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Oh boy...

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Today's session was helped out a lot by this four year old post on Reddit, where someone mapped out Cidaris and wrote up a whole bunch of NPCs and story hooks. Absolute gold.

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Solstice and Solitude: A Yuletide Carol

My yule fic for anyone in the mood for a ghost story.

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I started watching the season 3. Suddenly there are lots of characters. This feels odd. Not representation in itself, which is of course welcome. But rather, I don't remember any queer references in the first two series. There is no discussion of, say, rights of same sex couples, no signs of homophobia/queerphobia, no monarchs with a same sex partner, and so on. So it feels shoehorned in, changing the world setting, presumably to please the audience.

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Is there an app / website, which tells me, which highlight show runs when on any given streaming service?

Like #WheelOfTime on #Prime, #Witcher on #Netflix, #TedLasso on #Apple, #StrangeNewWorlds on Paramaount.

I’m of course asking because I want to strategically start and stop my subscriptions.

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Immer noch an meinem ersten 3 Durchlauf. :yayblob:

Amazing Game. Läuft stabil auf .

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Jakie macie wspomnienia z pierwszym Wiedźminem?

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He is a magically enhanced monster-hunter with supernatural abilities due to his mutations

Most of the time he could be apathetic and threatening. Yet, he is also a fiercely loyal friend, and a man of good humour

Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher ❤️

'Tis Doodle O'Clock ~☆

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Today's prompt was "spooky forest dweller", and my mind immediately jumped to the Leshen, a terrifying woodland spirit from the series.

Really like how this one turned out... I wasn't sure how to bound the white skull, but the background colors came to my rescue.

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Catching up on and it's so refreshing to see a show that so obviously loves the lore and source material as much as I do.

Unlike some shows.

Looking at you and you .

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idea: John McLane from "Die Hard 2" with the billboards, but instead of racist shit something like "One Piece is crap", "Warhammer 40k is a scam", or "The Witcher is derivative".

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the 4th of the series

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Folks are pissed over the headline "The Producer Blames Simplified Plot On Americans' Inability To Follow Complex Storylines" and I'm like...yes? That's exactly what happened?

They did the first season with the [SPOILER] different timelines[/SPOILER]

which was a great idea. Yet viewers and even many reviewers (!) freaked the fuck out and said it was too complicated.

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Whenever I play like , , , or I can't help but think "If this was set in a or universe it would be the greatest game ever."

I just can't get invested in the dragons, and horses and wizards stuff.

No hate, enjoy what you enjoy.

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The THE WITCHER show is as bad as it is because of stupid Americans and children with an extremely short attention span according to NETFLIX.

This makes sense because the american audience killed the franchise once when Captain Archer was in command.

So lets produce stupid shows for stupid people! Oh ... already happening. Well ...

Netflix The Witcher GIF

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On episode 3, season 3 of the .

The writing is quite a bit weaker. Which is unfortunate.

I quite liked seasons 1 and 2. The animated series was excellent. I skipped Blood Origin.

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I don't think I can finish season 3. It's pretty unenjoyable. They really leaned into padding put the episodes with bad YA dialogue.

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I’m trying to do for my eBooks. But there’s such long waits. My consortium in MA has like 3 copies of each of the books. How tf do they think that’s sufficient??

I thankfully own the paperbacks but I like eBooks where I can take it wherever and not have to carry a thick book. And I can highlight passages, get words defined.

CoinOfStone, to goodomens

Helllooooo @IzzyCanyon !!! I'm attempting another post. You may recognize me from Twitter, from , , , , or any number of other fandoms in addition to ! I've got more ships than an armada because I consume an unconscionable amount of TV. I also like reading, tea, candles, music, coloring, and The Sims. I hope to find a place among the pirates here!

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Time to start the #introduction
So, hello I'm Moid, I'm in my twenties, and a fanfiction writer. Can find me on #ao3 @
Main fandoms are #dragonage #harrypotter #witcher #rwby but it can be a revolving door at times. I'm l.moid on discord. I'm #nerodivergent #adhd #anxiety #bipolardisorder and a few not mentioned. I'm #queer safe being #greysexual closer to #ace and #demiromantic more inclined to just love fictional characters forever.

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game pitch meeting:

– So, you have a game for me?
– Yes sir, I do!
– Is it like, an adaptation of the book storyline, or a side story?
– No, I figured we could make it a sequel to the books.
– Won't it be hard to make it a sequel given that Geralt died in the final novel?
– Actually, it's gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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I saw it in the trailers before the season started and it wasn't fixed when streamed, but the #VFX #stunt in the #maze in #TheWitcher S3:E1 is the worst looking effect I've seen in a very long time.

People sometimes rightly complain about #SpecialEffects in the #MCU over the last couple of years, and this one in The #Witcher is as bad or worse than any of those.

#Ciri jumps, but not over the creature which rolls through what should have been under her, but wasn't? Why didn't it clip her feet?

ricardoharvin, avatar

Making it a slow motion shot meant to convey her now enhanced fighting skills did not help, at all.

Really odd choice.

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