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Turns out I like an eclectic mix of serious news, lewd smut and good puns. Cats, food, and interesting art also tick my boxes. Big fan of good Alt text.

(Updated now I've been here a while and worked out how I want to use the 'don...)

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Edent, (edited ) to random
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Do you spell it:

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@Edent mostly "emither" as it makes me mither when I receive it.

LoganFive, to Haiku
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I thought the sign read
“Haiku Club” not “Hiking Club.”
We walked for hours. Hours.

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@quite_adept @LoganFive
With only a pen,
I set out to conquer worlds:
Badly blistered feet.

MintSpies, to Bread
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Lunchtime comedy baking

JonnElledge, to random
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Why does the tiny Yorkshire town get the constituency name Richmond, while the bigger London suburb get stuck with Richmond Park?

Short answer, because it came first. The longer answer contains a lot more Richmonds.


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@JonnElledge The list of gaffes is excellent - more, please!

ChrisMayLA6, to random
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On one side we have the BCC arguing ''We urgently need to get a better trading relationship with our closest neighbour,' (FT); on the other EU sources say while they're looking for closer relations with a Labour Govt. there will be no concessions, with closer economic relations requiring the UK to accept 'rules & responsibilities' (Guardian).

So an end-game is in sight; a better relationship with the EU but as a rule taking external partner.

So this is what Brexit will have delivered!

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@ChrisMayLA6 Seems absolutely fair: if you want to carry on sleeping with your ex after divorce, it's only appropriate that you have to follow their rules!

MintSpies, to Theatre
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If you're UK-based and get the chance, go to watch The Importance Of Being... Earnest? They're on tour now, finishing at Edinburgh Fringe. Absolutely hilarious, and different every night. https://interactiveearnest.co.uk/

Nonilex, (edited ) to Law
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Tues 29 May 2024 🧵
Good morning! It’s the last day of the before jury .
Today Justice will give . Then they will discuss the case among themselves for the first time; they have not been allowed to even discuss it w/each other as yet.

Closing arguments took place yesterday, & the lawyers will have no further opportunity to address the jurors before they determine whether is or not guilty of 34 felonies.

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@Nonilex Having done jury service in the UK (for a trial that pales into insignificance compared to this one), it's been fascinating discovering the similarities and the differences in the procedures between the countries - we had to write notes to the judge too!

Nonilex, to Law
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Tues 28 May 2024 🧵 to Begin in

faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in connection w/a payment made to a porn star to influence the 2016 election. The case could be in the jury’s hands as early as Wed.


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@Nonilex Thank you for your epic job today - it's much appreciated!

sjwrenlewis, to random
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New post: Inside a Macroeconomic Policy Blunder
As he was private secretary for economic affairs to Mrs Thatcher from 1979, Lankester is well placed to describe why Thatcher's monetarist experiment happened and why it failed so badly.

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@sjwrenlewis This is fascinating - thank you. As someone who read Economics and Politics in the mid 90s, my knowledge of the monetarist period is a tad hazy, but I clearly remember a 'heated discussion' in a tutorial about the successes/failings of New Right, and it's good to have vindication - albeit many years later - that I was on the correct side of the argument. I'll definitely add the book to my To Read pile.

miffyhelen, to random
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Has anyone ever received an awesome and thoughtful gift? Something that warms your cockles just remembering it?

What did you get?

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@miffyhelen Personalised gin, from Hendricks. I've still got the (empty!) bottle.

girlonthenet, to random
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This is a bit cheese but... yesterday, when I finished my massive bike ride (62 MILES! I AM COOL), my boyfriend was there waving at the finish line.

He'd tracked me on the app that lets your friends/family see where you are on the course, then turned up at Tower Bridge in time to see me finish, and buy me a pint.

That was really cool.

I don't think many other boyfriends would have done that for me.

My boyfriend does stuff. It's pretty cool.

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@girlonthenet Sounds like he's a good'un. Also, congrats on finishing - hope it was the sweetest pint of the year so far.

MintSpies, to random
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Managed to upset both teenagers today: the 13 year old was annoyed by me singing "Ice, ice, baby" over the top of the intro to Under Pressure; the 15 year old was scandalised that I not only knew about the G-spot but mentioned it at the dinner table. Parenting job well done, methinks!

patrickhadfield, to random
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Jay Rayner on a Syrian-Greek restaurant in Aberystwyth. I'm never likely to go, but I read it - and I'm sharing it - because I love Rayner's writing about food. As generous and compassionate as the food he describes!

"Arabic Flavour, Aberystwyth: ‘Food that tells a story’ – restaurant review"


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@patrickhadfield His Sunday reviews are required reading in this house. Is it wrong that I'm now mentally planning a visit to Aberystwyth?

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@patrickhadfield Maybe he should publish a 'round Britain' suggested travel route, with magnificent eateries each night... Might need to invest in trousers with stretchy waistbands, though!

RickiTarr, to random
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Alright, I'm not normally a person who talks about my dreams, but I usually have cinematic dreams and this one didn't have an ending, and I need your creativity.

I dreamed I was working at a Mental Health Institution. We were having some kind of government inspection, it seemed really off, they were paying special attention to certain patients. I inadvertently found out that they were from some shadowy organization, and they believed that certain people who had schizophrenia and delusions were actually seeing into alternate realities, and they were planning on taking them for training of some kind. It surprised me so much, that it actually woke me up, and I couldn't finish the dream. What would they use this for and why? Help me finish this in my brain!

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@RickiTarr The truth is that the patients under investigation have the latent ability to open portals into a parallel universe, and the government are hoping to tap into that ability as a way of rescuing humanity from a failing Earth without colonising space. In a shocking plot twist, the patients realise that they are being closely observed, assume that it is for nefarious reasons, object to being exploited, and instead sneak away at midnight with their friends and pets to find a better world.

robyneatseverything, to animals
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Late for because when the sun comes out, she goes on extensive outdoor adventures ❤️

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@robyneatseverything One of our cats does a sunny-day disappearing act too - like a 24 hour mini-break. I like to think that she gets curled up in a sun-drenched spot and just throws all cares to the breeze. I wish I were a cat!

mathowie, to random
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This is my Apple ad parody. There are many like it, but this one is mine.



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@mathowie Excellent use of Postmodern Jukebox!

@MintSpies@mastodon.social avatar

@blazp @me_valentijn @mathowie Look up Postmodern Jukebox - they did this brilliant cover, but also oh so many more...

RickiTarr, to random
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If people would just send me pictures of their homemade bread, I would both appreciate it, and be full of bread lust.

@MintSpies@mastodon.social avatar

@RickiTarr this morning's loaf, fresh out of the oven

MintSpies, to random
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Local village party fete today: Punch & Judy; steam train rides; maypole dancing. Strong Midsomer Murders vibes.

flexghost, to random
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  • MintSpies,
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    @flexghost Please can I commend you on the high quality of your Alt Text. As much as he's a gold-plated, ocean-going fuck wit, your description has summed him up beautifully.

    MintSpies, to animals
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    Happy . Hope it's as leisurely as this.

    JonnElledge, to random
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    @JonnElledge I started typing a sensible comment on this, used the phrase "track record" unintentionally, and now I've derailed my train of thought. Dammit. It was a good comment too, much like your article: thanks for sharing.

    robyneatseverything, to random
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    Has anyone mentioned the weather yet today? And how it's colder in the UK than it was all winter?

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    @robyneatseverything That's because it's the start of the cricket season. Pah!

    adswa, to random German
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    Yesterday I could finally wrap up the work of the last few years. And not only did I get the most amazing hat, I also received a sword - a real, engraved, beautiful sword (matching my height and hand size!😍🗡️) I'm beyond happy that this is done, and filled with gratefulness and the best memories of the past years❤️🎓

    A man with a face mask puts a delicately crafted PhD hat on a smiling woman's head
    A man with a face mask hands a sword too a woman with a PhD hat
    A woman with a PhD hat and a sword scabbard at her waist eats a cake

    @MintSpies@mastodon.social avatar

    @adswa Those are both excellent - congratulations!

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