sfunk1x, to random

Had a serious database failure earlier due to cascading bad decisions. I started deleting a bunch of old data, rather than using . This led to a bunch of errors in the container.

I moved the database into bare metal using a with 32GB of RAM and 4 cores. I'm going to use this for other services too, and it was on my roadmap of transition. will be moving to that as well.

I'm still sorting out the fallout from this.

rolle, to mastodon
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I've been monitoring my Mastodon instance with BetterStack and set up new and more precise alerts lately. Got continously an alert like this:

proxy_buffer_size 4096 is not enough for cache key, it should be increased to at least 5120

I did not have proxy_buffers and related settings set up at all.

This blog post helped me in this regard: https://bavatuesdays.com/some-initial-mastodon-instance-tweaking/

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Sadly this didn't seem to cut it. I still get randomly:

cache file "/var/cache/nginx/4/53/ad751e870e1c4a778ededb7d276ae534" has too long header

Any tips?

rolle, to IT
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My Wesnesday well spent. Worked with servers from 10am to midnight.

rolle, to sysadmin
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I absolutely love being a sysadmin to this server and many others, even if it means during my holiday I need to be the maintenance guy. During my Christmas holidays so far I've

  • Improved one clean up script that had an error which temporarily made one of the smaller disks fill up too soon
  • Fixed a nginx block for a domain that didn't allow renewing a Let's Encrypt HTTPS certificate for a certain domain after database migration and re-release of a web service
  • Repaired an old MySQL database manually, because of a very old MyISAM corruption bug

Some people find this stressful, but for me it's like taking the trash out, these are chores I'm very accustomed to. Most of the weeks they require nothing, but for some reason it's the holidays when some things just happen. That's life.

I'm very glad Mastodon stack is so sophisticated compared to some of the older stacks I'm running also I thank myself and my experience from last year that I really built it almost fool-proof and big-enterprise style. This is why no big hiccups present here, yet. 24/7 backup system is in place, too.

rolle, to IT
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:skull360: Heads up! I need to rescale the database drive soon. It’s growing and I want the disk to be able to hold more data. The current max size is about 40 GB and I will grow it to 500 GB to make it more future proof.

This means I have to shut down my instance for this operation to make sure there will be no data corruption. The downtime will be probably only mere minutes, but there will be visible downtime. I’ll let you know the exact time for this to take place.

Database operations always make me kinda anxious for some reason despite the fact there has not been a single issue with them for me in the past.

rolle, to mastodon
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Some people are saying things like "Maybe you'll give up on Mastodon". They get it wrong. It is not about giving up on Mastodon;

I will never give up on my servers.
I will never give up on my loved ones.

Would you? Give up on your loved ones, I mean? What's the point in that?

Jenkwerx, to fediverse


Hello! Here's my sales pitch -

Working on a / client and web called (hopefully by Sunmer 2024)

Simulation / with a game online for over 25 years

Goal is to incorporate AP into the game and as I refactor next year

Old time and

Moving my talk here from my my other account


..I talk comics and BS over there 😂

rolle, to IT
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Just set up a log watcher via Datadog for my Mastodon server cluster, because it's the most pretty and easiest for me in this situation. Works amazing and now I will receive a notification from even a tiniest anomaly!

Check out the status of the servers at https://status.mementomori.social

You are in safe hands here.

Logging in mementomori.social's Datadog panel
CPU usage graph
Fatal errors monitor

me, to facepalm
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I love how -c told me it was OK

adelgado, to IT Spanish
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¿Es muy raro que me suban las endorfinas y casi me alegre cuando mi madre me dice que no funciona la web de Nextcloud donde compartimos fotos de mis hijas y así tengo algo más que arreglar?

Atari_BBS, to IT
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doing sysop things…. so more people know you can connect to a in 2023 - southernamis.com to learn more

multiverseofbadness, to comics
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Hello! I'm Mike and this is my sales pitch...

Love /

Working on a / client and web I call Jenkwerx (hopefully in beta by EOY)

Simulation / with a game online for over 25 years

Old time and

Everyday life is busy enough - I'm here solely to interact w/people in a friendly manner - if that's you I look forward to rapping w/ya!

rolle, to IT
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I here by declare I have opened my server to the public. I'm going to keep it rather small. If you like an account you'll have to accept things are prone to change as this server is experimental and hosted by one person.

I will take no pressure from this nor blame for anything. I will take it chill. I will cherish you and appreciate you, but won't necessarily wish for any influx. Let's see how it goes. :bunhdheart:


derPUPE, to random German
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What think, what do, when arrived:


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although there was once such a BBS back then in duisburg ....

the saw the police downstairs in front of the house and then it rang:

He dictly: With the drill the HD crashed through the tower and the DAT tapes thrown out the window.

Funfact: they wanted to go to the neighbor & just ringed by him

mayor, to random
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@ecylejackson welcome to SMUGglers’s BBS!

@mayor@smugglersbbs.com avatar

@mlaursen There is a little bit of a history behind this Mastodon Instance. SMUG stands for "Sequoia Macintosh Users Group" It was a BBS operated using server in , . It went offline a very long time ago. I found the original domain (htan.org) bought it and now we are here. ❤️ 😎 Attached are some images from the original SMUGgler's was the first online experience I had at home as a young little nerd. 🤓

SMUG Goes online newsletter
First Class client install floppies

stormygleason, to IT

Redoing my since I’m on a new server.

Hi! After studying chemistry, I’ve spent the last twenty five years in IT, first as a .0 programmer and during the 90’s, then in and roles this century.

I read “My Side of the Mountain” and “The Mysterious Island” as a kid and have always been fascinated with a diy approach to civilization: , , , and .

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