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I've got a new COMPANDER album coming out on June 30th!

Super excited to share it with you, but until then, why not zone out with your drone out, courtesy of my more experimental alter ego, Cyfer of Agrym?

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I saw this on a bumper sticker today. I love it so much. #minimalism

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Recently, I took a street photography workshop with Guido Klumpe ( ). He is mostly known for his minimalistic approach with colors and shapes — you should check out his work! Here's one of my own attempts from the workshop.

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I’m too lazy, here is the full set of keepers shooting Instax on the Hasselblad in La Jolla today!

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A weird part about minimalism is you get excited about getting rid of stuff that the average consumerism-minded person gets excited about acquiring.

A friend exclaims about getting a new mechanical keyboard, while I express the lightness I feel after selling mine and just using the perfectly fine laptop keyboard.

Do I really need a more visceral keyboard experience or is it just a weak compensation for some other lack or dissatisfaction from another unseen source?

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