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2024 gaming backlog no.12 - Street Fighter (Arcade)

The true beginning of fighting games as a genre, but not one you should ever play. Insane difficulty and impossible special moves make for a miserable grinding experience.

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...most were designed for affordability and few were able to deliver the responsiveness or feel of a genuine arcade setup. 🕹️

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Capcom Town añade a Super Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Destiny of an Emperor, Magic Sword y 2010 Street Fighter como títulos jugables

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I lost myself. It's a long story. My life and my brain chemistry stopped cooperating.

But i finally found myself out there.

Now begins the long, scary walk to come home.

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Today I'm dropping my third (~1 min). It's about a game I'm sure everyone here played at least once in a lifetime. 🤼‍♂️

What are your thoughts on Street Fighter 2 on Game Boy? 🤔

Is it a good port considering the Game Boy's hardware? 👌

Or do you know even worse ports? 👎

RetroClip #1 about Sonic on Genesis:

RetroClip #2 about DKC2 on SNES:

Street Fighter II originally was released for arcades in 1991 and has been ported to numerous consoles and platforms. But did you know that even the Game Boy Classic got his own version of the most influential fighting game ever made?The Game Boy port was released in 1995 and had to be reduced in complexity due to the limited capabilities of the handheld. From the characters side Dhalsim, E. Honda, Vega and their home stages didn't make it into the game. Because the Game Boy only had two buttons, the strength of punches and kicks has to be determined by the duration of button presses and many of the character moves had to be simplified or completely removed. The game runs at less than ten frames per second and in the stages there are no moving background elements or destructible objects. But there are also positive aspects about the Game Boy version. The game offers large, recognizable character sprites and three different game modes. When playing the game on the Super Game Boy, the health bars can be colored and there are unique borders that follow the stage that you're fighting on. By Game Boy standards the game can be seen as an excellent conversion. But the numerous downgrades only made it a bad fallback option for those not having access to a home console or computer.

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NEW EPISODE! in this Patreon-sponsored debate we discuss the Best Nintendo Villain! Which of the 16 bad guys will we deem the worst? Listen now on your podcast platform of choice or click the link in bio.


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Prácticamente todos los Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, los de pelea de Mega Man, Final Fight, 1943, Captain Commando, y más.

70 títulos de Capcom en este paquete 😱🕹️

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For at least $20 you can buy this huge Capcom bundle of 70+ fighter games and arcade classics and support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

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I won a yellow VHS copy of the Pokémon: The First Movie on a stream givy last night, along with getting a CIB copy of GTA for the PS1, II for the , and a fuchsia pink for a really good price with a free Power Rangers cart last night! It's a really fun combo of eBay and Twitch.

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Street Fighter II got so many ports back in the days. This capture is from my Street Fighter II: Champion Edition for Genesis/Mega Drive. 🥊

What was your first contact with the title and on which platform? :sidekiq:

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I finally found video confirmation that this is indeed possible!
This is , specifically the first Shadaloo stage. It IS possible to defeat Balrog before reaching the point where he falls into a pit.
I remember doing this ONCE myself but despite many subsequent attempts I failed to reproduce it. I didn't do it without taking damage, but I did empty his health bar. And I was starting to doubt my own memory. But, no, this is possible, and this video proves it -- while taking no damage, even.

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Sharing another bad ass lady tonight

Capcom's research stated that Cammy's inclusion in Super Street Fighter II stemmed from feeling that the game needed another female character besides Chun-Li

Cammy from Street Fighter ❤️

'Tis Doodle O'Clock ~☆

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Another one from the popular doodles

The first female fighter in the series, she is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who relentlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father

Chun-Li from Street Fighter ❤️

'Tis Doodle O'Clock ~☆

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Why did Nikola Tesla mess up Street Fighter 2 for European gamers?

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We've all got one of these, right?

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Tekken 8’s “colorblind” mode is causing migraines, vertigo, and debate - Enlarge / It looks wild and different, like something nobody has tried ... - #streetfighter6 #accessibility #fightinggames #streetfighter #tekken8 #gaming #tekken

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Working on an Aspect Ratio Preview app to help me see sprites correctly as they would appear on TV from a retro console.

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El Street Fighter II hay que jugarlo donde sea, da igual que consola elijas pero juegalo! 😍

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starting in Lyon. Biggest third strike tourney in Europe by far, with players from all over the globe (including Yomoda, Taihei and Kuni from Japan).

It's going to be a blast.


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