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"DNA Damage and Inflammation Key to Memory Formation"

"Researchers unveiled a groundbreaking discovery that DNA damage and brain inflammation are vital processes for forming long-term memories, particularly within the brain's hippocampus."

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Christian Münz explores a study showing that stimulation alters composition, degrading hyperactive immunoproteasomes & limiting . Primer: Paper:

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Surprising link found between niacin and risk of heart attack and stroke - Enlarge / A shopper looks at a meat display on June 20, 2022 at the Market 32 ... -

A break in mitochondrial endosymbiosis as a basis for inflammatory diseases (Abstract) (

Mitochondria retain bacterial traits due to their endosymbiotic origin, but host cells do not recognize them as foreign because the organelles are sequestered. However, the regulated release of mitochondrial factors into the cytosol can trigger cell death, innate immunity and inflammation. This selective breakdown in the...

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Researchers sound alarm after making concerning connection between #plastic and the spread of #pathogens: ‘Urgent need for intensified monitoring’

Story by Juliana Marino
January 28, 2024

"New studies have revealed the dangers of microplastics. These tiny plastic particles are not only a major #environmental threat but also a serious health risk.

"A recent study in the 2023 Volume 2 issue of Eco-Environment & Health has identified the hidden dangers of microplastics spreading in bodies of water.

What’s happening?

"Microplastics are tiny plastic particles — no bigger than 5 millimeters — that come from industrial materials and the breakdown of plastic products. They have become a growing environmental concern due to their widespread presence throughout marine and freshwater ecosystems worldwide.

"The new study reveals the alarming health risks associated with the spread of microplastics. According to the research findings, pathogens can adhere to microplastics, using plastic waste particles as a medium for transmission.

"Researchers who worked on the study underscored the 'urgent need for intensified monitoring of microplastic contamination.' The study also calls for additional research investigations examining the 'role of microplastics in pathogen transmission, along with the health risks that ensure.''

Why are microplastics concerning?

"Microplastics pose severe health risks to living organisms. Scientists have found microplastics in the stomachs of a variety of organisms, from small invertebrates to large mammals like bears, whales, and deer. When organisms ingest microplastics, the plastic waste particles build up and can cause #inflammation, #neurotoxicity, and #GutImbalances.

"From an environmental standpoint, microplastics leach toxic substances into the #soil, #air, and #water. Since microplastics are made of synthetic materials, they do not break down, remaining in the environment and our bodies indefinitely.

"Plastic pollution threatens the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems especially, as scientists have already identified 24.4 trillion pieces of microplastics in the ocean. However, the total number of microplastics floating through the ocean is estimated to be much higher.

What’s being done about microplastic pollution?

"Countries across the globe are taking action by developing policies to prevent further plastic leakage into soil and water sources.

"Scientists are also developing methods for effectively removing existing microplastics from contaminated bodies of water. One promising technique uses a magnetic nano-pillared absorbent to extract tiny plastic particles. This approach removes microplastics at a much faster rate than previous methods.

"Individually, we can stop adding to plastic pollution by changing small habits that make a big difference."

#WaterIsLife #Microplastics #PlasticPollution #Anticonsumerism #Degrowth #PlasticAlternatives #CleanUpYourMess #BigCorporations #Consumerism #Advertising

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news from the UK: “During the COVID-19 pandemic it became apparent that neurological complications were occurring in a significant proportion of hospitalised patients & even in those with mild COVID-19 infection. While some neurological ‘symptoms’ were often mild (headache & muscle aches [myalgia]), it became clear that more significant & potentially life-changing new neurological ‘complications’ were occurring, including encephalitis (brain inflammation), seizures, & stroke.

“Our study shows that markers of are present in the blood months after COVID-19, & particularly in those who have had a COVID-19-induced brain complication (e.g. , or ), despite resolution of the inflammatory response in the blood. This suggests the possibility of ongoing inflammation & injury inside the brain itself which may not be detected by blood tests for inflammation."

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New long COVID study uncovers high inflammation in patients.

This small study followed 113 patients for up to 1 year at 4 different hospitals in Switzerland.


Published study:


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The findings showed that consuming induced changes in the , suppressing and preventing .

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The responds to and modulates immune stress via the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. @TristanLi_Lab explores a study revealing 2-way communication between hormone-producing & immune cells during Paper: Primer:

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The Inflammatory Question: Red Meat Might Not Be So Bad for You After All
Research from the USDA/ARS Children’s Nutrition Research Center has revealed that red meat consumption may not be directly linked to inflammation, contrary to some prior studies. The team used cross-sectional data from older adults and found that after adjusting for BMI, there was no connection between red meat and inflammation markers.

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What is inflammation?

“Generally speaking, the term inflammation refers to all activities of the immune system that occur where the body is trying to fight off potential or real infections, clear toxic molecules or recover from physical injury.”

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Inflammation in the brain during early childhood has been previously linked to autism and schizophrenia. Now, researchers have identified how inflammation can affect human brain cells and the way they develop, opening up exciting avenues for potential treatments. Newsweek reports.

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A new method of controlling and sugar levels for oral and systemic disease prevention using a common drug has been discovered by a team of researchers.

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Nonresolving inflammation redux

"However, nonmalignant clones that withstand the myelosuppression of inflammation can persist and expand in a manner that is markedly dependent on age (Jaiswal et al., 2014). In turn, this clonal hematopoiesis promotes inflammation, notably in the cardiovascular system (Libby and Ebert, 2018). In this sense, inflammation imprints a memory of itself in hematopoietic cells that is recalled and amplified in later years. Clonal hematopoeisis may be one of the major explanations for the association of age with an inflammatory diathesis, sometimes called “inflammaging,” other features of which are discussed further below."

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Clean & floss folks 🦷🪥 disease could be the consequence of of neuronal tissue caused by the colonisation of bacteria from the oral microbiota which produce toxic proteins called “gingipains”. Therapeutic applications are already being considered.

Porphyromonas gingivalis in Alzheimer's disease brains: Evidence for disease causation and treatment with small-molecule inhibitors - PubMed

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patients exhale up to 1,000 copies of per minute during first eight days of symptoms - Northwestern Now

Huh. Who knew🙄🙄🙄

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@trendless @noyes
after both my 2 infections can say w/certainty the lasts for an absurdly long amount of time; >12 months

most people don’t notice inflammation normally, so doubt they even suspect something is wrong

fractured my ankle in 2017 & PT was awesome, but if my diet goes slightly awry, my ankle reminds me by acting up

my insane amount of sudden white hair signals damage & people just exposing themselves to this 24/7 is mind blowing to me💔

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'Using RNAseq on blood from nine primate species exposed to bacterial lipopolysaccharides, we fit phylogenetic models and discovered hypermetric scaling in innate immune gene responses. We speculate that immune allometries may lead to asymmetrical expectations for virulence of zoonotic pathogens, such that diseases originating in smaller species may cause more severe immunopathology in larger species.'

Research reveals devastating impact of Western diet on human health (

Research examines the impact of the Western diet on various aspects of health, including metabolism, inflammation, gut microbiota, cardiovascular health, mental health, and cancer. It provides insights into the effects of this dietary pattern on individuals and healthcare systems.

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For anyone that has neurological pain I really cannot recommend enough .

Hands down works better than anything I've ever used, it's cheap, and it's well researched/has a good safety profile.

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