Jaden3, to random
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Hey yall looking fo mo folks to fck with on dis app.
Goofy ass shit good 👍🏾
Hit me up fo a follow 🤪
Love Jaden ❤️

gabigab117, to random
@gabigab117@mastodon.social avatar

Hello everybody. I am a Backend Python developer (especially Django).
I am an editor on https://www.docstring.fr/

My website : https://www.gabrieltrouve.fr/ (Django + Wagtail)

I know @sabderemane ^^

Jaden3, to random
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Hey yall I joined da fediverse cos I bored af with IG , tik tok, snap and shit.
Is this new social media?
Hit me up yall .yall got sum interesting shit to share I'll fck wit you ❤️❤️❤️
Love Jaden xxx

vantablack, to cyberpunk
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:HackerCatRainbow:​​ https://cyberpunk.lol is open for registrations!!! :HackerCatRainbow:​​


we're a small scrappy relatively fresh-faced underdog instance of glitch mastodon. we have but one humbly stated mission: to put the PUNK back into cyberpunk here on the fediverse


i'm vanta. trans enby girl polyam lesbian gender terrorist, the fediverse's favorite pirate radio DJ, DIY clothing auteur, and rogue wordsmith extraordinaire. i've been a hardcore fedi user since 2017


not only is this instance a fedipact instance that has threads.net blocked, but... i'm the one who made the whole pact to begin with lmao

:heart_cyber_pink:​ :cyber_heart_purple:​

Jaden3, to random
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Tryna spice up my feed on this bitch gang. Yall got goofy ass shit to share gang count my ass in 👍🏾

LucaManciniDrummer, to fediverse
@LucaManciniDrummer@vivaldi.net avatar

Hello !

I decided to post an introduction, let's say, once per month with the objective of reaching as many people as possible who might be interested in what I do 🙃

My name is Luca, I'm a drummer and IT professional from Italy, currently based in the Czech Republic.

I make music and I do nerdy tech stuff! 🎶👩🏻‍💻

You can find:

I also created a Lemmy community to discuss royalties and music promotion
:lemmy: https://lemmy.world/c/monetize_your_music

If you don't want to see this post anymore, please mute the hashtag

Enjoy, ciao! 🥁

Jaden3, to random
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Just tryna find mo interesting people to fk with on dis app. I ain't interested in politics, IT shit or cats 😅
Just fun shit , porn OK 👍🏾, just weird shit is good no I'm saying. I wanna fk with shit that make me think wtf this app is lit lit lit 🔥🔥🔥.
Hit me app yall if yall wanna fw my shit 🤪
Waiting on yall xxx
Love Jaden ❤️

darklang, to github
@darklang@mas.to avatar

#introduction #introductions

Hey folks!

Darklang is a #ProgrammingLanguage, editor, and #PaaS, developed in public on #GitHub.

It started in 2017 and has had a tumultuous time, but is still being actively worked on by a small team led by @paulbiggar.

Darklang's goal is to make it 100x easier to build #backend #services. It's a #functional programming language, with some novel ideas, such as #TraceDrivenDevelopment and #deployless.


Jaden3, to random
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I ❤️ yall on mastodon. Thank yall fo following my shit preciate it frfr!
I need more people to fk with!
Weird shit welcome 🙏🏿 🤣

Jaden3, to random
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I ❤️ mastodon. I never seen such goofy ass shit on any other social media app. Yall seriously fkd up and I love fkd up people ❤️❤️
Yall wan fk with my shit hit me up I need more to gmfu 🤣🤣
Love yall
Jaden xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sk8cat, to ska
@Sk8cat@mas.to avatar

heyy mastodon, am new, gay gremlin nd some sorta trans enby
I like ska and sometimes I skate and I drink tooo much monsterr :3 but I am looking for internet palss so pleasee dont be shyy guyss anyy wayy super cool to be here #ska #skateboarding #skasnotdead #introductions #trans #gay #XD

d7607464225c8ab610da99495bc70c8a3a45a03f8a22a95f06fcb5bc421e573a, to random
@d7607464225c8ab610da99495bc70c8a3a45a03f8a22a95f06fcb5bc421e573a@mostr.pub avatar

My 8th grade science teacher taught me the most important lesson I've ever learned: If you're doing something wrong, don't draw attention to yourself. It's not about getting away with breaking the rules. It's about presenting yourself in a way that only attracts the attention you want to get.

It's essentially the dark forest theory. By announcing your presence in a dark forest, you attract anything in your vicinity to interact with you, and if you can't defend yourself, you will be devoured.

It's the same on Nostr. By designing for self-sovereignty at the key-pair level, you allow each participant to project power on every other participant on an even playing field. And announcing your presence invites anyone who notices you to interact with you based on how you present yourself on your profile and in your notes.

You DO have power over what people send to you by building a profile that invites the kind of engagement you want to receive. If you do whatever you want without considering that, you're going to get engagement you don't like. Monsters exist in the forest, and you cannot reason with them.

ashfordarchhist, to egypt

Hello Mastodon! We are a local archaeology and history society based in Ashford, Kent, UK and we'd love to follow anyone who shares our interests.

Our current season of talks comes to an end at 7.30pm on Monday 15 April, when the Society's Chairman Keith Dorman will talk about 'Defining the Hyksos - The Most Detested Enemy of Ancient Egypt'. Our next season of talks will begin this September

luciledt, to random French
@luciledt@phpc.social avatar

Salut salut, je suis Lucile, ravie d'avoir été acceptée sur phpc.social 🙂

Je suis développeuse web fullstack (avec une préférence pour le front end). Je travaille avec :php: depuis bientôt presque 10 ans !

Mes plus gros projets perso sont :

EricLawton, to random
@EricLawton@kolektiva.social avatar

Hi, I'm Eric.
An immigrant to Anishinaabe land and Canada. Now old and retired.

Formerly practised/have skills in:
Human/Computer systems design/implementation. (coding then architecture).
Social work.
Factory work.
Grain elevator operations.
Political organizing (protests, political party).

Politics: kindness, collaboration, genuine democracy. anti-fascist

Currently beginning a workbook on tools for understanding and changing human social systems. (Website on my profile)

karma, to linux Polish
@karma@101010.pl avatar

Cześć! Jestem najzwyklejszym użytkownikiem Mastodona. Na wszystkich swoich komputerach używam i pluję na . Umiem trochę Javy, którą ostatnio zaniedbuję na rzecz Rusta. Gram w , i i 2077. Nie jestem neurotypowy, więc często zachowuję się dziwnie i nie łapię sarkazmów czy przenośni. Używam głównie oprogramowania i selfhostuję swoje usługi, bo jestem paranoikiem prywatności. Siedzę trochę w . To chyba tyle o mnie :blobcathearthug:

DJMoffinz, to random
@DJMoffinz@aus.social avatar

Hey everyone, I'm DJMoffinz
I'm a cis/het male, I'm 17 years old and I like reading, writing, art, skating/surfing, 3D modelling (Blender!!!), singing, philology, D&D and worldbuilding

My favorite colour is orange and my favorite animals are domestic cats, birds and insects

I've been interested in computers since I got my first one in high school, next year I hope to get my Cert 3 in IT and get a job with the DoE

I am a Christian, not to be confused with some kind of evil hater of everyone
Matthew 22:34-40 :)


32647d12982548104d6d45d0a8882acafec4d53ddcca0227f1b815dc8ddcd5a8, to random
@32647d12982548104d6d45d0a8882acafec4d53ddcca0227f1b815dc8ddcd5a8@mostr.pub avatar

Hey Nostr community!

I’m building something new with you.

Can’t wait to share!

BorealWife, to tarot
@BorealWife@thecanadian.social avatar

Greetings, folks!

You may remember me as LemonGin on this server or @LaurenIpsum.

I live in the boreal forest with my husband, our dogs, and an aggressively affectionate orange cat.

By day, I'm a part-time caretaker and a tarot card reader. By night, I'm usually asleep. I have a sensible car and sensible shoes, indicating I am a proper adult. I love the hockey, the WRC, Formula One, moose, hollandaise, folk music, and trees. I am a land of contrasts.

rossquantum, to quantumcomputing
@rossquantum@mathstodon.xyz avatar

Hello Mastodon! I'm new here. Where's all the quantum people at?

tira_pup_woofs, to random

My hooman tells me I'm supposed to write something called to tell da other hoomans and internet creatures about me. I'm tira, the goodest most bestest doggo. I am 10 hooman years old, but still behave like a pup, so my human says. I love snoozing in the sun and on lunas bed, being cute and getting all the attention. My paws don't work on the keyboard, so she types for me, but all the barks and woofs are mine. Follow me for all the pawfect pupdates!

bugthebard, to pixelart
@bugthebard@mastodon.social avatar

Howdy! New to this whole Mastodon thing (I'm not even sure what instance I should be on) but eager. Name's Bug — I'm a queer master's student in an entomology lab, passionate about scientific outreach.

When I’m not staring at insects, I spend my time creating zines, comics, other art, and playing D&D. I want to learn how to make video games. Let’s connect if you think little critters are cool!

maidcode, to random Russian
@maidcode@mastodon.ml avatar

как "привет, мир" оказалось моим самым популярным постом вообще? 16 лайков, куча комментариев... конечно было бы неплохо, если бы и под другими постами такая активность приятная была, но имеем что имеем.

@drq@mastodon.ml avatar

@maidcode Всякие приветмиры принято бустить, чтобы о новом пользователе узнало побольше людей.

А еще есть тег

littleshiva, to DigitalNomadHub
@littleshiva@h4.io avatar

Hi, I'm little Shiva. This pic was taken circa 2005 during my "maxi-maximalist" period in Charlotte, NC, USA. I live on the island of Vis now, do and for a living (littleshiva.com), and help via a project I founded, streetcatsofvis.com. I'm also interested in lefty-left things like and grassroots activism.

blaft, to random
@blaft@mastodon.social avatar

We're a small publishing house based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We started in 2008. We do translations of lesser-known Indian folklore and pulp fiction and graphic novels and weird horror fiction and quirky books about young women with monster boyfriends.

Our books are available worldwide! (We're currently working on making it a little easier for international customers to purchase from our site!)


Kumari Loves a Monster
Mizo Myths by Cherrie Lalnunziri Chhangte

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