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RickiTarr, to random avatar

Oh Honey...


@RickiTarr I mean, it did work for some decades... if the DDR is the model for the republicans.. well.. then.. yeah, sure.

Bossito, to Eurovision

First tears being dropped 😭 vice president of the club in is sharing his emotions with this return.


@Catarina it's 50% considering the Cape Verdian descent candidate and a duo that's 50% PT 😅


Bossito, to Portugal

Um estudo publicado na revista Conservation Science and Practice revela que vários grupos da sociedade consideram, no geral, positivo um eventual regresso do -pardo (Ursus arctos) a . 🐻🇵🇹

netopia, to random avatar


Please also follow us on Twitter



@netopia funny to see a Mastodon account asking for followers on Twitter.. times have changed I guess 😅

luckytran, to random avatar

Almost one million people (combined) marched for a ceasefire today in London and Washington DC. Wow.

Washington DC march


@Robert_Vinson jews are not involved, so no one cares.. @luckytran


@Robert_Vinson I have no idea why so many people think that UN resolutions are some how democratic when most of the voting members are far from being democracies.. I give very little moral value to UN resolutions.

@FreeRangePlay @luckytran

edsantos, to random Portuguese avatar

Controverso, mas penso que há pouco a ganhar no combate à abstenção. Se alguém não está minimamente interessado em política, ou não vota porque não percebe nada de política, deixem-no lá estar sossegado. Porque se pressionarem muito a ir votar e não souber bem o que quer, o mais provável é dar ouvidos a populistas e aos seus clichés sobre os politicos e que é preciso fazer uma limpeza e etc. Só se for uma pessoa que saibam que não vai nisso. De resto, deixem abster.


@edsantos além de que há o velho problema da abstenção estar sobre estimada em Portugal...

DrALJONES, to Israel avatar


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  • Bossito,

    @DrALJONES wild if true. Oh wait: "Ali Abunimah – founder of the Electronic Intifada"

    Never mind..

    Bossito, to Israel

    While thousands of Russian trolls invade the social networks demanding an ban on , Russian athletes are happily preparing themselves in their fascist imperialist state to participate on the 2024 in Paris. 🤢🤮

    iryna, to random avatar

    The most surreal aspect is that the missile strike on a maternity hospital or a residential building no longer shocks us so much; we realized long ago that russia is capable of such actions. What is truly shocking is that the world continues to permit these atrocities.



    @kkarhan the UN is pointless at this point, most countries in the world are sadly undemocratic that means that without veto powers the UN is ruled by dictators anyway.. an organization that gives seats to Iran on the human rights committee or to the Saudis on the women's rights one.. it's just absurd. It should exist as a forum but nothing more than that.



    @kkarhan but ending the veto won't solve anything, that China and Monaco have the same voting power is absurd, that the Chinese regime has a veto power is absurd.. again, it should be nothing more than a forum, currently it's an unjustifiable money drain @iryna


    @kkarhan it's an extremely inefficient organization where corruption us rife. There's no accountability for its agencies plagued by pedophilia scandals or being complicit with terrorist organizations. It depends financially on a small group of countries while accounting to no one. It's important to have a global forum to promote peace, but more than that in the current world is simply not viable.


    Bossito, to languagelearning

    There are fun languages, special languages, difficult languages and then there is , a language.

    Arabic is a special language
    Chinese is a fun language
    Portuguese is a language

    Bossito, to random

    French airport ordered to change its ‘trendy’ English name

    Language purists complained that the name Lorraine Airport infringed language laws with its use of English

    #lorraine #metz #anglicism #francophonie

    rafa_font, to Copenhagen avatar

    Where are residents happier with their quality of life, in Europe?

    In (97%), (96%), and (96%).

    And less happy?
    In , , and

    Survey conducted by IPSOS for the European Commission, from January to April 2023

    Source: TheMayor.EU


    @rafa_font and some say money can't buy happiness 🤑

    sebastientarnowski, to random

    In France...
    Do people really care?
    I asked some, tlhey didn't even notice...


    @jmaris true, these posters look like covers of school manuals.. doesn't call any attention @sebastientarnowski

    Bossito, to Belgium
    Bossito, to random Portuguese

    Super a favor do alargamento da 🇪🇺 e sobretudo contente por ver as negociações a serem abertas com a 🇺🇦 e 🇲🇩 , mas... antes de se efetivar o dito, urge uma reforma da UE.

    Com mais países o direito de veto tem que ser extremamente restrito ou viveremos em constante paralisia política. E para reformar é preciso vontade e capacidade para isso. As eleições vão ser determinantes, é vital favorecer partidos euroentusiastas e reformistas.

    Bossito, to random

    O presidente corrompe o SNS e no fim quem paga é o emigra 🤪 estava na cara que seria esta a unica consequência do abuso da família Rebelo de Sousa & amigos. FDP.

    PS: e eu até concordo que é um bocadinho absurdo não residentes terem acesso ao SNS nas mesmas condições que não residentes mas.. FDP

    mythologyandhistory, to philosophy avatar

    Did you know that a tribe adopted a ... just to abandon him later?

    The Treveri lived around modern-day .

    The Treveri started worshipping the Roman god Mithras alongside their local (& unique) god Intarabus in the 1st c.

    But curiously, by the 3rd c. the Mithraic temples had been destroyed & Intarabus had once again become the titulary .

    Mithras was passé everywhere by the late 4th c.


    @mythologyandhistory so probably he was the one true God and this abandonment explains why our planet is doomed 😔 #MithrasWasTheOne

    skaly, to Israel avatar

    And gaslighting us for everything that happened to us and abandoning us when we're at our lowest.


    @skaly it's scary to see how in Europe the anti-Israel speech became mainstream. However I don't think this is a majority feeling, as recent elections results have been showing. There's a loud crowed pro-Hamas, but that doesn't translate in elections results.

    In places like Brussels or London some people are afraid of being too vocal in favor of Israel's right to defende itself as that does put them at risk of becoming a target themselves.

    lovelylovely, to random avatar

    People that are screaming they're not voting for Biden in 2024 are advocating for this America.

    in schools



    grocery stories

    movie theater & (etc etc etc



    @lovelylovely the problem is that some of them do agree with that poster showing a David's star on fire.. they are indeed not that different from Trump and his supporters.

    seyon, to random Portuguese avatar

    O Saramago, por, vezes, chateia-me, 😅


    @seyon boa ;)

    StillIRise1963, to random avatar

    I'm from a country where racism has confused some white people to the degree that they don't know whether they should vote for arguably one of the better presidents the nation has ever had and the continuation of democracy and the human race, or the devil fucking incarnate painted orange.


    @SCampbell @StillIRise1963 anyone not totally corrupt, not totally dumb and fascist would be better.

    There are never perfect candidates, voting is not an endorsement of every single policy of one candidate, it's really childish to act like "I can only vote for a perfect match with all my ideals and ideas, if on this one very specific policy there's a disagreement then I'll be neutral between this candidate and the one that wants to destroy democracy and start a civil war if needed".

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