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Biochemistry Ph.D., Molecular Immunologist, humanist, 3D printing enthusiast, photographer, gamer, enjoyer of music, sometime runner

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RickiTarr, to random
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Okay, I wanted to make a joke that I can't possibly choose between dogs and cats, I can't even choose between men and women, because I'm bi-furrious. BUT I know y'all would make jokes about me in the comments, because you all are perverts. GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!

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@RustyBertrand @mensrea @RickiTarr Our father would wake us up an hour before we went to bed!

lauren, to random
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Bizarre Chromebook problem: One of my Chromebooks suddenly is unable to use sudo to go root in the Linux container. Any attempt to use sudo just hangs and eventually there is an "out of ptys no space" error.

I figured out why. A script apparently had a confused path and created a bash file in /usr/local/bin called "su" that calls "sudo". So apparently it's looping. The cure would be to delete that bash file -- but it would take root to do it.

I don't know of a way to start a Crostini Linux container on a Chromebook directly to root. I want to avoid deleting this container and starting again since there are considerable modifications, and the last backup would be missing some very recent important changes.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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@lauren Boot a live distro from USB flash drive and repair it?

SergKoren, to programming
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I think I’ll spend this afternoon working on FORTH and playing with PICO-8 a bit. I’d really like to have Picotron on a Raspberry Pi, however. Hm. Maybe I should write an OS…

#programming #forth #pi #picotron

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@SergKoren Picotron works on Raspberry Pi perfectly if you install Box64.

annaleen, to random
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So apparently I was supposed to be cutting my Osteospermum back so that it wouldn't get "leggy" and now I have beautiful golden flowers at the ends of extremely long stalks and the plant looks like a messy weirdo with amazing hair.

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@annaleen Still looks beautiful!

CaptManiac, to PCGaming
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I assembled my first new starship - very cool! You can only assemble parts from the same type of ship. There's more than a dozen for each part, but you'll need to find the ships to salvage with that particular type you want. For example, the wing of an Explorer has 31 different varieties if you have disassembled the right ones. Also, the paint colors are very very nice.

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@literarypug Woot! Folks, we've got a new lifelong player here! Enjoy the universe and discover that special planet you'll make home. Or the dozens and dozens that will have bases strewn among them. Whatever. Just explore your way. And have fun.

CaptManiac, to random
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Dog-watching this little devil for a week.

CaptManiac, to PCGaming
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This is so weird. I'm on a dissonant planet searching for Dissonant Replicators so I can get Echo Locators. I find one of those towers that usually spawn the big Minotaur looking boss, and I'm able to access the mainframe and tell it to disable all Sentinels. Well, apparently it disables them planetwide because I'm now flying around looking for the Dissonant Resonators and there are NO SENTINELS anymore! And their ammo canisters are just laying on the ground. Very weird.

WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to kbin
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#kbin is a mostly great Reddit-Like service that collects the fediverse into one place. That is an issue because there are servers out there which post illegal stuff. My day was ruined by reporting those who post that gross, illegal content! 🤢

I'm probably going to play No Man's Sky for the rest of today to get over the icky and uncomfortable feeling that pervades my mind. Especially since I'm still trying to complete the Living Starship Quest.

#today #gaming #NoMansSky

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@WanderingInDigitalWorlds I found that quest to be near interminable. But I persevered to get that damn ship. :)

CaptManiac, to random
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Hugo Awards' Integrity Thrown into Question. Censureship from political and government parties during Chengdu Worldcon likely.


ArtThatMakesYouSmile, to Dog
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CaptManiac, to retrogaming
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The original Portal ported to Nintendo 64 running on the PowKiddy ! It runs great! How is this possible?!

More info on the port here: https://github.com/lambertjamesd/portal64/tree/61d225e9a438b917cfbd4cb544a2f0e62cdad2ca

RickiTarr, to random
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Why are you like this?

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@RickiTarr Lack of free will 😢

chestas, to random
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Just turned midnight here.

Happy New Year folks, I hope 2024 is good for you 🙂

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@chestas Happy New Year from California! We've got quite a ways to go yet. How is 2024 feeling so far?

literarypug, to poetry
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heads clucking
their tongues
with empty lungs,
phoneme collections,
vocal erections,
reflections on
Sure, keep TLDRing.
Every fucking post a
award ceremony from
self-appointed leaders
with thought bubbles
bursting, yet empty.
Yes, I mean you.

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literarypug, to poetry
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The Had Matter
looked on uffishly
as photons and
gluons danced
around tea time.
“We want matter!”
they screamed in
frenetic frenzy.
“We want to matter!”

“Both are important,
but you can’t be both,”
Had Matter said.

That is how photons
and gluons
lack matter,
but always will.

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@literarypug You deserve it! Producing such prodigious poems with such aplumb is practically preposterous! Thanks for a great year of poetry!

Liquidream, to Miyoo
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Native on Plus?
Yes please! 🙌🥳
I am SO happy right now 😊
Now I just need a little USB hub for some on-the-go 🤓
For more info:

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@Liquidream @gwoptics I wouldn't say WiFi is essential for using Splore, but rather it's essential if you want to access the BBS and its online carts. If you don't have the Plus you can still use Splore to play the games you've manually put on the SD card. Yes, it's fantastic having the NATIVE Pico-8 on the Miyoo Mini!

Firlefanz, to random
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123 — What do you like to do when you're not writing?

I play a lot of Titan Quest. I mean a LOT.

I have dozens of different characters (two in the highest difficulty level), I have one at least for each skill combination, I can recognize most rare items on sight.

It's not boring. In fact, the familiarity is soothing. (Yes, I'm .)

Titan Quest is on Steam and even though it's old, it has recent updates. I just love it to bits.

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@Firlefanz I see Titan Quest II is coming out soon.

clarkesworld, to random
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The November 2023 issue of Clarkesworld is now available at:


and features original stories by Bo Balder, Hannah Yang, James Van Pelt, Louise Hughes, Thomas Ha, Thoraiya Dyer, Kemi Ashing-Giwa, and Tia Tashiro.

Subscribe at:

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@clarkesworld The greatest thing on the first of every month. Thx Neil!

dimillian, to random
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I've published the current version of my game on splore! I can't wait to get some feedback!
I plan to add a ton of stuff, but it's also very playable already!

You can also play it online directly. https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=54828

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@dimillian An enjoyable WIP game that is perfect on my Gameforce Chi! They won't stop chasing me!

gedeonm, to Zelda
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It is time.

@CaptManiac@mastodon.world avatar

@gedeonm I'm just starting off my journey! Just dove off the Great Sky Island. Any words of wisdom?

@CaptManiac@mastodon.world avatar

@gedeonm What's the craziest contraption you constructed?

CaptManiac, to random
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One of my all-time favorite Mastodon hashtags is . If I could do any kind of daily posting I'd want it to be that. But alias I'm no writer. @literarypug

ZachWeinersmith, to random
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What are your last three book purchases and are you ashamed?

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@ZachWeinersmith The Rise and Reign of the Mammals, by Steve Brusatte (hardback); Crab City Nights, by @jonrosenberg (paperback); and The Immortality Thief, by Taran Hunt (ebook). Why would I be ashamed?

craiggrannell, to zxspectrum
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210: Mazogs (1982)

Don Priestly is best known for The Trap Door on the , but his trademark huge characters made an appearance in this maze game, running on much more limited hardware. The game had depth, though, with randomly generated mazes and a risk vs reward system where you could carry treasure (needed to win) or a sword (to defend yourself from the titular foes, miffed you’d stolen their bling).

Play it on:

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/9JLYXNllavs?si=RK0AqW-jR4AioUtk

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@craiggrannell This was my favorite game playing on my Timex Sinclair 1000! Good times...

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