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I just finished watching the Fallout tv series and it was really well done. I'm glad to know it's getting a second season.

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Assez de \LaTeX pour ce soir, passons à de l'Acier #Fallout #NewVegas

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#Fallout season 1 is way better that expected. Absolutely loved it.

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Notez bien : entrer dans un vault de la Confrérie de l'acier en étant habillé avec un uniforme de la NCR est une super mauvaise idée.

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Welcome to the Anomalous Materials lab! You must be the new Theoretical Physicist!

> ". . ."



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The Claw is actually getting a meaningful upgrade, Vault Dweller!

MSI Claw gets Lunar Lake upgrade, Fallout Edition


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So, that 1 port for the that was going around the game news sites a few days ago? It's really good.



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What makes a really great stand out from lots of mediocre ones? Here's a deep dive. Tl;dr: It's not the special effects, but rather the experience. The main examples he explores are (the ne plus ultra of adaptations) and (which is only almost as good, mostly because the game was a bit too cinematic in the first place).


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Hello la commu Mastodon !

Je cherche à mettre la main sur la maquette du Pip Boy 2000 Mk. VI de 76, fabriquée par The Wand Company. Celle-ci était notamment vendue par Micromania => https://www.micromania.fr/replique-fallout-76-pip-boy-2000-mk-vi-a-monter-exclu-gs-89065.html

Si quelqu'un l'a achetée à l'époque et souhaite s'en séparer à un prix raisonnable (sur eBay c'est du grand n'importe quoi), contactez-moi :)
Retoots appréciés :)

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I must say that even after 9 years, jumping between the factions I will not side with I still feel bad when the characters in them confine in me when I know I will betray them... But then if I take a step back and see what they have actually done, and plan to do...

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Listening post Bravo is creepy as fuck if you do a little snooping.

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En buvant le café, je me relance dans une activité que je n'avais pas pratiquée depuis... 20 ans. On va peindre des figurines . Et voir si j'ai un peu gardé la main.

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Oldie but goodie: flowchart of quests and factions in #Fallout 4



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Fallout 76 counts 20 million players as franchise interest continues to spike
🔗 https://massivelyop.com/2024/05/31/fallout-76-counts-20-million-players-as-franchise-interest-continues-to-spike

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If I had kids I'm traumatize them by yelling shit like "WHERE IS YOUR POWER ARMOR?!" and think it was super funny (which it is)

SirTapTap, (edited )
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I just installed the #GOG version of #Fallout on my #Linux machine, using #Bottles. I've never played any of the earlier games, only Fallout 4, so this will be fun. I hope.
Seems to run fine.

Got both Fallout 1 and 2 on GOG as they are on sale there right now.

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Właśnie przeczytałem, że główny wątek w jest jedną z jego mocnych stron. Autor tego zdania musi mieć naprawdę nisko postawioną poprzeczkę :D

A poważniej - doceniam w tej grze główny wątek za to, że wybory gracza mają wpływ nie tylko na zakończenie. One sprawiają wrażenie, że mają duży wpływ na świat gry i to jest fajne, chociaż chciałbym więcej.

Fajne jest też to, że cały główny wątek jest dosyć spójny i nieprzesadnie prostoliniowy, ale nie nazwałbym go dobrym. Fajny jest sam początek, wprowadzenie z mocniejszym akcentem. A potem jest... miałko (pomijam i tak to, że zwyczajnie nie lubię wątku syntków)

Nawet zwrot akcji w momencie odnalezienia Shauna (w teorii dobra rzecz) następuje trochę za wcześnie, bo nie mamy okazji znielubić kierownika Instytutu (w sensie konkretnej osoby), żeby odnalezienie Shauna było znaczącym zwrotem.

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Me when I'm in an OUT OF UNIFORM contest and my opponent has FORGOTTEN THEIR POWER ARMOR

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DONE - "Feo, Fuerte, y Formal" - 58 hours - approx 1.5 million dots

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has been a guilty pleasure of mine lately. I say guilty pleasure because I’ve already spent over 100 hours or so back when it came out, and it’s definitely got its flaws, but I can’t deny it’s so fun. 😄

Since the show reignited the fan in me, I’ve not been able to get enough of New Vegas, and the lore in general. I’ve been wanting to play the games again but have been craving the more modern-feeling games. I gave 76 a try, and I sort of liked it, but it’s not for me. 😅

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TIL : Now I know why I disliked Veronica in #Fallout New Vegas so much. Sure, she is probably the better (best) companion, but he is voiced by Felicia Day. And I just can't stand her voice and childish mannerism.

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#Codsworth is my favorite #Fallout character. To the point that I don't want to modify him too much; I try to keep his soul, so to speak.

mason, to fallout Polish
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Z pewnością twórcom serialu #Fallout udało się na tyle dobrze odwzorować typy postaci z gry, że odświeżając sobie #Fallout4, aż musiałem sprawdzić czy Norm MacLean z serialu i Neil Freund z F4, to nie jakaś rodzina :D


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