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The famous Stranger Thing's star Millie Bobby Brown has finally married her boyfriend Jake Bongiovi!

Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi has confirmed to the BBC his son Jake Bongiovi has married Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown.


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De gevaren van kunstmatige intelligentie in politieke campagnes #Kunstmatige Intelligentie Politiek #Voter Suppression #AI in Campagnes #Technologie en Democratie #Regulering AI-Technologie #Trending #News #Nieuws

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A cloud waterfall was caught on video in the Chinese municipality of Chongqing

A cloud waterfall is a rare and amazing phenomenon. For this natural phenomenon to occur, extremely stable air conditions are required, followed by heavy rainfall on a plateau surrounded by mountains.

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ALERT - A huge G4 solar storm is heading for Earth, supercharging auroras and bringing possible disruptions to satellites and power grids as early as Friday evening, US officials say

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Ukrainian Front Lines near Krynki

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Ukrainian soldiers take a group of Putin's occupants prisoner during an assault on positions near the village of Terny in the Liman direction.

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At ONLY 9.99999999% the speed of light.

Each carbon molecule carries 25 trillion electronvolts of energy. Which is comparable to particles in the beam of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, in Switzerland).

Under these conditions, all of this will hit the Earth with roughly the kinetic energy of the moon moving in orbit.

Let's add just a few more nines.

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Hey @Gargron
Why I never see a @potus post in the section? Is there are discriminations towards posts?

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I just released an OPSEC guide on my site for just 5$. It goes into the depths of how you can organize your internet life and become as private as possible. It also comes with tips and a variety of solutions. A sample is also provided.

Price: 5$
Payment Method: Crypto (All popular coins including Monero)

Purchase at:

#privacy #opsec #digitalrights #tech #crypto #bitcoin #monero #guide #tutorial #protect #digital #pdf #ebook #trending #cybersecurity

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Now that full text search is available on, I often forget to use in my posts...

But then realise that a lot of the signals for are based on the use and popularity of hashtags 📈

It's also a good reminder to people that you can simply click a hashtag to discover content from other servers without having to use the search box 🔍

I think what I am saying is that I am "Pro-Hashtag" 👍

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Anyone know how hashtag page works ?

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