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Wow -- #unity hung so hard I had to reboot. #GameDev

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This livestream will live on in the halls of Valhalla for eternity… or as long as YouTube is around.

Come join this livestream and see how to improve your workflows and build custom UIs for your designers with a few attributes thanks to .

🙏 Boosts appreciated

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I can't believe I haven't posted this here yet!

I FINISHED MY FIRST GAME JAM!!! I'm extremely lucky to have had a wonderful team, and I think our game fluffulis is really pretty amazing for the short time we had to make it! I would love to hear what you think of it if you give it a try ❤️

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In these challenging times, where narratives are twisted and historical truths are overshadowed, it's more important than ever to remember the enduring bond between the Jewish people, the Hebrew language, and the land of Israel.

This connection isn't merely historical; it's a pulsating lifeline that has nourished a culture, a language, and a civilization through millennia.

Israel stands not only as a geographical entity but as a beacon of continuous innovation, humanitarian aid, and cultural wealth that contributes vastly to global progress

The people of Israel, resilient and diverse, embody the essence of survival and revival. From reviving an ancient language to leading advancements in technology and medicine, our impact resonates worldwide, transcending the borders of our small country

Together, we stand not just with a country, but with a living, thriving testament to what humanity can achieve when rooted in unity, history, and hope.

#StandWithIsrael #Unity #History #Hope #Resilience

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From a friend:

#Hate #Love #Unity

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Just ran network traffic analysis on a random game and it's sending a constant stream of packets to some / server

Apparently it's quite the PITA for the game developers to disable this, as the Unity managers keep turning it back on somehow, see:

What has the world come to. 🙄

We need more games with free engines like and that respect the player's !

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So there's a scene in one of the asset packs in the project that crashes Unity when trying to switch the scene to any other one. And since after crash, opens it automatically, until I can figure out the reason, I'm stuck.

Tested on two different machines, same scene crashes both.

Starting to be pretty certain the next project is in .

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sometimes i become intractably stuck with a story or gameplay during development, and i have to give it a few weeks or months to breathe

a few years ago i imagined making games as if Cyan had failed with Myst, and went back to making 1-bit first person adventures for the macintosh instead

set on the distant pacific island of Shima no Shima, the adventure begins in a dreary abandoned basement.

#adventureGameStudio #indieGameDev #shimanoShima

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taking the train to shima no shima

this sequence was animated in unity, using some very simple assets and cel shading effects

#shimanoshima #unity

A cel shaded japanese traincar rides along the rails in the middle of an ocean, as the waves sweep over the rails.

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How is Unity Editor + Wine support nowadays?

Console Toolchains for Native Linux is not a thing, hence why I not interested in the native editor 🙂

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Somes folks have been wondering what is happening with the .NET Modernization in Unity and the migration to .NET 8 and CoreCLR, so here is an update 🤗

#unity #unity3d #dotnet #csharp

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Effect Texture Maker - online tool ☀️

I recently started using it, it's a very useful thing to use when studying materials and Niagara, to quickly get a sprite to experiment with Unreal Engine or Unity, the tool also allows you to create a sprite sheet or normal map


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I love the bing daily wallpapers, I especially love that they seem to always have a related wallpaper if it's a UN recognised 'day'. For example, today is Bee Day!

I have a script that can automatically download and set the bing daily wallpaper on my gitlab

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The sad fact is, the majority of students in the were not alive on and have grown up secure from any major external threats. However...
The domestic have worked internally, in every nation, to sew and .

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“The Genie Is Out of the Bottle,” Evin Collis (@evincollis), 2024.

#encampments #studentprotests #solidarity #Gaza #Palestine #Rafah #ceasefire
#divest #militaryindustrialcomplex

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The sad fact is, the majority of students in the #UnitedStates were not alive on #sept11 and have grown up secure from any major external threats. However...
The domestic #terrorists have worked internally, in every nation, to sew #chaos and #obstruction.
#encampments #studentprotests #solidarity #Gaza #Palestine #Rafah #ceasefire
#divest #militaryindustrialcomplex

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I'm not a "Linux Guy" really but I started re-evaluating it lately, and I think it might not just be for the Tech Weirdos anymore. It can absolutely be a daily driver for a lot of game developers now!

#GameDev #IndieDev #Linux #PopOs #LinuxMint #UnrealEngine #Unity

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👋 folks, if you're interested in sharing your best , , or tips, I have an online event for you!

🎮 We, , are on the lookout for speakers for our annual Game Dev Days event. In the past, we've had some truly impressive presentations from big names in the game industry.

My favorite was someone created a game as a presentation. 🤯

🙏 boosts appreciated

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MMO Business Roundup: Krafton and Roblox post Q1 2024 gains while Unity bleeds nearly $300M
#Krafton #Unity #Roblox

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My first legit 'while(true)' usage in a long time.🙌😉
It's gonna be smooth with zero consequences, right?😋

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@GameFromScratch will be interested to hear your thoughts about Matthew Bromberg joining

matias, to unity

Now that is changing their release naming convention again, I wish they'd consider the naming convention I use for my folders:

  • Unity
  • Unity New
  • Unity Newer
  • Unity Newest
  • Unity New2
  • dsfjrewfer
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Somehow they manage to hire someone even worse than the previous two.

"The company will release its first quarter 2024 financial results on May 9."

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We are just one week away from adding Cyber Knights' final core feature: safehouse basebuilding!

Upgrading your safehouse will give you lots more control at the strategy layer to find new squad members, manage your roster, get leverage before attempting heists, and more.


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