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Lange mussten wir auf das erste richtige Soloalbum der Portishead-Sängerin Beth Gibbons warten. Bereits vor 11 Jahren wurde das Werk angekündigt, jetzt ist es endlich fertig.

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Please support my musical friends! Play their music videos, follow them, and "LIKE" their tracks.
Great folk like @rosealaimomusic and @shannoncurtis
Thank you!

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For this week's , a one-song slab of death I can't stop listening to from Kentucky's CELL INTRUDER. They just released this "Rapid Detorsoing" demo in January and it RIPS. Psyched to see what else these guys do.

@HailsandAles @wendigo @Kitty @BlackenedGreen

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ICYMI, @mirlo is running a campaign right now. Check it!

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Early this year I posted a link to the 'Emails' video by Memphis' Tennessee's BLUFF CITY VICE but I never linked to their new full BANGER of an album that came out in January.

I listen to this constantly. It'll definitely be in my top 20 favorite albums of 2024 -- and somewhere near the top of the list. These dudes make LEGIT electro-punk. This is some of my favorite kind of stuff (and the kind of stuff I write and make myself, actually).

Behold, the 2024 masterpiece that is 'S2PID':

@wendigo @Defiance @tangleofwires @DomSathanas @skullvalanche @hl

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Ever-awesome @etherdiver has reviewed my new (pre-release) album along with some other amazing ambient composers/songwriters. Please check it out!

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As always, apologies to those who don't like gross death metal (keep scrolling!) but for those who DO like gross death metal, I somehow missed this LP from GORUPTED (a one man band/project from France) last year. No idea how.

This might've made my favorite albums list from last year, had I heard it. It's THAT good of gross death metal.

@HailsandAles @wendigo @BlackenedGreen @Kitty

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For this week, something special I somehow missed from 2023.

Canada's COPROLITH (what's in the water up there in Canada?) released this grody, crushing, disgusting self-titled demo last year. It starts with this wall of sound type riff and then it devolves into this midtempo riff, and goes back and forth.. THIS is the shit I LOVE. And then 6 tracks of this. 🤯

Rotted Life Records have some INCREDIBLE bands on their roster.

@HailsandAles @wendigo @Kitty

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Random good song. Not metal. "Worm" is just a little over 7 minutes of some VERY catchy, cool & spacey psych rock by Indiana band Cairo Jag.

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Yesterday I ran across this incredible Maryland based death metal label Rotted Life Records. Fans of chunky, gross worm-infested cavernous sewer metal like @HailsandAles, @wendigo and I are will definitely wanna give their stuff a listen.

They have a couple new ones coming out later this month, too. Almost everything I've heard from them so far is 🔥

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I've had these three great lofi rough (kinda Bob Dylany?) blues-rockish songs by this mysterious Canadian project The Planks in my Bandcamp wishlist forever, and I can find absolutely nothing about the band. The three songs are all from 2018, and I dig em all. A long shot, but anyone know anything about em?

"Sugar Man"

"The Victors"

and a cover of Chuck Berry's "Carol"

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Sometimes you run across something by accident on Bandcamp that's weird and wonderful. I'm fairly sure I was looking for another artist a couple days ago when this popped up, but I wishlisted it then because why not, and I just now had a full listen.

This is the 3 song EP 'Treasure Trove' by Baltimore's YOUR MOM from 2015. It only lasts a few minutes, but those few minutes are strange and beautiful, and now I'm curious to check out the rest of their back catalog.

For fans of The Avalanches, etc.

#experimental #instrumental #beats #IndieMusic #YourMom

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Kudos to @HailsandAles for including Italian band ZOLLE on his , to @kevin for listening to it/pointing it out ("it needs its own genre") - hadn't heard em, this album is WILD. It's magical, odd & definitely deserves a listen. For fans of Andrew WK, Ween, Church of the Cosmic Skull? 😂

@wendigo @Kitty @BlackenedGreen @DomSathanas @Defiance @skullvalanche

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New GEE TEE record 'Prehistoric Chrome' just dropped today - 18 outtakes and bsides and demos and whatnot 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

@Defiance @wendigo

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It's - and you may be hearing this from lots of your musician friends. It means that Bandcamp takes no fees on anything you download for this one special day.
I'm running one other special: my entire discography for $34 (US)!

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The album cover art on this one is kinda gross, but I wanted feature the new EP 'Ergotism' that was just released by Canada's LAST RETCH for this week's . It's pretty great.

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Y'all know I'm not big on black metal, but being that it's Monday and I keep coming back to this one, it's probably a good one for .

LUST HAG is a solo project of Eleanor Harper - it's one woman feral black metal from Montana and it's pretty cool. There's some great synths and dynamics and interesting lyrics, etc.

Black metal fans, this is probably worth checking out.

@HailsandAles @wendigo @Kitty @umrk @BlackenedGreen @vanessawynn

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This week's is one man OSDM project from Tennessee, CHUNKED. This is a SERIOUSLY good EP of as he calls it 'primitive, knuckle dragging' death metal. Great release I somehow missed last year.


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Have a really cool #MusicWomenWednesday this week. I literally discovered Switzerland's SUN COUSTO a few minutes ago. They have an album 'Imaginary Girls' coming out next month and they're kinda lo-fi and sound a bit like an all-female Sebadoh with some other twee mixed in.

It's catchy and weird and I love it.

#SunCousto #lofi #twee #punk #PunkRock #Switzerland #SwissBands #IndieMusic #IndieRock

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Malaysia's OBSCURIAL just put out their second full length yesterday, and WHAT an album this is. 'Heretic' might be my favorite metal LP of the year so far. Some REALLY wild, unique stuff on this one.

@HailsandAles @Kitty @BlackenedGreen @cory @DomSathanas

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Today is .🌏

In 2019 I came across a post in a French Facebook group. Franck Deschamps was looking for someone to write the music for his lyrics, Petite planète. 🌍

I immediately liked them and wrote the song and arranged it. It was my first production from home.

Today it’s a fundraiser on . Please consider donating to Greenpeace. 🌎

Thank you! 🙏

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New song out now!
Happy 4/20 everyone!! :420: :420leaf:
Peace and big love to you all! 🤗
Boosts are very welcome, cheap, and appreciated!! 🫶

Shoutout to @Onj (Andre Louis)!

Gettin Stoned (feat. Andre Louis)
~ Dgar

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