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It's Pride month, and now that we're 55 years after Stonewall, it can be awfully easy to forget why it's all such a big deal--and what Pride exists to do.

This week on , we're diving into the lifesaving importance of Pride and the Prejudice that makes it so necessary. Grab a rainbow flag, show yourself a little love, and join us as we talk about internalized self-stigma and shame.

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This is an amazing summary – if you can call a 3hr podcast episode that – of ‘our current predicament’ as a global society:

“Moving from naive to authentic progress: a vision for betterment”

> [in which we] unpack a new paper entitled Development in Progress, an analysis on the history of progress and the consequences of ‘advancement’.

Slightly more digestible by watching/reading this first:

#climate #degrowth #psychology

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The brain can store a lot of data, but pollution will actually mess up your head in a bad way.

Air pollution exposure tied to heightened dementia risk, by Eric W. Dolan June 3, 2024

"...Recent research has suggested that environmental factors, such as air pollution, may contribute to the development of dementia. Air pollution, already known to cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, might also promote brain inflammation and accelerate cognitive decline. This study aimed to investigate these potential links in Denmark, a country with relatively low but still significant air pollution levels..."

Now imagine the pollution levels in the US, and how much more illness we have because of it.

#Dementia #Pollution #Brain #Cognition #Environment #Psychology

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You know, Freud did get a couple of things right.

Of course, he said thousands and thousands of things total.

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"You know, SOMEONE should do a study on how people [behavior or interaction that has already been intensely scrutinized in dozens of studies with thousands of subjects for decades].

"My theory is [simplistic interpretation that was debunked in the 1960s]!

"Therefore we should all try to [personal or social intervention that was unsuccessfully implemented from 1947 to 1977 until it was finally shown to be useless and/or harmful]!"

#psychology #sociology #research

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🎉Exciting opportunity! 13 PhD positions open in our RTG 2660 on approach and avoidance behaviour!

@uni_wue @RTG2660

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From one of my texts for class >>>

We take so many of these statements at face value because they seem to make sense in our system, and then before we know it we’ve got terrible, repressive, socially-accepted "knowledge."

(text title in )

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How many times have you looked at this trans person or that trans person and found yourself just in awe of them, feeling hopeless to ever measure up to their transness? I know I have.

This week on , Red Seems Sus, which means we're investigating imposters... or rather, why trans folks often feel like we're not trans enough, or not really trans by comparison to others. I promise: you won't be thrown out an airlock! 🤭

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Dehumanizing insults have become way more common in political discourse. Psychology research has shown that they can prime us for violence – and even change our brains.

Story from 2018, with renewed relevance this :

tangledwing, to psychology avatar The Martyr of Mar-a-Lago…In the reality based community it’s impossible to see Trump as the beleaguered victim.

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Live Podcast Recording: Taming the Wandering Mind

Our minds are constantly on the move! In this podcast, we'll explore techniques to rein in that inner wanderer and cultivate the art of mindfulness. Feeling scattered and forgetful? Can't focus on the present moment? You're not alone!

Join us LIVE June 3rd at 8:00 PM UTC -

@meditation @consciousliving

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How the Brain Processes Different Components of Language - Moving beyond neural localization of language. Posted May 28, 2024

"...This is in line with recent ideas about a "cortical mosaic" architecture for linguistic structure within overlapping portions of posterior temporal and inferior frontal cortices for processing demands that bias syntactic and semantic computations, whereby, for example, effects of composition can be found within a narrow strip of tissue within the broader lexicality-sensitive cortical sites (a spatial mosaic), or where different demands of sentence-level inferential semantics can be detected over closely overlapping temporal windows within a small area of cortex (a spatiotemporal mosaic)..."

Your brain is a big interconnected mosaic, not a nice neat clearly labeled filing cabinet, lol.

#Language #Linguistics #Brain #Psychology #Learning #Education

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“Country folk did better, on average, than people from cities. And among city-dwellers, those from cities with more chaotic street networks such as those in the older parts of European cities did better than those from cities like Chicago, where the streets form a regular grid, perhaps because residents of grid cities don’t need to build such complex mental maps.”


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Landing here as a psychologist, inspired by body-mind approaches and person-centered counseling. Being introduced cognitive-based.

Adopting a vegan lifestyle, sugar-free diet. Amateur chef.

Also a Linux enthusiast, self-hoster and tinkerer.

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Jestem osobą podatna na uzależnienia oraz przyzwyczajenia. Kiedyś niestety się samookaleczalam i robilam to codziennie, obecnie nie robię tego już z dobrych 10 lat. Jestem z tego dumna, bo nawet mnie nie kręci do tego. A mogło być różnie.

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Can fear motivate change? Sure it can.

Can love motivate change? No doubt it can.

Can music motivate change? Only if people listen.

Can death motivate change? Not for the departed. But, for the living, fear of death can either motivate change or cause people to "freeze" in horror.

What are you most scared off?


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Suffering from depression and standard anti-depressants aren't working? You might want to read the transcript or listen to the podcast.

"Drugs that target the neurotransmitter serotonin have long been prescribed to treat depression. Now the spotlight is turning to other aspects of brain chemistry. In this episode, the neuropharmacologist John Krystal shares findings that are overturning our understanding of depression."

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How Modern America Is Optimized for Loneliness, Misery and Poor Health by David Friedlander May 24, 2024

"...What do housing, transit and lifestyle statistics have to do with loneliness and unhappiness, you might ask. Well...separating people physically also leads to emotional and psychological separation. Moreover, the implements that make sprawl-induced physical separation work on a societal level — cars to contract long distances and digital media to ameliorate the effects of social isolation — deepen loneliness and unhappiness on the personal level. These implements also make people sedentary, directly relating to the fact that 73% of the total American population is overweight and 42% is obese, per the CDC.

One of the biggest issues is population density. At the risk of oversimplifying, it’s a lot harder to socially isolate when there are people around you..."

#MentalHealth #Sociology #Urbanism #CityPlanning #Zoning #SelfCare #Psychology

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Psychology news robots distributing from dozens of sources:
There has been a lot of talk lately in tech circles and on YouTube about
how to get out of receiving AI-generated suggestions when you do a web
search -- which is now increasingly the default on Google.

While sometimes convenient, AI suggestions have 3 main problems:
a) They are often wrong,
b) They make you scroll way down the page to see the actual websites, &
c) They use all the earth's websites as their database, thereby stealing
everyone's content and rendering visiting the actual content creator
websites mute (unless AI answers wrong).

Here are some ways to turn off the AI in web search:

  1. -- This site is part of a network
    of privately hosted sites using the same open-source search software. I
    notice that you can not do a site-specific search like in Google or
    DuckDuckGo (" Outlook questions"). See also for a list of other search URLs in the network.

  2. Set your default search engine to Wikipedia:

  3. Change your Google search default to: **

You probably can't edit the existing Google listing, so you'll need to
create a new search shortcut. Some directions on how to do this can be
found at:*

-- Michael

#psychology #counseling #socialwork #psychotherapy #mentalhealth #technology #dataprotection #infosec #doctors #hospitals #google #googlesearch #AI  
NYU Information for Practice puts out 400-500 good quality health-related research posts per week but its too much for many people, so that bot is limited to just subscribers. You can read it or subscribe at   
It's primitive... but it works... mostly...
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Rating scales institutionalise a network of logical errors and conceptual problems in research practices: A rigorous analysis showing ways to tackle psychology’s crises
J Uher, 2022 Front. Psychol

"The problem landscape [...] centres on the failed distinction between psychology’s study phenomena (e.g., experiences, everyday constructs) and the means of their exploration (e.g., terms, data, scientific constructs)—psychologists’ cardinal error."

#Psychology #Philosophy

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In her book #AttentionSpan, Gloria Mark, PhD dedicates a chapter to the discussion of free will.

Though it seems to me a tangent, I appreciate the implication that "taking control of our attention" isn't entirely a matter of choice. Whatever TF choice is.

I mean, choice is supposedly the thing that controls attention, but… elaboration fades to infinity
#nonfiction #psychology #allostasis

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