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Neurodivergent Manitoba Interlake settler (Zone 3, Treaty One), musician, grower of consumables, parent of felines and canines. He/Him/Goblin.
Pic is a middle aged bearded white dude in a Bill Monroe t-shirt, looking thoughtful.
Banner is Hellbert - see pinned post.
I do mainly two kinds of posts: my animals, and Jalapeno Takes on politics and whatnot.
If you're not into the opinionating, #BoDoodle and #GorgeyTheGolden will get you just my dogs. Mute my boosts, I do too many.

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jpaskaruk, to animals
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(With apologies to Flavor Flav)

What do you gotta say about this
A cute so strong that you can't resist
You may as well pat 'im, you know you can't beat 'im
If he wants a cookie, you know gonna feed 'im

Straight in your face with the pupper breath
More psychotropic than crystal meth
Not the radiation that brings slow death
Just emotion that'll make you his marionette

He got too, too,
Too Much Puppy

mekkaokereke, to random
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Rap beef is silly. People really die behind this nonsense.

People that say that they love rap beef, do love rappers... But in the same way that people that love dog fights, love dogs. Some people go to NASCAR races to see who the most skilled driver is, and to marvel at the engineering. Other people just go to watch the crashes. Their entertainment is watching you burn.

And like I've also said before, gangster rap is a performance by Black people for white people.🤷🏿‍♂️


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@apgarcia @mekkaokereke

I'm no authority, but PE has never been in the gangsta category that I'm aware of?

They're much much worse, from the perspective of white people. :>

jpaskaruk, to random
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Haven't fully sorted out if I can make it to @pluralistic in May 2, but if I do and anyone else from here is there, my profile pic is pretty accurate, come say hi if you feel like it. But also, don't feel obligated to do so.

Expect awkwardness at levels that my online persona might make surprising. Most likely I'll just grab my selfie with my fav author and flee quickly, but I'm very nice really, and will attempt to be zany for a few minutes on req. We all just mutants doing our best.

jpaskaruk, to Recipes
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After decades of trying, my Chana Masala still sucks. I can pick up excellent stuff at many places when I'm in Winnipeg but since moving to the country my life with chickpeas, is bad.

There's a chain here in Canada called Royal Paan that serves Indian Street food. They don't actually sell Chana/Chole, but they put it on top of various other things like a sauce. I have begged them but they won't sell me them alone.

Recipes/Tips? I actually like videos for recipes.

jpaskaruk, to random
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I can't possibly be the first to tag @pluralistic into a post with this exact meme while reading The Lost Cause but I'm shooting my shot.

climatebrad, to random
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My full interview with @pluralistic about The Lost Cause, his SF romp about Green New Dealers v. MAGA holdouts in near-future Burbank, is now up! https://hillheat.news/p/lost-cause-part-five

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@climatebrad @pluralistic

Just finished it this morning. First "can't put this down please don't make me sleep damn brain" book I've read in a long time. It is about our world and I might be planning to shove copies at a lot of people's faceholes cause there is so much people need to know about here, so we are not blindsided by it later.

hobbsc, to mastodon
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what do y'all like on ? the web-ui is cool and all but it might be neat to have something dedicated. for reference, i am a enjoyer on .

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@hobbsc think you mean ?

jpaskaruk, to gardening
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Man it's a lot of work transplanting sprouts into small pots and wow I have not been hoarding enough small pots


In my head people make plantable pots out of newspaper, is that really a thing or did I invent it in my head? Is there a good #DIY plantable pot technique out there?

dinozombie, to random
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The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution explicitly permits slavery – forced labor without pay – for prisoners.

holy shit TIL, thanks @pluralistic

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@blogdiva @dinozombie @pluralistic

I am now curious about numbers

Let's say it's... 1855. A certain percentage of the population of the USA are slaves. I don't have any clue what percentage that is.

Now it's 2024. A certain percentage of the population are prisoners.

I have a couple of percentages in my head from old reading, but I am not sure if they are percentages of prison populations or per capital incarcertation rates.

Anyways, I strongly suspect the second one is probably higher.

jpaskaruk, to random
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So is there an easy/built-in way to setup a filter that hides any posts with images that don't have alt-text?

Images with bad alt text, which are far worse than none, are a much more difficult problem that might require an LLM.

But this week I'm turning off boosts from a number of people who otherwise do very good boosts, strictly because of their boosting images with no alt-text.

I'd like to keep all the rest of their boosts, somehow, if possible, but images with no alt-text are rage fuel.

jpaskaruk, to random
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Still jobseeking, by the way, and still open to being

I do more or less anything tech, but especially good at using Python to bring disparate interfaces together into a unified whole, in order to eliminate drudgery and bottlenecks that create it.

Interested in Sysadmin and DevOps, either Hybrid in Manitoba/Winnipeg or Remote anywhere else.

Pretty open to relocation, if you're in Australia or Europe, or even Africa or South America, who knows.

edit: thanks for the boosts :>

dgar, to random
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You can tell a computer geek from an influencer by the way they pronounce “bios”.

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Kinda like how all true geeks agree about "gif"

(I'm old enough to have had the same debate with other meatbags about "GEOS" in my teens...)

masukomi, (edited ) to random
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For those of you considering starting something with Patreon, it's fully moved into late stage enshitification.

This poor creator was given $583 by their patrons, and Patreon took $109 of it in fees. 🤦‍♀️

Go use Ko-fi, they're still run by humans who actually care about creators and don't try and screw them at every opportunity. Also consider Ghost.org. They're working hard to make an Open Source Patreon style platform w/ NO fees beyond simple hosting cost.

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I'm not ready to ask the internet for money at all, but, just in case I was or if I was trying to get someone else setup in there, question: Is Ko-Fi owned by VC money, or is it a private concern under the management of one or a few owners?

jpaskaruk, to selfhosted
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So, I still need a version of the following:

Shared grocery list, either one with an iphone app or much better, a UI that works on any browser. Couldn't find much when I last looked, and Notes app is not as good/robust as Google Keep. Definitely something I could do, if my meds keep working, myself...

RSS Reader like Feedly or Google Reader. Also seems like something I could sort out with time, but who has time. So many cover letters to write...

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Thank you! All replies are extremely appreciated, and all suggestions will be explored. :>

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It would be great if Google's search engine started actually working again, not that I see that happening.

If you really wanna cry, imagine the internet where they just decided to give everyone a free connection back in the 90s and allowed us to build it all ourselves in the first place.

Alice, to random
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I wish someone would write a love song about me. Ideally something romantic and heartfelt like Trap Queen by Fetty Wap.

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I have no idea whether either of those names are real things or just names you made up, because I am an old hippie/banger.

What's important is, the joke still works. It is a finely crafted piece of comedic workmanship.

Daojoan, to random
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For most people chasing “generational wealth” is a trap. Prioritize personal freedom and present happiness over an ego-driven desire to build a dynasty. Bezos can't buy more time or meaning. The real wealth is in your lived experience.

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@shekinahcancook @Daojoan

Also true, though, I'm reading The Lost Cause by @pluralistic (is that humblebundle still available? Best deal ever) and it's honestly making me rethink that whole thing.

Having a backyard is fine (I hope, cause I have a pretty nice yard here, an hour outside the city), as long as you don't catch NIMBYism.

And it can be hard to sort out, what's useful to the community from what angle, and what cannot be entertained, and does the elected cohort understand any of it.

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@shekinahcancook @Daojoan @pluralistic

I am attempting to become more adept at both keeping plants alive, and more long term, doing so without stuff like MiracleGro or even peat moss.

I have been adding to an excellent compost pile/dog smorgasbord all winter and the weather just got daytime above freezing today, presumably for the duration, so I expect some excellent rotting to commence.

The dogs, well, putting up fence is my love language for my dogs apparently.

@jpaskaruk@growers.social avatar

@shekinahcancook @Daojoan @pluralistic

I cut my teeth on indoor commercial medicinal herbs for the, umm, enlightened market, and a lot of industrial assumptions got into my head.

shoq, to random
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I have to say, that anyone that doesn’t see the creative possibilities of chatGPT probably isn’t a creative person. It continues to astonish me how good it is at learning my creative instincts and expressing my ideas in clear and even creative ways. It all comes down to the prompt: just how you ask the question.

@jpaskaruk@growers.social avatar

@shoq @cdashiell

What do you plan to do about the whole "it will burn up the planet faster than crypto" aspect of it?

Jgmeadows, to Toronto
@Jgmeadows@mstdn.ca avatar

Perhaps an unpopular statement, but not everyone who owns a house in #Toronto is rich. There are a good number of “house poor” people who while they may own a house, are living on a fixed income, are an elderly senior etc. and can’t maintain the property. I’ll bet there are ways to integrate the house poor into housing solutions (more multi-generational housing, downsizing on place, allowing city-subsidized micro-housing units in back yards etc.). 1/2 #housing

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Violence does indeed beget violence, but your statement seems to imply that no violence has yet been done here.

There are many ways to assault someone, and they don't all involve bodily harm.

Another idiomatic expression is "a riot is the voice of the unheard".

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I get that. I've had a few boomers being boomy on the phone with me this week.

I greatly prefer the future where Trudeau continues to work with the NDP and they bring in a rational new approach over time that does not unnecessarily inconvenience anyone.

My guess is we end up needing to choose from a set of much less good options in the end, but again, I love being wrong, and Canadians have surprised me in good ways before.

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That's fine, as long as you don't call me on the phone and talk about your investment portfolio while simultaneously insisting you are not a capitalist I suppose

Not all boomers of course, but also, only boomers. Shrug.

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Plenty of my fellow GenX into that nonsense too. :>

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