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I've noticed they've started adding ML in anti-virus software, because it is significantly increasing the number of false positives on my Python-based app. 🙄

All of the red entries on Virus Total lately have all been ML detections. Of course, it's always been a problem with anti-virus mistakenly flagging Python apps as malware, but after I stopped using the common packaging tools, this went away. Now it's back.

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Mark Zuckerberg on Llama 3: Apparently Meta stopped training Llama-3-70b before convergence and decided to move onto Llama-4. Meaning they could have kept training and made it smarter! Also llama3-70b multimodal as well as multilingual and bigger context window are coming.

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Re-up in preparation for Monday's talk in Bergen, Norway.

Have a listen to the episode of the Google Cloud Security Podcast, featuring me.

EP150 Taming the AI Beast: Threat Modeling for Modern AI Systems with Gary McGraw

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Start saving money for that M4 Ultra with 500GB! Maybe this could be the first open source that could surpass GPT-4! AIatMeta: "Llama 3 8B & 70B models are just the beginning of what we’re working to release for Llama 3. Our largest models currently in the works are 400B+ parameters and while they’re still in active development, we’re excited about how this work is trending." #LLM #AI #ML

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I am giving a Machine Learning Security talk in Bergen, Norway Monday 22.4. The scandanavian tour's last and final stop.

I will be discussing security risks and the new BIML results. Please join us.

Thanks for your help spreading the word.

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Software Security Seminar in Stockholm TOMORROW 17.4

Please join me for an early morning breakfast seminar on (with some thrown in for good measure). Build security in.

Register here

Thank you in advance for passing this on to dev types you know in Sweden. Please boost for reach.

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Earlier today, Microsoft released new WizardLM-2 7b, 8x22b, 70b with great benchmark result, (of course, they say as good or almost same as GPT-4), but they removed weights on Huggingface, repo on Github, and their whitepaper. Someone on Reddit joked maybe they released GPT-4 by mistake! lol Quantized. weights from other people are still around on Huggingface!

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Cool tip for running LLMs on Apple Silicon! By default, MacOS allows GPU to use up to 2/3 of RAM on machines with <=36GB and 3/4 on machines with >36GB. I used the command sudo sysctl iogpu.wired_limit_mb=57344 to override and allocate 56GB/64GB for GPU. This allowed me to load all layers of larger models for a faster speed!

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When generative AI is trained with AI-generated data, it becomes degenerat(iv)e AI.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #LLM #LLMs #GenAI #GenerativeAI

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BIML back in the saddle this week via video. Discussing the combination of GAs and LLMs.

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Ya está abierto el registro para nuestra reunión de abril: 🐲 LLMOps & ML para Drilling Performance y Python & Mazmorras, este mes en las oficinas de Repsol

¡Nos vemos el jueves 18 a las 19:00! Y después, networking 🍻

#PyDataMadrid #PyData #python #ai #llmops #ml #metaheuristics

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Thanks to all the recent large LLMs, "Apple is considering support for up to half a terabyte of RAM" for the highest-end m4 Mac configurations. I'm sure the price won't be cheap, but I bet it will be cheaper than getting 500GB in vram from NVidia. lol

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Apparently Meta is planning to release two small varients of Llama-3 next week "as a precursor to the launch of the biggest version of Llama 3, expected this summer." Command-r-plus, mixtral 8x22b, Google CodeGemma... All of sudden companies are releasing LLMS like crazy! Where's Apple? Maybe In WWDC 2024? lol

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And this is also a temporary[?] move away from working in , because right now the hype is making everything reckless and irrational. And I hate being on the back end to over-promising and under-delivering.

And don't get me started on the amount of people working in the area who trust ChatGPT blindly, and are surprised when it doesn't solve things by magic.

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Whenever I see OpenAI's Sam Altman with his pseudo-innocent glance, he always reminds me of Carter Burke from Aliens (1986), who deceived the entire spaceship crew in favor of his corporation, with the aim of getting rich by weaponizing a newly discovered intelligent lifeform.

#AI #ArtificialIntelligence #aliens #alien #MachineLearning #ML #DeepLearning #LLM #LLMs #GenerativeAI #OpenAI #Microsoft

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years ago, the “language of machine learning” was split between #R and but it’s been steadily shifting toward python. At this point, after all the developments, i think it’s clearly python. i don’t see much R in the LLM world at all. And increasingly, i’m seeing being the “systems language of

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SaTML 2023 - Timnit Gebru - Eugenics and the Promise of Utopia through

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