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Sega's Daytona, one of my all-time favorite racers. It was tremendous fun if multiple cabinets were connected at the arcades, so you could race against a bunch of friends.

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Animated GIF of Sega's 1990s Daytona racing game.

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I asked for the help sometimes 😂
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Es como si quisieran venir a hablarle de lluvia a la nube. 😅😎🎮


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Y ahora mi en español ^^

Holis! Soy Noelle, una nerd que también es , y 🩷🌸
Estuve en Threads un tiempo antes de darle un chance a Mastodon. (Aún me gusta Threads, pero lo siento muy vacío recientemente)
Espero encontrar otras personas trans y les gusten 🦔, 🩷, 🌸 y

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The latest entry into our Winter '24 Collection. Hot fashion, available now ❤️


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Commodore 64 aficionados, follow @c64_disks for regular C64 disk file releases.

You can run the files in the TY64 online C64 emulator:


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Worked on a bit of #EdgeOfEternity today. Not sure I really like this game 😕

#videogame #gamer #PC #RPG 🎮

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🕹️ Hiii all you talented gamedevs! I hope everyone is having a nice Saturday 😁

Here's an extended and in one toot 😄

🎮 Reply to this toot updates for your (any game links, photos, videos etc) 🎮

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HaPpY CaT/SaTuRdAy everyone! Reply to share your cat pictures or videos! 😺

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👋🏻 Hiii all, I hope you are all having a great week and Wednesday! 💜

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Capcom delists two Devil May Cry games from Steam
Looks like Capcom delisted two DMC games off Steam today. Fortunately they’re still available if you buy the HD Bundle and special edition respectively. Still buy physical when you can.


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🚨 Free Game Alert 🚨
RPG Maker XP is free to own on Steam till Feb 19 at 1pm. Just the base game, DLC costs extra. Very positive recent/all rating. Wario64’s original post in the comments below. If you feel the urge to make an RPG this is your game.


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Hi everyone! I'm Detha, a new member of Beige Party-goers with from , .

I'm currently in my late-20s and a — I speak three languages fluently: , , and . I've also been learning , currently trying to memorise Hiragana and Katakana letters.

I work in as a high school , teaching . I'm married to a fellow teacher, but he teaches primary English.

I love playing , despite me being quite bad at it lol. Some of my all-time favourites include , , and . I play and as well. I also like being a backseat and watch other people play games (mostly my husband and YouTubers). My favourite video game genres are , , and .

Other than that, I love reading a lot. Currently I'm making it my mission to read older mangas from my childhood, like and . I like reading in general, just not "actual books" haha — my attention span can't handle it.

The music that I listen to are mostly the loud stuff, but my favourite genres are , , and EDMs like and . I actually have a of on my left forearm!

I guess that's what I can think of for my for now. I have a lot more scattered interests though, so you'll be seeing more of it on my account.

Thank you to @theropologist for accepting my request to join this instance, and nice to meet you all! Beige-bless :bb:

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I'm not sure if it was just me but the CGI cut-scenes in : Crisis Core - Remake looked terrible and pixelated.

Nonetheless I've finished up the game and looking forward to playing another game!


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