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bcoffy, to privacy

If end-to-end isn’t a god given right, then why did god give us prime numbers?

macrumors, to random
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@joshua @macrumors I would bet so if you have one headset for your household you could have multiple pairs of lenses, engraved with each person’s name

bcoffy, to Software

We need more like 2015's DE0 Terasic Control Panel v1.0.1

  • Lightweight (<17 MB)
  • Gorgeous design (which matches the box art for the this software controls)
  • The "?" button leads you to an awesome pic of a combat mech for some reason
  • The primary function doesn't work at all due to some text sanitation issue

Screenshot of the "about" window. It's square, and literally 80% of the window is taken up by a big green quadrupedal mech that has crazy greebling like fins and guns and anntennae all over it. Underneath the mech, the actual about information is available, which reads "DE0-CV Control Panel", "Software Version V1.0.1", "Copyright (C) 2015 Terasic", "http://www.terasic.com", along with the fairly simply terasIC logo to the left
[The error window that occurs when clicking "Connect": quartus_pgm download fail(0sec) C\altera\12.0spT\quartus\bin\ quartus_pgm.exe - jtag -c USB-BlasterlUSB-0] -o “p;C\altera\ ControlPanel\DEOCV_ControlPanel.sof"](https://hydrocube.space/system/media_attachments/files/111/503/455/192/157/032/original/8410682f1281ea24.png)

billamend, to random
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@billamend 9.082e+26 pies

bcoffy, to ai

When will Silicon Valley engineers understand that we don’t want the primary way to interact with devices in public be by yelling at them?

bcoffy, to Cat

So today’s a great day to introduce our Marshall on because this morning he saved our lives! @nowafflecone and I were playing video games this evening and we noticed Marshall was clawing at the door to our utility closet. I was like man… that’s weird… so we opened the door and took a whiff, and it smelt like natural gas. We evacuated ourselves and called the gas company, they came and found out our water heater was leaking gas

bcoffy, (edited ) to instagramreality

I came up with a little I call “Touch Grass to Continue”! It’s inspired by the likes of OneSec and Downtime, and makes it harder to open your most enticing apps. You set it to run the whenever you open the offending apps, and when it runs it opens it forces you to tap the 🌱 button 10 times before you can use your app, making it that much harder to access or ! Give it a try: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/17b9c79f07824311b4bfaf77042b307f

mightyspaceman, (edited ) to random
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What are the ergonomics of your setup? Personally, I use a laptop with a stand angled at 30deg (no lift), and an MX master 3 as my mouse.


@mightyspaceman my laptop sits plugged into a monitor in clamshell mode so I basically have desktop ergonomics when working on it at home

GIbiz, to random
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Ubisoft CEO: Streaming will change gaming just as Netflix has for TV and film



@GIbiz Feel like businesses have been saying this for 10 years and still haven’t cracked it

I just want to own my hardware and software, dammit

BasicAppleGuy, to random
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Apple's no stranger to controversial case design...


@BasicAppleGuy what’s the deal with the iPad case?

lowqualityfacts, to random
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This is good to know.


@lowqualityfacts Only works on blue shirts though

bcoffy, to iPhone

Just noticed something interesting about the , they put the “China” mark and model number inside the USB-C port

Did the 14 have that? I wonder if it’s cuz they can’t put the inscription on the SIM card

An iPhone 15, with the USB-C port illuminated by flashlight, printed inside is “A2846 China”

paul, to random
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You can pry this iPhone 13 mini from my cold, dead hands! *

  • Or probably next upgrade cycle if there's a really good trade-in deal.

@paul I feel like the SE4 is gonna be a 13 mini with an A16 crammed in it

paul, to random
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@paul I mean, if the platform collapses like this plan would result in, that would fix the bot problem!

danyork, (edited ) to ios17
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IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE or iPad, have you already upgraded to today?


@danyork Updated to iPadOS17 but leaving my iPhone on 16 since it’s getting replaced on Friday anyways

65dBnoise, (edited ) to random
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Absolute nonsense plans for space generated solar power. IIRC, one of the studies was supposed to be delivered two years ago.

Such huge structures in space will be highly vulnerable to space debris or malicious attacks, to name just two apparently unsolvable security problems. It'll be interesting to see what the numbers say, when comparing the total cost for such a monstrosity with similar plans for solar power generation on the surface of the Earth.



@65dBnoise The CASSIOPeiA study that proposes that actually goes into the cost details, and there’s a lot of merit to it. They estimated out the cost of electricity generation from one of those satellites, and it’s cheaper than nuclear and comparable to CNG + Carbon Capture Sequestration, and the power generation is basically continuous for all but a few hours a YEAR if they’re located in Geostationary orbit.

BasicAppleGuy, to random
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Trophy for everyone who didn’t install the betas & waited 3.5 months for the official release of iOS 17.


@BasicAppleGuy Thank you, thank you, it was so hard not doing anything to make this achievement possible

Newmy, to random
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@exchgr @Newmy Lol even the type-c EarPods are cheaper than the dongle


gruber, (edited ) to random
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Will Apple release a new MagSafe Battery Pack with a USB-C port?


@gruber It would be a nice kind of adapter for people with lightning iPhones

malwaretech, (edited ) to random

For anyone unaware, Google Chrome is currently rolling out an update that track your interests based on browsing history, then share them with 3rd party websites. The notification page makes it sound like they added a new privacy feature, but in actuality they automatically enrolled you into their tracking system and you have to go and manually opt out.


How to disable this feature on Windows:

  1. Open chrome, go to the search bar
  2. Type in “Mozilla Firefox”. A few results should appear. Click the first one.
  3. Click “download” and run the .exe
  4. Go to the windows search bar, type “Uninstall” and select the option “Uninstall a program”
  5. Click on chrome, then click uninstall
davidho, to random
@davidho@mastodon.world avatar

Do y’all think about governments putting more than $1 trillion into fossil fuel consumption subsidies last year?


@davidho People be like “Uhhh but renewables and nuclear are too expensive and not market competitive” my brother in Christ the government subsidizes the shit out of fossil fuels then regulates the snot out of nuclear with no subsidies at all. No wonder fossil fuels are more competitive

arstechnica, to random
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Fighting for survival, Astra taps the brakes on new smallsat launcher

"We're reducing our expenses as much as we possibly can."



@arstechnica Man my single Astra stock is in shambles rn

lowqualityfacts, to random
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@lowqualityfacts I know for the longest time they carried guns on the Soyuz that were docked to the ISS, not for space pirates but because if they descend into the Russian wilderness and can’t get a speedy recovery, they may have run ins with wolves/bears. They used to carry a TP-82, which was a three barreled rifle/shotgun, then switched to a normal handgun later. I don’t know if they still do that but that does mean they actually had a few guns aboard the space station for a while

bcoffy, to cooking

Saw this website on Lemmy and wanted to share it here, it’s https://based.cooking/

No ads, Java script, 10 paragraphs of rambling about how they got this recipe from their uncle’s best friends’ roommate, just recipes

spaceflight, to random
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Why was the Search for Intelligence () 👽 unsuccessful so far ?

🦠 appeared pretty much as soon as it could, right when the formed and our stopped being a molten 🌋 hellscape. That might have been as early as 3.7 billion years ago. But life appeared basically yesterday—what we identify as anatomically modern humans arose about 120,000 years ago. https://arstechnica.com/space/2023/05/were-essentially-alone-in-the-universe-and-thats-ok

Pictures : :ccby: :cc_sa: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nature_timespiral_horizontal_layout_white_background.png https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Space-ship-763493.svg


@spaceflight Obviously with a sample size of one we can at best make educated vibe checks, but given that we know basic life started pretty early on Earth, and that we have already observed similar exoplanets to earth, then apply that to the scale of the Milky Way Galaxy and it feels like there should be another intelligence out there. I highly doubt there is an interstellar-capable civilization chilling in the solar system, we prolly would have noticed by now lol

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