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#Law + #Technology for Good

Intentionally designed bespoke prosocial games for adolescents:

🎮 #Connectedness, #Consent, #CriticalThinking #Gaslighting, #HealthyRelationships, #MediaLiteracy, #Resilience, #TeenDatingViolence

► 2024 Changemaker
#Nonprofit Founder
► Publisher: #Prosocial #VideoGames since 2008
► Speaker: Violence prevention

Always happy to speak with folks who want to be part of the solution.

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crecente, to llm
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Assume a website plans to use user-contribution content to train LLMs. The license for the content is CC BY-SA.

❓ Would the output from the resulting LLMs be required to provide attribution?


crecente, to Law
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⭐ Congratulations to the District Attorney's Office in El Paso for receiving a $500,000 grant which will reinstate their Domestic Violence Unit & educate judges, attorneys, and LE about IPV.

😞 Most law schools do not require domestic violence be taught. As a result, many lawyers know little about this complex, but pervasive, issue.

🌐 https://www.ktsm.com/news/district-attorneys-office-looks-to-reinstate-domestic-violence-unit/

@law @publichealth @stopTDV

crecente, to VideoGames
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A new report from CFPB (US) examines consumer risk in the videogame industry:

▪️ Game products & services resemble financial products

▪️ Game companies offer little support for scammed consumers

▪️ Game companies collect surveillance data about players of their games

🌐 https://www.consumerfinance.gov/data-research/research-reports/issue-spotlight-video-games/

#consumer #CFPB #protection #videogames #privacy #IAP #microtransactions #ads #NFT #fraud #FTC

crecente, to ukteachers
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"Not only that, [sex ed] can actually be fun — an idea that would shock most US school boards and cause all the Karens to start freaking out."

🌐 https://dutchreview.com/expat/education/sex-education-in-the-netherlands/


18+ crecente, to random
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We have a free game intentionally designed to help teach adolescents about healthy relationships. It is regularly played in schools.

Today I saw a review complaining that this sweet game is "indoctrinating children" and other regressive nonsense.


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😞 Disappointed this bigoted, harassing review is still on itchio. We reported it back in March.

It's about our charity's #free prosocial healthy relationship video game for teens called HONEYMOON. 💑

❗The reviewer defames us for "indoctrinating children" because it's free for educators & parents.

❗Player autonomy seems to frighten the bigot because the game allows for same-sex relationships. (New update will include non-binary.) 👬 👭 👫

❗The abusive partner in the game can be female OR male but the bigot claims "misandry"?

❤️ See for yourself -- play in your browser right now. Free. No ads.


🎮 https://jag.itch.io/honeymoon

@itchio @edutooters @publichealth @commodon @communicationscholars @stopTDV #videogames #itchio #bigotry #homophobia #misogyny #publichealth #technology #freesoftware #edtech #gamedev #inclusion #nonprofit #harassment #endbigots #NoAds

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Here is a review of HONEYMOON we ❤️ seeing:

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful game. It was so helpful!!"

"It was one hell of something!!"

"... so well made ..."

#videogames #indiedev #health #education #prevention #free

weheartgames, to random

Well I had hoped that Affinity could be the one bastion of non-subscription, non-ai BS...

But they just sold out to these folks. 😭

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@weheartgames @glassbottommeg

I know nothing about Affinity. My primary offline tool is Krita (or our air-gapped Adobe CS6). However, we have used Canva for a few years. Their use of "AI" seems worthy of quotemarks.

Many third-party-apps can be used from within Canva, including DALL-E, but Canva's own use of "AI" seems focused on basics like removing backgrounds from photos or creating QR codes(!?). I've not used much of their "AI" and so I might be missing the point.

Generally, Canva as a company seems pretty decent. Their Pro accounts are free for all registered nonprofits which is why we use them.

⭐ Please let me know if there is something terrible about them! (I would be super disappointed but don't want to be a part of the problem.)

crecente, to gamedev
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Really great ideas for this year's contest about the importance of connectedness for teens and their communities. Can't wait to see - and share the games!

We're thrilled to have a wonderful group representing Asia, Europe, and North America as Finalists.


crecente, to DadBin
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❤️ #Connectedness is an important basic human need, especially for #teens and #children.

For this year's #gamedesign challenge our topic is connectedness. We are accepting ideas for prosocial #videogame ideas about social connectedness.

⭐ Submit your idea by March 17th.

🎉 $11,000 in cash prizes.

🌐 Details and entry at

#indiedev #gamedev #games #GDC2024 @publichealth @sociology @stopTDV

crecente, to mastodon
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Seeking to help manage accounts for our public charity.

🎓 Current college student

⭐ We will coordinate with your internship program for course credit (where allowed).

⭐ Must have experience with Mastodon!

⭐ Experience with calendars and creating engaging social media content.

❤️ Interests:

🙏 Please share!

Message me and I will forward your details to our Community Engagement Coordinator for a Zoom interview.

Note: this is not a paid position.


crecente, to ai
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This is an generated idea for a video game about .

If you can do better we'd 🧡 to see it.

▶️ Submit your idea by March 17th to be eligible.

💰 Special student prize for middle/high school student.

$11,000 in cash prizes.

Rules & entry at


crecente, to ai
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This is an generated idea for a video game about .

If you can do better we'd 🧡 to see it.

Submit your idea by March 17th to be eligible.

$11,000 in cash prizes.

Rules & entry at


crecente, to gaming
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🎮 Any middle school or high school teachers teaching video game design? Or running an after school club?

🎓 A new contest from our nonprofit org has a special STUDENT prize of $1,000 for designing a video game about the importance of social connection.

💰 The prize money will be split with the school.

⭐ Register by March 17th.

❤️ Please share this to help us reach educators & students about this unique opportunity.

🌐 Details at the contest site:


crecente, to academicchatter
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Seeking an intern to help manage Mastodon accounts for our nonprofit public charity.

🎓 Current college student
⭐ We will coordinate with your internship program for course credit (where allowed).
⭐ Must have experience using Mastodon!
⭐ Must have experience with marketing calendars and creating engaging social media content.

❤️ Nice to haves: knowlege & interest in violence prevention; consent; healthy relationships; and the use of prosocial video games to drive positive change.

🙏 Please share!

DM me and I will send you the contact info for our Community Engagement Coordinator. She will schedule a Zoom interview.

Note: this is not a paid position.

@academicchatter @psychology @sociology @communicationscholars

crecente, to publichealth
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🧡 February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month ().

Thank you to El Paso County Commissioners Court for its recognition of this important issue and their ongoing support.

🌐 https://news.yahoo.com/el-paso-county-recognizes-february-005214435.html

@stopTDV @publichealth

evacide, to random
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There have been many stories of companies giving up user data to stalkers and other criminals pretending to be cops with emergency data requests, but this one stands out because it's so utterly shambolic. The stalker submitted his request using a protonmail address FFS.


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Offensively incompetent.

In addition to any civil litigation I hope prosecutors are considering charges of criminal negligence against Verizon here. That might be the wake up call that is needed to get them (and their peers) to take "reasonable care" moving forward.

crecente, to VideoGames
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🎓 Webinar: Video Games as a Violence Prevention Tool

In this webinar, the founder and executive director of the ngo Jennifer Ann's Group will discuss how video games can be utilized to teach consent, healthy relationships, and resilience.

Join us to hear about this organization’s mission and work, and how these strategies can be used for violence prevention work with youth.

📆 Oct 19th 10:30AM-12PMPST / 1:30-3PM EST

Free and open to everyone! ASL interpreters will be present.

🌐 https://www.cpedv.org/prevention/gaming-against-violence-video-games-violence-prevention-tool

@psychology @sociology @edutooters @stopTDV

boris_holzer, to sociology

According to recent studies, algorithmic and social amplification of social networking platforms doesn't seem to have great effects on political attitudes and polarization. But if the algorithm is turned off, users find the experience less interesting. A short summary:
[in German]

Link to articles in Science:


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@boris_holzer @sociology

I've only read July's article; this might be addressed elsewhere.

In one experiment some user's feed was chronological:

"[Using a chronological feed] led to people seeing more untrustworthy content (because Meta’s algorithm downranks sources who repeatedly share misinformation) [...]"

❓ Does the fact that they are seeing "more untrustworthy content" absent Meta intervention indicate the well has become so poisoned it is beyond fixing (or sufficiently testing)?

crecente, to random
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@tiago @vbuendiar @LukasBrausch

😐 Yes, you can block them.

😧 And then block the hordes of their followers responding to their whistle.

😶 ... and then quit [platform] rather than deal with this.

These technologies are easily / often used to exploit power imbalances.

This is why it is a use case that must be considered -- even if we have not experienced it ourselves.

There are many people who HAVE experienced the above.

Requiring quotes to be opt-in addresses this problem.

@crecente@games.ngo avatar

@SamCrawley @TEG @tiago @academicchatter

Although I prefer a chronological timeline myself here is what "Mammoth" is testing w/r/t personalized timelines: https://mammoth.writeas.com/introducing-personalized-for-you

crecente, (edited )
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@SamCrawley @TEG @tiago @academicchatter

A list of 41 studies with data about quote-tweets:


⭐ If quote-tweets become available on Mastodon I will add them to our instance but only if they are offered on an opt-in basis.



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@tiago @SamCrawley @TEG @academicchatter

Feel free to read those articles and let us know!

@crecente@games.ngo avatar

@tiago @SamCrawley @TEG @academicchatter

😞 You have misunderstood.

I have not said that quotes are, per se, bad.

⭐ What I have said is that some people absolutely do not want them. And I said I think we should request for their consent before forcing them to use them.

🎓 Don't believe everything you read.

🎮 On a related topic: later this month the NGO I work with is publishing the first of a series of free video games that teach and encourage the use of critical thinking.

❤️ Follow @CriticalThinkingGames for updates!

@crecente@games.ngo avatar

@tiago @SamCrawley @TEG @academicchatter @CriticalThinkingGames

You seem to agree that I have not said quotes are, per se, bad.

But it seems you disagree with my support for those who don't want their content to be used without their explicit consent.

Although what you say about reasonableness and speech in a public forum is true, that does not mean we should simply ignore others' wishes.


1️⃣ By making such a feature opt-in we are more likely to see this feature offered because fewer users will object.

2️⃣ If the feature is mandatory on everybody's account some people will stop posting publicly or just abandon the platform.

3️⃣ Acting with consent is good policy.

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@tiago @SamCrawley @TEG @academicchatter @CriticalThinkingGames

Life is nuance & compromise. We do not have to adhere to an "everything or nothing" worldview.

The pragmatic solution for quote tweets is to offer it as opt-in.

Looking at this pragmatically allows us to avoid the thorny social / cultural issues. There is no downside to offering the feature as an option rather than making it mandatory.

We are unlikely to make any headway if we shift to laws and social norms.

The work I do involves the impact of social norms on public health and designing solutions to overcome / change those that are unhealthy. It also involves issues around law, technology, privacy rights, public policy, and consent.

Philosophical conversations about these will be frustrating.

Similarly, I should not be presenting you with data structure arguments based on my business school courses. We aren't starting from the same baseline.

I will get so much wrong you won't know how best to respond.

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