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I saw this on a bumper sticker today. I love it so much.

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Recently, I took a street photography workshop with Guido Klumpe ( ). He is mostly known for his minimalistic approach with colors and shapes — you should check out his work! Here's one of my own attempts from the workshop.

#sky #patterns #lines #abstract #minimalism #street #streetphotography #fuji #fujifilm #photography

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I’m too lazy, here is the full set of keepers shooting Instax on the Hasselblad in La Jolla today!

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A weird part about minimalism is you get excited about getting rid of stuff that the average consumerism-minded person gets excited about acquiring.

A friend exclaims about getting a new mechanical keyboard, while I express the lightness I feel after selling mine and just using the perfectly fine laptop keyboard.

Do I really need a more visceral keyboard experience or is it just a weak compensation for some other lack or dissatisfaction from another unseen source?

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Really like how these monochrome flower Instax prints came out, worth the $10 or so!

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Concrete corner.
Antony Gormley exhibition at Houghton Hall, Norfolk May 2024.

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A minimalist black and white photograph capturing the subtle beauty of a white concrete wall with a prominent black crack forming a stair-like pattern through the plaster.
For prints:

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It’s out: “Upgrade Your HTML V” is available now! 👏

Thanks and kudos @5t3ph (foreword and review), @zcorpan (reviews), and Martha Martins (editing) for their help making this a worthy new part of the HTML craft and minimalism ebook series!

HTML forever ✌️

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Every spring and summer I enjoy the beautiful bright red poppies blooming everywhere in the garden and fields.

Enjoy my hand-painted minimalist watercolor painting of a beautiful single red poppy -->

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