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How long have you been a #gamedev or dev software?

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@maxim Yes it is, I've been around the block, as they say. I've used pretty much every mainstream tech stack there has been the last 25 years.

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@maxim "For too long, (sighs)", is the only answer no matter for how long.

And still enjoying it.

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You know what I was thinking about while lying in bed trying to sleep... Creating indie games is the most difficult and exhausting process. You can do thousands of different things thousands of times faster where the result is quickly converted into money. Sometimes I want to feel it. For example, food production, souvenir creation, 3D printing, photography, farming...

What would you like to do besides gamedev?

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@maxim If I don't have to consider talent/skill or ability to make a living from it, I would love to work with wood in some way or another.

maxim, avatar

I created a new gameplay prototype for the protagonist's mechanics, a shocker that will have multiple uses. In addition to protection from monsters, the main thing is charging for various types of electrical devices that will give a temporary effect. It will be very interactive


maxim, avatar

An example of interactive and level design: imagine a corridor that leads to different rooms, there is no electricity, along the walls there are places for distribution blocks of electrical wiring, if you hit them with a shocker, they transmit electricity to lighting, opening doors, household appliances... this effect lasts for a few seconds. If you direct the shocker to other places, the discharge can damage the object, for example, the lighting will light up very brightly and break

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It's TOOLSday on Sunday.

I'm making a custom package manager addin for Godot. The goal is to allow sharing of code and changes across projects using linked directories.

vintprox, avatar

@beeoproblem Excuse me for ignorance, but is this like git modules, but without git part? 😅

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@jonikorpi Gorgeous stuff!

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maxim, avatar

Today I want to make a scanner, blueprint for searching objects and transferring data to this material, which will display everything (many targets). This requires an array, but material cant use array. I found a solution - Render Target 2d. Maybe there are other options?

#gamedev #UnrealEngine5 #UnrealEngine


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@maxim A bitmap is just a 2D array when you think about it. But as you can have different channels in there of different sizes you can store a lot of useful data in there for your shader to use.

GameFromScratch, avatar

Remember when Unity self destructed with the whole run-time fee and all their competitors dunked on them?

Well... it's Adobe's turn.

Affinity have announced a 50% off Flash sale on their Adobe-alternative software Affinity.

ugurcan, avatar

@GameFromScratch Don’t skip that Affinity recently bought by Canva and #enshittification is imminent.

GameFromScratch, avatar

@ugurcan It's covered.

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"Hacking is a no-brainer when you're a Ghost in the SSHell."
A disembodied cyber-legend returns in Neofeud 2!
(in-game footage)
#indiegame #gamedev #adventuregame #retrogamer #cyberpunk

Spectral Neofeud 2 character hacking by entering a phone

silverspookgames, avatar

"Neofeud is hands down the best point and click adventure game ever" --Steam reviewer #indiedev #indiegame #pointandclick #adventuregame

silverspookgames, avatar

"We're CRUSHING it here! No one can beat our gain-ful economy!!! I'm DEFINITELY not filming in front of a moldy green bed sheet in a homeless tent city!" (Neofeud 2 work in progress)
#indiegame #gamedev #adventuregame #retrogamer

Homeless person filming themself in tent city in-game footage

silverspookgames, avatar

"I am on my second playthrough of Neofeud. It's a dystopic cyberpunk vision of a future that is rapidly becoming the present. It has depth, wit, pathos, Karl carbon, social commentary inscisive enough to make your eyeballs bleed... a truly impeccable cyberpunk aesthetic"

maxim, avatar

I had a brilliant idea for a game in Unreal Engine 5. I decided to write about it, because I will not do it myself, maybe you will like it and make an indie game... It can also be a mobile game.

Slap fighting = Chaos Flesh + MetaHuman
The main focus is the detailing and physics of the face. This is a sports game where you have to choose a character and train him and take part in various face-slapping battles. Write in the comments your ideas for this concept


maxim, avatar

How slap fights work. Power Slap fights are typically three to five rounds. The fighters take turns hitting each other in the face with an open hand, and those on the receiving end stand with their hands behind their backs. A fighter has up to 60 seconds to recover and respond after receiving a blow

stux, avatar

My Unreal Engine project so far:

  • Inventory & hotbar with drag&drop
  • Player stats (HP, stamina, air, energy)
  • Equipables(armor & weapons)
  • Harvesting(trees, plants, rocks)
  • Crafting(items, weapons, armor, potions)
  • Leveling & XP to level 99
  • Over 29 items so far (a lot more to come)

Now first finishing the ranged weapon classes and animations

Slowly but steady we're getting there :blobcatgamer:

UE5 Space game project that is inspired by HELLDIVERS 2

18+ stux, avatar

Sm0ll combat preview so far!

NPCs are just idle, no AI behind it yet (No ChatGPT, UE5 AI for NPCs)

After this 4 or 5 more "weapon types" with different animations and such that all can have unlimted sub-classes again

Adding items can be as simple as adding a row into a table lol!

UE5 combat preview for melee tool weapon and rifle

GameFromScratch, avatar

The excellent 2D game engine Ct.js has recently gotten an awesome new feature... CatNip, a new visual programming system.
This makes Ct.js an excellent choice for beginning #gamedev.


@GameFromScratch Looks amazing! I love to see those accessible game engines! Thank you for covering this

vintprox, avatar


Considering that I've learned about this shiny new feature only through you, really is underselling itself and there is even zero word about visual programming language on GitHub. Plus yet another tool network effect of which is confined in Discord. So, branding attached to favorite programming language isn't the end of the story. :ablobthinking:

I love what the maintainer CoMiGo is doing, though. Can't believe there are mere 3 paying subscribers on Boosty. I wanna make the number go up after my paycheck! ;)

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Big news: Kitsune Tail's Steam Next Fest demo is live now! Go get it at and experience the first part of this queer furry love triangle wrapped in an SMB3 jacket

You should definitely check the options. There's a CRT shader in Kitsune Tails made by @JoshJers which isn't on by default (because people get upset by that kinda thing) but playing with it on is totally the recommended experience

And for those of you who have Steam Decks, we've verified it works on that, too! And there's a new reveal trailer, showing off some of the bosses:

#KitsuneTails #QueerGames #GameDev #PixelArt

eniko, avatar

Here's a screenshot of the CRT shader for those interested

eniko, avatar

Just updated the next fest demo build on Steam, incorporating a lot of tweaks based on the feedback you gave us. Thank you for playing our demo and for taking the time to help us make it better!

Kitsune Tails is gay furry SMB3 and you can play the demo on Steam now at

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Whats the simplest way to detect if a value is increasing or decreasing in C++ ?

DavitMasia, avatar

@mezz This is what im trying to do.

raptor85, avatar

@DavitMasia @mezz

if this is in a function being run previous will always be 0.0 as that's what you're setting it to at the top. The "quick" solution is to make previous "static" so it persists between function calls. From context though it looks like the accel is a member value of a class you're calling this from so a cleaner way to do this would be to implement getter/setter functions and update your previous/delta values there when it's changed. (depending on what you're trying to do)

cosmicvoid, avatar

Hey all, I'm working on Devil's Hideout, a horror point and click adventure game.

Wishlist on Steam & try out the demo 👇


gpowerf, avatar

@cosmicvoid it is looking amazing! :)

cosmicvoid, avatar

@gpowerf Thanks! :)

guntha, (edited ) avatar

It's #trailertuesday, and we recently released a short point'n'click adventure game called PsyCam:

#PointNClick #indiegame #indiedev #indiegamedev #gamedev #videogame #CCTV #3D #Trenchbroom #PsyCam #plisitol #videogame

njamster, avatar

@guntha FYI: Your post is tagged as "French" and might not be shown to some people – depending on their language filters here. You can still change that by editing this post, or set a different default for future post under "Preferences > Other > Posting Language". Also, you might want to add a link to the game? :)

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clickyland by my friend Aran (part of Sokpop) is out on Steam now!! It's a really fun and very underpriced tower defense game / village builder where clicks are your main resource. Check it:

britown, avatar

This project is turning two this month. More charitably maybe only 11 months of that have been spent actively developing and even then that is less than 20 hours a week.

Nonetheless it's hard to not beat myself up about what I have to show for two year's work. Especially when considering the mountain remaining.

I kind of felt like I was going fast and it'd be done soon but here we are two years later. So it goes for solo hobby dev it seems.

vga256, avatar

@britown solo development is one of the longest marathons i've ever run, no matter how much i promise myself to "scale down" an idea. there's just no easy way of making one person do the work of 3-4 people in anything less than 10X the time.

i feel shitty about this problem every month, and i have no workarounds :)

LMG3864, avatar

Today's Potatostrike progress report:

  1. The Upgrade menu has been updated to indicate what is improved on each weapon.
  2. The next patch for Potatostrike is nearly ready. I'm aiming to release it on Wednesday. It will also move the game into Beta satus.

azrhyga, avatar

@LMG3864 Great!! Good luck working on the game, I hope it goes well!! Also good luck when the game releases as Beta

risingtail, avatar

Still trying to make this UI pop a little. But, maybe this is too much? I'm quite undecided. Let me know what you think.

Capture of some game UI.

aeva, avatar

@risingtail the menu kinda gets lost against the background. I think the blurring is fine, but you probably want to lighten the background a bit, or put a light gradient between it and the menu.

the popup with the blue lines is pretty jarring in contrast with the upgrades menu, but I think if the upgrades menu stood out more against its background it might feel more consonant with the popup

risingtail, avatar

@aeva This was helpful, thanks. And also somewhat in line with my own thoughts. I've added a darker overlay color in the background and removed the blue rays. They were a bit over the top, and not really aligned with the rest of the UI/UX.

maxim, avatar

I haven't drank alcohol for several years... The last time I drank 0-alc beer was six months ago. My wife and son went on vacation for a month and left me alone at home. Therefore, I will be a Troglodyte for a whole month, living in a cave and do #gamedev

On the left can of #beer it is written that it contains vitamins, the best format of taking vitamins... this is the most delicious non-alcoholic beer I have ever tasted

kwramm, avatar

@maxim caveman game dev is the best game dev. enjoy!

raptor85, avatar

More fun with math, the texture mapping isn't perfect, I have some corrections to do to it still, but my little renderer now supports off-grid objects of arbitrary sizes and positions (only real restriction is they have to be convex). While the game itself is intended to be grid based I thought it'd be nice to be able to do some more complex scenery outside of billboards, sprites, and texture tricks.

#raycaster #gamedev #indiedev #sdl #sdl3


raptor85, avatar

honestly I may not even bother fixing the texture skewing issue, you really can't tell from a distance closer than 1 unit, especially not with the NTSC rendering active.

psychicparrot42, avatar

Quick video of where my Berzerk-alike is at now. Be warned: Terrible placeholder audio might be loud, so maybe turn down the volume!

I know there's a dodgy wall collision in this vid, but tidy ups like that'll get sorted later.

I like the slow pace of it, which I didn't expect. It's very slow but it's still fun to play and quite exciting when you get caught up in it. I may end up making a separate, flashier, faster version eventually tho.. we'll see!

_DenisProdan_, avatar

@psychicparrot42 oh man, I looove the explosion vfx!!

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