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Earthling. Original analogue mid-century heritage version. Person of interest.
#music #knowledge #sustainability #compost
Hug your loved ones often 🥰

Banner pic: Rapid Bay SA 2004
Cartoon by the late Don Martin

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what is it with jaycar and portable freezers

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@mightyspaceman In South Australia portable freezers are the new barrels?

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@nervous_jessica That’s the nicest public space I have ever seen 👏

jpm, to random
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Once again I must manipulate an 8-dimensional field topology to achieve peace in our time.

Friends, I am folding fitted sheets.

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@jpm And they EAT other items in the washing 😆

LALegault, to mastodon
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What has taught me, a non-techy about :

  • Linux users are the helpers
  • Silicon Valley is the trust fund kids
  • Crypto tech is the criminals
  • Google is really fucking evil.
  • tech people are grumpy because their workplaces don’t value the important work they do
  • tech unions are needed
  • video games can be art
  • the lack of gender parity in the industry causes more problems than is acknowledged
  • AI is a weapon
  • analog is safer
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@LALegault Last 3 words is our

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putting on a show for us

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🐰 Peak Chocolate Weekend 🐰
to you all

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Any sign of three wise men yet?
Coz we really need them this year.

compost, to fediverse
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Our account proved that by curating a topic like compost, we were able to reach out to the and provide a tool that can be a solution to fixing the .

We need to understand that by changing our habits and asking ourselves every day: what can I do for the climate today? We can be the change we want to see.

And by sharing our practices on we can inspire others to do the same.

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@compost Newly following May I introduce Harold the Barrel (who's currently digesting his second batch of here in 😀

ecoscore, to story
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My banner picture has been up for quite a while but I should maybe tell the #story behind it.

It was Christmas 2004. Newly arrived to live in #SouthAustralia Got our tent and a couple of #seakayaks and set off exploring the #Fleurieu penninsula. On the night/day of the southeast Asia Boxing Day tsunami we were camped in a tiny cove with no other access but by sea. Vertical rock cliffs behind us.

It is very fortunate this was on the opposite side of Australia, we were unaware and unaffected. Only later we learned what had happened that weekend and how many people had lost their lives or livlihoods 😢

ecoscore, to gardening
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“0.81kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per serving”
How’s your vege garden tracking? 😬


ecoscore, to MandelaEffect
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Note to self.
When listing stuff for sale on I must remember they will take 14%. They'll also take 14% on the postage.
...and they'll pay no tax to the Australian Government

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Anyone know how to do advanced search on
It seems to have disappeared on my browser 🤔

ecoscore, to Etymology
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Has anyone informed the Liberal Party that they are the complete antithesis of the word liberal

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ecoscore, to Mongolia
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Life at the edge 😬

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What is the descriptor or collective noun for reclusive celebrities like The and 🤔

ecoscore, to Israel
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builds road through to the new Côte de Sang 😦

perkinsy, to climate
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This is how to dry clothes when you don't have back yard space for a regular clothes line. Today we installed this retractable clothes line in a small courtyard outside. Now we won't have to rely on an unsightly clothes horse covered with damp clothes in the lounge during wet weather.

We ended up ordering this line from Italy. Many body corporates who govern apartment buildings in Australia ban the drying of clothes on balconies thus killing the market for these kind of clothes lines here. In Australia you generally have a choice of the aforementioned clothes horse or a costly and not so environmentally friendly (but neater-looking) tumble dryer.

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@perkinsy Nice 😀 You have just given me another DIY project to add to my list

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Apalling situation in
It illustrates the importance of good political and role models. Haiti's national character was badly damaged many years ago by some very bad ones, and seems to be struggling to recover from them.


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Why does sit on your $ for two weeks. Well I suppose I know why, but why do we let them get away with it 🤔

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Today I found out that I and a neighbour are immortalised on 😊 Should I be chuffed at the instant fame or indignant and litigeous?

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This is what philanthropic business looks like. It can be a better world 🙏 😀

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If there is any doubt that Coles and Woolworths are a duopoly, then how else did both CEOs give outstandingly poor interviews?

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hankg, to random

It wasn't until digging into Musk background after the whole going after the guy who criticized his cave rescue submarine stunt that I realized how many times he just made shit up as on the verge of existing or 1-2 years away tops to have it be total BS. Good news, now there is a site that tracks it. It is truly mind bending that people take what he says at face value any longer. He is more grifter and charlatan than "real world Tony Stark" tech genius. The data is all there for you to see for yourself. elonmusk.today/

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@hankg Excellent 👏 This needs to be widely boosted.
Why? The man is turning out to be a danger not only to himself but also to the and world order.


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