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David Weiss now says the salacious conspiracies were false. With the indictment yesterday of Alexander Smirnov, the source of those false claims, Weiss confesses he is a direct witness in an attempt to frame President Joe Biden, even as Weiss attempts to bury it.

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Smirnov filed something in Nedada. While the Case is in California. The Nevada judge ordered his release, and the California Judge ordered him to be re-arrested.

Putin loving republicans went court shopping. Now, the Nevada judge, after getting his dick smacked, admits it doesn't have jurisdiction.


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If you want to check out what tech and apps I use, take a look at my /uses page!



@andycarolan I have added it to my todo list!

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Oh wow, I really didn’t think I’d see an example of “oops, AI did this by mistake, no one else is at fault” so fast after reading this article yesterday. Well, maybe it is the other way round, here they claim AI did it itself, the article is more about humans having to correct AI to make it look like AI is working perfectly…

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Remember when AI was used to generate a George Carlin comedy routine? That didn’t happen. Generative AI isn’t that good.

After the George Carlin’s estate sued, a representative of the show admitted that it was human-written. The claim that it was produced by an AI trained on Carlin’s material appears to be far from the truth, and rather used as a way to garner attention.

Cory Doctorow frequently reminds us that these stories of magical AI is peddled by both boosters and critics. Critics of AI make the mistake of also assuming that AI is this good, and talk about it as bad use of AI. This unnecessarily inflates the idea that AI can do things that it really can’t, adding fuel to magical thinking.

It’s probably a good idea to more often question if AI is even in the picture, given how effective it has become as a marketing vehicle. Was there AI involved? Perhaps, but not to the extent that salespeople would have you imagine

And yes, there's a name for this kind of criticism: "criti-hype.” A term coined by Lee Vinsel. Read more in Doctorow’s blog post, as always littered with further reading:

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Remarquable citation de Cory Doctorow (

"Nous sommes très loin du moment où une IA pourra faire votre travail, mais on a déjà dépassé le moment où votre patron peut être pigeonné jusqu'à croire qu'il peut vous virer et vous remplacer par un robot qui va très mal faire votre boulot."

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For those who wonder if AI is coming for their job, @pluralistic puts it quite well: "we're nowhere near the point where an AI can do your job, but we're well past the point where your boss can be suckered into firing you and replacing you with a bot that fails at doing your job".

Although I would add that in some cases, the boss knows that the quality of the work is worse, but it's a feature, not a bug (see for example automated customer service that always dead ends).

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On Hallowe'en 1974, Ronald Clark O'Bryan murdered his son with poisoned candy. He needed the insurance money, and he knew that Halloween poisonings were rampant, so he figured he'd get away with it. He was wrong:


If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:


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Just make every word a hashtag and you will never have to worry about adding them again ​:neofox_think_woozy:​

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Currently blocking people piling on in replies to an 8 month old post of mine that was apparently just re-boosted by the Mastodon Scold Squad.

This is less fun than it sounds.

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Things I get routinely yelled at here for:

  • expressing opinions about usability and safety deficiencies in the Mastodon PM function.

  • posting and discussing photos in a manner perceived as "showing off"

  • having too many followers

  • not filling my posts with #enOugH #HaSHTagS #to #mAke #TheM #LOOk #LiKE #rAnSOM #notes.

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Nerven euch auch diese ganzen To-Go-Kaffebecher, Pizzakartons oder Burger-Boxen? 🤔🍔
Laut einer Studie des Verband Kommunaler Unternehmen (VKU) fallen deutschlandweit mehr als 280.000 Tonnen #To-Go-Verpackungen an, 60 Prozent davon sind Teller, Schalen und Boxen. Jede dritte Einwegverpackung stammt von Fast-Food-Ketten. Wir beantragen zusammen mit DIE LINKE.Wuppertal, #Mehrweg- Verpackungen zu fördern.
#einwegabgabe #abfallvermeidung #Müllvermeidung #müllsparen #Fastfood @wuppertal

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The purest definition of a win-win. But... why can't the kids sit outside the dogcage? 🤔

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@NickEast @reading @dogs @bookstodon @kidlit

The public library I used to work at hosted a couple events where children got to read to dogs from the shelter. I forget the organization's name, but I knew about it since college. It was one of most popular scheduled programs even though the children's department did smell of dog for a while.

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I think I'd like Grammer Hell, in fact I could see myself going on a carnival ride named that 😂

@writers @writing @writingcommunity @humour

#Welcome #To #Grammar #Hell
#ItsAlotLike #Paradise #City
#NoPain #AllGain

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Looks like Mastodon Dev is planning to take hashtags at the end of a post and put them in a different spot for cleaner reading & a less spammy look.


:github: Change hashtags at the end of the post to render out-of-band

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@paul Not a fan. Mastodon feeds will look far more cluttered. Hashtags don't need separate callouts; they're fine as-is at the bottom of a toot.

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i will how correctly .

(or at least to them my .)

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If you have dev experience you can get in touch with us over on Divolt :) Otherwise the best way to improve FMHY is to help with the wiki. We have a -do channel on our server which is a great starting point.

As for project ideas specifically for FMHY, I don’t have any rn. We have a billion backups and projects like Divolt and Lemmy are additive (and really made for the whole community rather than just FMHY.) But maybe some of the other folks here have some ideas.

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Suggested extension for

a button that converts every word in your toot to a hashtag eg

#A #A

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