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pro-compassion, therefore:
anti-bigotry, anti-fascism, anti-puritanism

I'll listen to you if you'll listen to me.

As an active pacifist, I try to separate people from their toxic beliefs.

I write open source software for human rights.

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evan, (edited ) to random
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Did you know before reading this poll that you can put a Mastodon account into "private" mode?

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@evan I hadn't heard the term "private mode" here, but I know you can require approval for every follow, and then post to only followers, so I replied QY. Is there another way to get privacy here?

evan, (edited ) to random
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Should unauthorized immigrants to the state of Palestine be given a path to citizenship?

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@evan I answered QY before considering the settlements. But considering them, I would say OK, sure, but they would still be subject to the laws of Palestine, which would make them criminals (land theft, murder, other violence, etc.).

alshafei, to privacy
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An overview of how @simplex works and what sets it apart from other messaging apps and protocols:


"SimpleX is one of the most private and secure chat and applications platform that you can find out there."

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@alshafei @simplex this is great, thanks for posting it! Always glad to see improvements in privacy protocols, especially when that includes metadata.

This can almost be used as the transport for a social media system to replace FB private posting. The piece missing is efficient one-to-many message delivery; right now their group messaging is limited to small groups since (as I read it) the full message is encrypted and sent to each recipient separately. Ideal would only require one upload per message, which the receiving server would then fan out to the recipients. You can do this while keeping e2ee by encrypting the full message once, then encrypting that decryption key for each recipient, for a total overhead of 32 bytes of encrypted key material per recipient. (Maybe this already happens and I missed it.)

A smaller concern is that if there's only one server on the delivery path (i.e. 2 hops) then that server sees the IP addresses of both the sender and the recipient. Using Tor mitigates this.


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@alshafei @simplex the group fanout I mentioned earlier could also be done efficiently through arbitrarily long delivery paths.

Anyway, I've implemented a protocol to do all this, but SimpleX looks better. I hope more apps are written using it, and the protocol continues to be developed.


J12t, to random
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Status: "broadband" connection is smoking.

I put "broadband" in quotes because in the middle of this technology desert called Silicon Valley, I have a choice of exactly two broadband providers, and the one that has the less-horrible privacy policy has date rates that were last acceptable maybe last century.

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@J12t can you get Sonic? I use them in Berkeley, and they're consumer-friendly and have good support.

TexasObserver, to history
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Featured story: “[Molly Ivins] came already baked, so to speak. She was already almost fully developed as a writer. So there was not much editing to do, except maybe tone down some of the excesses. I think I saved a couple of libel suits ...” https://www.texasobserver.org/forging-their-own-way-kaye-northcott/

#history #feminism #women #MollyIvins #Texas #Austin #journalism #media #nonprofit #culture

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@TexasObserver Molly! 💖💖💖

seb, to random
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We are thinking hard about the non-profit we want to start to fund #sfba services. (After OCF’s shutdown announcement this has become our number one priority.)

If you know of online communities that run such a model successfully, please give us a hint!

If you have ideas about things to consider when planning non-profit memberships, governance, votings, etc. please tell!

We want to keep overhead low, so we can focus on our community and don’t get buried in bureaucracy. We want to continue focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area.

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@seb I know @evan and others have been running a coop-based instance in Canada, and would likely have great advice. They seem to share a lot of your values and goals for sfba.social .

mattblaze, to random
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"One person, nine votes", as the saying goes.


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@lauren @mattblaze yes, in Texas. She didn't even know she was ineligible to vote. She got 5 years.

evan, (edited ) to random
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How often do you use a dating app?

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@evan for me it's never. So... is that "about weekly"?

ErickaSimone, to books
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Hey team. Where’s at? Looking for the and people into self improvement really fast. Anyone have any suggestions for anyone into this phase of their life/career? Taking all suggestions.

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@ErickaSimone I've heard that is a good fedi-based platform for book lovers to discuss and recommend books. I haven't used it myself.


brewsterkahle, to random
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Non-profit housing for non-profit workers 'Foundation Housing' is working for the @internetarchive

A good use of an endowment, maybe better than classic stocks-and-bonds thing.

now 1/2 filled with non-profit workers. $1000/month rent is a good deal in SF.

if 5% of housing were foundation housing...we would support non-profit workers close to their work.

is it 'Effective Altruism'? (it passes the metrics test, not sure what EA is now)



@jamesmarshall@sfba.social avatar

@brewsterkahle @internetarchive nice! Great to see nonprofit workers getting affordable housing.

Regarding EA, I believe that these days it's come to mean something other than actual altruism, as it's part of the TESCREAL bundle and includes eugenics. :(

w7voa, to random
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A federal judge dismisses Disney’s lawsuit against Florida Gov. DeSantis, saying the company’s argument that it was unlawfully punished over free speech lacked standing and merit. https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida-politics/2024/01/31/judge-dismisses-disney-lawsuit-against-desantis/

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@w7voa note that the judge is a Trump appointee.

GottaLaff, to california
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#California state lawmakers introduced a slate of #reparations bills, including a proposal to restore property taken by “race-based” cases of eminent domain.

The package marks a first-in-the-nation effort to give restitution to #Black Americans who have been harmed by centuries of racist policies and practices” https://www.politico.com/news/2024/01/31/california-black-reparations-bills-00138854

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@GottaLaff @MisuseCase @BernieDoesIt Newsom tries to look like a progressive and claims he is one because he knows that's where the votes are, but he's firmly a neoliberal through and through. He's said some good things in the culture war, but economically he supports landlords over tenants and big business over workers. He's totally in bed with PG&E. I've watched his career since he was appointed as an SF city supervisor in the 1990s. He comes from a very wealthy family and is elitist in his actions.

dangillmor, to random
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Cory Doctorow (@pluralistic) gave a talk in Berlin that everyone should read. In it, he explains enshittification's rise and rise and rise -- and how everyone but monopolists is victimized.

It doesn't have to be this way. Cory tells us what we can do about it.

He is a sage for our times, and we should take his advice, now.


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@lauren is it really a techie/nontechie thing, or a puritan/antipuritan thing?

@bhawthorne @dangillmor @pluralistic

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@lauren OK, convincing people is a worthy goal that I aspire to also. I try hard not to talk down to anyone either. I guess I don't see why using a word banned by the FCC is talking down to someone or being "cutesy". I think the word in question is useful and plainly descriptive. If you need another phrase, perhaps "inevitable UX degradation of monopolies" would work. Or you could invent another that fits your audience.

Maybe it's a free speech thing from my own radio days, my discomfort with the fact that we're prohibited from using quite useful but arbitrarily-banned words. The ban comes across as puritanistic to me, since those words are mostly to do with sex.

Anyway, my original reaction stemmed from the "talking down to" notion, as I don't see use of the word as talking down to anybody. And right-wing politicians always seem to be telling right-wing voters that "those liberal coastal elites are talking down to you", to deepen divisions for their own benefit.

@bhawthorne @dangillmor @pluralistic

micahflee, to random
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@Dubikan @micahflee more about genocide:

The article lists 10 stages in the section "Stages, risk factors, and prevention", as suggested by Genocide Watch. The current government of Israel has already committed a few of those with regard to Gaza, such as dehumanization (#4) and persecution (#8). Classification (#1), i.e. splitting into "us" and "them", has already been committed for decades in both Israeli and Palestinian societies.

@jamesmarshall@sfba.social avatar

@Dubikan @micahflee regardless of whether it's a "majority voice" in the government, it is certainly the voice of those in power, including Netanyahu. He has many times called Palestinians "animals" that must be wiped out. Only seldom, and under pressure, does he ever make the distinction between hamas and Palestinians.

@jamesmarshall@sfba.social avatar

@Dubikan @micahflee I haven't seen him specifically call to wipe out Palestinians, but I have seen statements by him that refer to wiping out the attackers, while not distinguishing between hamas and Palestinians. So the subtext seems clear, though there is plausible deniability. I'm sorry I can't find such statements now, but I've seen them on either France24 or DW.

In any case, the attack on Gaza as it's happened, while claiming moral high ground, is extremely dehumanizing. It's clear that he and others don't believe a Palestinian life has as much value as an Israeli life.

KFuentesGeorge, to KindActions

You can donate to the UNRWA and also support GFM and mutual aid requests for individual Palestinian families like this one: https://gofund.me/a34664ca

#MutualAid #Palestine #Gaza

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@escarpment @alda @KFuentesGeorge what exactly was the purpose of posting a detail from her resume?

@jamesmarshall@sfba.social avatar

@escarpment what is your authority on the matter of UNRWA?

@alda @KFuentesGeorge

jamesmarshall, to random
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An Israeli history teacher has been held in solitary confinement there for online posts against the massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza. He never posted in support of hamas, but he has been accused of being a hamas supporter. This article has other revealing details about Israel's domestic actions in this war, especially about information control within Israel toward Israelis.

Any government which tries to hide the truth from you is not your friend. If their cause is righteous, they should not be afraid of the truth getting out.


@jamesmarshall@sfba.social avatar

Popular opinion in the US turned against the war in Vietnam at least partially because of the brutal war imagery in mass media. This is why the Bush 2 administration went to such great lengths to hide damning war images and footage coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan, including measures to control mass media by charm and by threats. Even images of flag-draped coffins were prohibited.

In this context, it makes sense why the Netanyahu government is trying to prevent the Israeli public from learning more about what is happening in Gaza.

mnot, to random
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Just published: Oblivious HTTP. Congrats to caw and MT! https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc9458.html

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@mnot excellent! Always glad to see more effort put into metadata privacy.

georgetakei, to random

Humans make art.

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@LouisIngenthron @georgetakei I would say that those natural phenomena may be beautiful, but they are not art. Art is an expression by a sentient being. The biggest part of enjoying art, for me, is the connection between the artist and the listener/viewer/audience. AI-generated "art" may be aesthetically cool, but that human connection is completely absent.

evan, (edited ) to random
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"The growth of ethnic nationalism worldwide is connected to the climate crisis and biodiversity crisis."

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@evan ethnic nationalism causes war, which inhibits humans from working together to solve our common problems. Even if nationalism didn't cause war, its inherent divisiveness inhibits us from working together.

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