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"I want Skyrim"
"We have Skyrim at home!"

Skyrim at home:


(Seriously tho, this was one of my absolut favorite movies, and books, when I was a kid: Ronja Rövardotter by )

TheLastOfHisName, to ADHD
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This is my Sharkey 🙃

You can call me Dane.

I started out on the fediverse arooooound...I wanna say 2017/18 mebbe? My big start in social media was MySpace. Before that, I had a LiveJournal (which I miss mightily with all my heart). My very first computer was a Gateway PC, back when they shipped them to you in those awesome cow spot pattern boxes. I am trying to de-google my life.

I'm and suffer from . I'm currently unmedicated. I can be damned moody at times, so there's your warning.

Religiously/spiritually speaking, I'm complicated. That will be a long post, when I get around to writing it. My general rule is: I have my thing. It's not everybody's thing, and that's cool. Not everybody's thing is my thing, and that's cool. Just don't be a wanker towards those whose thing ain't your thing. OM 🕉

I'm 57 years old and have come to the conclusion that we never truly appreciate the decades we grew up in until we hit middle age.

I'm single and childless, hence my user tag: TheLastOfHisName.

And now, a hefty list of hashtags....

Nazi punks fuckoff.
to POC, LGBTQIA, and humanity in general.

A song to represent where I'm coming from:

Natanox, to Skyrim
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I could've probably had the whole series of "The Real Barenziah" about 100 times now, but this one seems to be unobtainium. Where the heck do I find the other parts of this masterpiece? 🥴

Natanox, to Skyrim
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Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit

o76923, to Skyrim
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Rakuro from loves playing buggy games because he enjoys exploiting their janky mechanics in a full dive VRMMO.

I wonder how old he was when he first played .

Uraael, to music

Feeling the need to de-stress today. Body has soaked up a fair bit of tension.

The Skyrim soundtrack is a good start. ​:blobfoxheadphones:​


#Music #Musoc #Skyrim #DeStress

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In which Kendeshel defends a mad mage in the sewers beneath Solitude; also fights off two different dragons in the city; marries Rulnik Wind-Strider in Riften, and settles her family at Proudspire Manor; helps the East Empire Company reclaim Japhet's Folly; and acquires the Arms of Chaos to display with the relics in her museum.


juergen_hubert, to Skyrim
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Once again, I've installed on a new desktop PC with a new graphics card (GeForce 4060 Ti).

Thus, I am wondering: What kinds of mods are Kids These Days using for this game?

Beyond the obvious, I mean (i.e. SKSE and the Unofficial Patch). Here's some guidelines for what I am looking for:

  • Since I how have a high-end graphics card, anything that will make the game look more visually impressive is interesting.

  • Overhauls which provide interesting gameplay changes (to keep gameplay exciting)

  • New quests, enemies and so forth are interesting, but they should not be too divergent from lore (i.e. no xenomorphs and so forth).

Any suggestions?

guerda, to steam
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I have an old PC and would like to try with . runs perfectly under Windows 10, under Fedora it crashes me "invalid adapter" directly at startup.
Happens with proton 8 and experimental.

What would be first steps to debug this?

Miro_Collas, to music
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Skyrim Dragonborn - Cover (100k Subscriber Special) - YouTube

#Music #ColmMcGuinness #Skyrim

annathepiper, to Skyrim
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In which the Dragonborns raid the Thalmor embassy, with very messy results, but get the information they rampaged in there for; and in which they rescue Esbern from the Ratway in Riften, and escort him back to Riverwood to rendezvous with Delphine.

Long overdue Skyrim Together post from early December.


darth, to Skyrim
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jvseem, to Skyrim
CorentinLamy, to tes French
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Ce soir le Projet French Daggerfall, qui a pour ambition de traduire intégralement la version vanilla de , est officiellement arrêté. Lancé en février 2000 il traduit 98% du jeu d'origine, et vu la manière dont celui-ci est codé, on ne fera jamais mieux. Merci à Aggelon, Ferital, Ancestral Ghost, Daneel53 et les autres qui ont porté le projet toutes ces années !

Par ailleurs, son successeur, le PFDU pour , est lui bel et bien complété à 100%.

@CorentinLamy@mastodon.social avatar

Moi-même associé au projet en pointillé les dix premières années (je dois être responsable de 3 ou 4% de la traduction du jeu, mais de 50% des débats débiles pour savoir comment il fallait traduire "ebony" ou "") je suis un peu touché de voir cette aventure, qui aura occupé un petit coin de mon esprit pendant près d'un quart de siècle, toucher à sa fin.

darth, to Starfield
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:icon_ps: might come to .
Microsoft is becoming the good guy. Interesting.

BlackAzizAnansi, to random
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So how many of y'all are gamers? What do you use to game and what are you currently gaming on?

@Wraithe@mastodon.social avatar

@BlackAzizAnansi Yep, my main gaming rig is a 2012 Mac Pro (the giant cheesegrater model) running Windows that’s been hotrodded a bit (upgraded 3D card) and will play almost anything still. “Starfield” finally got me 😂, been mostly playing older games lately, #Skyrim, #Cyberpunk2077, and my “solitaire” #WorldOfWarships
I love #Valheim and I picked up a Steam Deck so my daughter and I could play together. (She’s big into her Switch and we play #OverCooked together a bit)

skywind, to Morrowind
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We're live in 10 minutes! Join us for a 2-hour Skywind team stream, carving a fresh path across Vvardenfell, answering your questions, and of course, raising money for Make-a-Wish as part of the Community Creations Con.


#skywind #morrowind #skyrim #elderscrolls #tes #mods #modding #gaming #indiedev #gamedev

dimillian, to Skyrim
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In the end I’m back to to

Dennis5891, to Skyrim
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I am also making a genuine effort to not loot everything in every dungeon, in this play though. Not as easy as you think, let me tell you.

skywind, to PCGaming
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We'll be streaming as a part of #C3 on Saturday, but our donations page for Make-a-Wish is already open. As you help us reach donation goals, you'll also unlock game locations we normally don't show the public... including one we said we'd never share! 👀

#skywind #elderscrolls #charity #makeawish #morrowind #skyrim #livestream

skywind, to PCGaming
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It's pretty neat that if you play as a Dark Elf, in the intro one of the executioner dudes assures you that your remains will be shipped back to Morrowind.

Little touches like that both make the world feel much more alive (Dunmer are all about their ancestors) as well as making your character feel unique and seen

It was always a little odd in Morrowind everyone treats you like shit at the start if you're Dunmer, but technically Morrowind hates outsiders, not non-Dunmer.

OverlordTomala, to animation
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I took audio from one of my old Skyrim livestreams and animated it into a conversation around a campfire with friends. 😎

annathepiper, to Skyrim
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In which Finds-The-Way learns how to find an Elder Scroll from a mad mage; slays a wave of frenzied mudcrabs in Dawnstar; is kidnapped by the Dark Brotherhood, and then invited to join them; recovers a lost clan sword from Silverdrift Lair; slays a treacherous Argonian in Ironbind Barrow; and takes out the Summerset Shadows to win access for the Thieves Guild in Windhelm.

This is more of my German playthrough of Skyrim, from mid-December. (I'm behind on my posts again!)


jvseem, to Skyrim
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