers convert: 🔴 HIGH ↔️ LOW 🟢


    gwagner, to climate

    Thank you, @kathhayhoe for letting me guest-edit your newsletter today to talk coffee, climate & electrification.


    Not-so-good news
    What you can do

    25kV, (edited ) to random
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    pop quiz: somewhere in South London there is a section of rigid bar overhead electrification in amongst all of the third rail. (Trams don't count)

    Where is it?

    itnewsbot, to science

    You Got Fusion in My Coal Plant! - While coal was predominant in the past for energy generation, plants are shutting ... - https://hackaday.com/2024/02/24/you-got-fusion-in-my-coal-plant/

    25kV, (edited ) to random
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    Absolutely fantastic report here on the reasons why we should on rail. Worth it for the list of citations alone - I'll be using some of these in future! https://www.etany.org/rail-electrification

    PIK_climate, to Hydrogen
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    or ? Both have distinct roles in the European energy transition, shows new PIK study. Scientists find that shares of 42-60% for electricity & 9-26% for hydrogen-based energy are required in total energy consumption by 2050.

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    CelloMomOnCars, to india
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    As of January 2024, 's network is 94% electric.

    "Indian Railways has become the country’s largest consumer of electricity, and the impact of this shift towards on the country’s is significant."


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    ai6yr, to cooking
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    One week induction stove assessment:

    1. Absolutely stellar performance for my use cases, which are
      A. hash browns
      B. boiling water
      C. eggs

    2. Biggest issue:
      A. cookware compatibility

    3. Biggest benefit (aside from energy/no gas burning emissions):
      A. extremely controllable temperature

    Note: Getting other folks to try the induction stove did not go well; I am a technology early adopter and willing to experiment, no one else here is. They are comfortable with using what they have used, even if there are issues (lousy burner design here, for one).

    End result: Likely will switch at home, might have an interim step with a portable cooktop.

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    @ai6yr I am very happy with our induction range. One benefit I would add that was part of our decision: if you have very young children who might go around curiously turning knobs, buttons, etc. the induction is far safer since there isn't a risk of gas emitting, an open flame, or any electric burners getting hot.

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