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Experts are calling the re-emergence of , a sexually transmitted disease, an epidemic. It can be devastating if untreated, but is easily curable in early stages. Here's how to understand your risk—and whether you might already be infected and not know it—and protect yourself.

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Just a reminder that, following the Royal Society event in Jan, my article 'Mendel's Closet: Genetics, Eugenics and the Exceptions of Sex in Edwardian Britain' has been made freely available until the end of Feb/LGBTQ+ History Month.

Download away while you can! 🧬🏳️‍🌈🐦

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looking for something to watch this weekend? "Trans People & Biological Sex: What the Science Says" started as a talk I've given at colleges & conferences, now updated & free for YouTube! addresses virtually all trans-skeptical talking points, as well as intra-community debates about "born this way" & "true trans":

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"Cross dressing" isn't cross dressing at all.

Its just wearing clothes.

If someone wants to make up entirely artificial rules about what can and can;t be worn by certain people that's their prejudice, no one else's.

Moreover, so-called "cross dressing" says nothing about sexuality. "Cross dressers" can be gay, straight, queer, anything - even asexual. There's no direct correlation.

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hey, if you're still on the bad place, I just did a thread of excerpts from my new essay, "Why Are “Gender Critical” Activists So Fond of Gametes?":

or if you wanna avoid the bad place, you can just read the essay directly on Medium:
#trans #transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #science #biology #sex #feminism

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if you're tired of anti-trans activists who don't care nor know anything about biology wielding "biological sex" & "sex not gender" against us, this video addresses all their specious talking points. biology is far more complex than their cheap slogans...

juliaserano, avatar a companion essay, "Why Are 'Gender Critical' Activists So Fond of Gametes?" I specifically address how gametes also show natural variation & how GC claims re: "what the science says" about gametes is heavily distorted... (no-paywall, please share!)

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...a ton of research, writing, editing when into both the video & essay – if you appreciate that I make work like this free & accessible online, please consider supporting me on Patreon:

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'all nature is perverse & will not do as I wish it'

  • Charles Darwin to William Darwin Fox, 7 May 1855

Poor ol' Chas.

It's Darwin Day! 🌱🌈🐵

My 2021 article 'Darwin's Closet: The Queer Sides of The Descent of Man (1871)' has been viewed over 33K times! Please keep sharing:

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Does Technology Rule Our Sex and Dating Lives? - Our erotic and romantic lives have become ever more tangled with machines. - (computers)

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New paper explains why females are prone to autoimmune diseases - Enlarge (credit: Rost-9D)

Eighty percent of patients with aut... -

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Warst Du oder möchtest Du jemals in Deinem Leben in einen Swingerclub?


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can often seem very sexless; there should be more driven by strange & confusing urges, more blood and bodily fluids, more earth & natural wonder, more overwhelming feelings of oblivion & the sublime, more decadence - and I don’t just mean some beats with a women’s orgasmic sighs over the top (there should be LESS of that…)

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"Facebook is a company that was founded to nonconsensually rate the fuckability of Harvard undergrads, and it only got worse after that."

—Cory Doctorow @pluralistic

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@dusnm @GhostOnTheHalfShell @HeliaXyana @Mushroot

Here's why it's a mistake to think that the sex trade's adoption of technology is due to technophilia:

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Today I'm writing about how sex selection emerged as one of the leading promises of 20th-c. biologists/eugenicists as they got to grips with sexological genetics. 😬

Ad for The Science of Life (by Julian Huxley, G. P. Wells, & H. G. Wells) in Popular Science Monthly (March 1931).

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Water is a molecule with two hydrogens and an oxygen. Sometimes, instead of hydrogen it has deuterium, which has an extra neutron. This is heavy water.

It’s a kind of water because, while rare, it naturally occurs and when it’s in the mix it all acts, looks, and reacts just like “normal” water. We didn’t know what we called water was mostly “light water.” We learned there’s more than one kind, and that’s neat.

Heavy water is water.

This is a post about people.

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Gynandromorph bordered white moth from Charles Barrett's Lepidoptera of the British Isles (1901). 🦋

At 11am (GMT) next Wednesday (31 Jan) I will be discussing my article 'Mendel's Closet' as part of the Royal Society history of science seminar series. 🏳️‍🌈 🧬


The article is currently free to read:

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The QAnon Anonymous crew have a new side project for patrons called "Perverts," which is all about sexual subcultures on the internet. They poke some fun but also shed some light, and it's done from a 'hey we're all a bunch of fucking pervs too' perspective.

Plus, Trickle Down podcast is back with a couple of fascinating episodes about how Gatorade hijacked the science of hydration. I always feel like I get my money's worth from this .

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" Pushes Bill to Make With First Cousin Not Incest...

"...The amendment would also reduce the designation of incest by contact to a Class D for some cases...

"....[House Bill 269 sponsor Nick] Wilson, then a 27-year-old public defender, first shot to prominence when he won the 37th season of the reality TV show in 2018..."

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