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When playing a shooter on with trackpad, I saw a suggestion to use the left trigger for firing.
It makes a lot of sense, not only considering the SDs size and the strain it puts on thumb + index finger to have to stretch so far, but also in regards to precise movement of the thumb.

It makes me wonder why not all games have the trigger on the left. Seems like there could be merit even when aiming with the stick. (At which I'm awful anyhow.)

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🕹️ Title: Imprimis
🦊️ What's: A free multiplayer FPS in which players build their fortifications to gain advantage over adversity
🏡️ https://project-imprimis.github.io/www/
🐣️ https://github.com/project-imprimis
📖 Our entry: https://www.lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily.org/en/online/lights-on/

🥁️ Update: 0.40a
⚗️ Code improvement 🚀️
📌️ Changes: https://github.com/project-imprimis/imprimis/releases
🦣️ From: 📶️ https://github.com/project-imprimis/imprimis/releases.atom

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Tonight we play 7 Days to Die - Let's go from survive to thrive!

Join at 20:00 CET/GMT+1 at https://twitch.tv/imperorthefirst

Twitch chat integration is ON, so you can join and throw stuff (and even Zombies) at me and my little buildings!


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Next week, it's the FPS Fest on Steam, and Extraneum will be participating! Save 25% during the event, from April 15 to 22! 🥳

Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1999140/

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Je sais pas pour vous les enfants mais moi je suis un peu hypé par la venue de , ce en noir et blanc à la sauce Mickey sous stéroïdes. La DA semble vraiment valoir le détour en tout cas. Pour le moment, le jeu est annoncé en 2025…. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BZAVznVPMh8

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it the #wishlistwednesday !
I shall show off my game Enigmatic Worlds on this fine day! Getting some good progress done alongside my other works.

(Demo is available!)

#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #fps #gzdoom #doom #indiegames #gamedesign


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Some more new self-made textures for Unhinged 2! Almost got all of the textures(.com crap replaced, so hell yeah.

Also working on getting the demo out on Steam (:


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De esos libros que no me dejaron dormir porque no lo podía soltar: DOOM GUY por John Romero. ¡Qué grande @romero!
Muy interesante, entretenida e inspiradora su historia personal, enlazada a la historia de id, DOOM, los FPS y la industria de los videojuegos en general. Lectura recomendada.

#libros #Doom #DoomGuy #literaverso #FPS

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Que abría pasado, no lo se, pero ya se puso a andar correctamente en mi t470 con Archlinux y el ultimo kernel. 🤷‍♂️ Así que lo mas seguro que se venga la balacera este fin de semana.

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I mostly play jrpgs, but after 100 hours of Unicorn Overlord, I needed a break. I have some games for Playstation in my backlog and I don’t normally collect for the console unless I find something at a good price or an exclusive. I bought two more Vanillaware games, Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown, which I intend to play later. However, I still had a copy of Cyberpunk 2077 laying around and never got to it after picking it up some months ago. I have a faint idea that the game had serious problems when it came out. If it had, it doesn’t anymore, just the occasional crash here and there. The most annoying one happened on a mission with Claire to participate on a street race. I suck at driving but, for some reason, I ride her pickup truck – aptly called Beast – fairly well. So I was in the middle of the first race and the game crashed. Then, I finished the race and won, and the game crashed. Then, I finished it in second place and the game didn’t crash. Well then, second place it is. I never experienced those crashes anymore and won the subsequent races. After we finished she asked if I’d help her kill her husband’s murderer during the last race. I obliged because I’m not in Night City to be a good person. I kill whomever I want, when I want, how I want and go to bed with everyone I fancy and pay for sex without a second thought.

In jrpgs we have to save the world to get the girl we like in the end. It’s real work and dedication. The character development is also so extensive that by the time we reach the end we have spent a while choosing the right things to say, advancing through a support level system, giving gifts, doing things together, a bit like in real life. In Night City, and also a bit like in real life, we can pay and have someone fake their interest in us. It’s the perspective from the other side. Since I’ve never paid for sex in real life, I might as well try it in a simulated environment and the experience was acceptable. I went to bed with a character after getting an sms to meet and it felt completely random because I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was that unlikeable Corpo executive woman right at the start of the game, when I was still getting my bearings. After the mission where she offered me money to retrieve a Militech drone, I didn’t accept it because I didn’t trust her intentions, and chose the less likeable dialogue options. So, by the time I got her sms, I chose the option «Shame. Was starting to like you…» not because I did but because I was being sarcastic. And then, bang, I ended up in bed with her. I enjoyed Night City.

Not long after, I was in another district ready to meet Evelyn and there were some folks on the street. A guy asked me something and I was so overwhelmed checking the menus and trying to learn the game that I said yes and paid a small fee. I honestly thought it was a mission of some kind. I went to bed with him, or I’d rather say, he went to be with me and that was it. So, I learned how it worked and approached a woman standing on the other side of the street and this time, armed with knowledge, I asked if she wanted to go with me and I paid the fee. I think I went to bed with more people but now, after some hours of gameplay, I don’t remember. In real life I have a preference for women, or I’d rather say, for people who identify as women, despite the body they were born with. One day I was talking about trans issues with my wife and I asked if she would consider staying with me if I transitioned from female to male. The question was relevant at the time because it came from a period where I had to figure myself out. She said yes, she would stay with me. She earned herself rank S++ with me without even knowing it. To those who are curious, I’m still very much a cisgender woman, however that realization didn’t come without some soul searching.

In Cyberpunk, people perform their gender freely and have all types of sexual preferences and fantasies. They also have agency, wants and needs. I met Panam and I was on a spree getting into bed with everyone in my way, or killing everyone in my way, depending on the mission. We were paying for a hotel room and she insisted on getting a room with separate beds. I still made an advance but she said no. Later down the line, another opportunity arose. I had to test the game. I made my advance and she said no again. Ok, a second no is much more awkward than the first one and by then I was just being creepy. I felt ashamed, but at the same time it’s only natural that not everyone is into us, contrary to jrpgs or L-word. Panam likes our V (it’s the name of our character) and that’s what matters. I see her as an annoying friend that’s always getting into trouble and calls me screaming for help and the help always involves me failing at stealth and killing everyone on my path and then getting scolded for it. I like Panam.

In jrpgs our character is usually a young boy. A clueless, naive boy for whom all the female characters fall for no matter what he does. Everyone says yes and the agency is on him to choose his partner. His love interest is by default in love with him. The only thing we have to do as a player is to rise in the ranks until the option to romance is prompted. In games like Persona 3 Portable we can romance several people (I’m not sure if we have to, to get max social link, but I think so – they changed that in Reload) and in Fire Emblem Three Houses we can only give our ring to one person. If the person is female she’ll always be interested in our character if we’re playing as male, as long as we get the A-support rank. In case we play as a female Byleth the same-sex romance options are more limited. If we play as a male Byleth and happen to be gay or curious, there’s only one romance option. This sends a message, doesn’t it? Or am I reading too much into things? All in all, thank the goddess that Rhea is bissexual. It was the only thing I wanted to know, since I refuse playing as a guy in jrpgs if I have the other option.

Back to Cyberpunk, no really means no, much like the no I had to give River Wards when we were having the conversation. I had no intention whatsoever in landing on a relationship with him, but the way they structured the conversation left a tightness in my chest. Still, I had to be true to myself. River is not my type. The last mission of his storyline was great and it had a good dose of creepy moments. The way his parents died when he was young was gruesome and like out of a home invasion horror movie. The mission went well, as much as things can go well in Night City, which is not much, just enough to get by. Then I jumped into another set of quests and I was hunting Cyberpsychos across the city as instructed by Regina.

By this time I’d already driven on my motorcycle collecting tarot cards. They have beautiful designs and I recommend getting all of them. However, the first cyberpsycho came before the tarot card hunt and I thought I had to kill him. After a while Regina started getting a bit passive-aggressive with me because I was killing what she saw as test subjects and it was most desirable to make a tiny bit of effort to keep them alive in order to save them. Well, I didn’t know about that! The last half of cyberpsychos were handled with care and in stealth mode or using my blades to defend from bullets, parrying melee attacks and doing counterattacks, or using quickhacks. Using defensive combat was as effective as using stealth. I had to take a break from my killing spree but the reward was nice in the end – probably could be nicer if I hadn’t killed the first half of them – a Playstation trophy popped and it’s always good when it does.

I still have the police side activities and some minor requests to do before progressing the main story but I don’t know if I’ll finish them. Before I make some progress, I have Judy’s quest to complete. I want to see where the main story goes but I also can’t get enough of Night City and its many secrets. It’s a nice game and much less buggy than Starfield which I also played for hours on end.


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Nightmare Reaper is a dark and gritty retro-inspired first-person shooter that blends classic '90s FPS action with modern looter-shooter and rogue-lite mechanics.

You play as a disturbed patient trapped within the twisted depths of their own nightmares. Battle hordes of grotesque demons across sprawling, procedurally generated levels while amassing a mind-blowing arsenal of weaponry. Each run unlocks new abilities, upgrades, and secrets.

The Nightmare Reaper skilltree as displayed in the virtual Gameboy SP.
A screenshot of Nightmare Reaper's gameplay featuring the M1 Grand weapon and monsters in all their retro fps pixelated glory.

Darsycho2, to gamedev
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alright well I've spent a good 6 hours or so trying to fix something and just ended up hurting my brain in ways I didn't think was possible. Gonna need someone to help me out for sure lmao.
Regardless, version 2 of Enigmatic Worlds demo is out!

Hell Let Loose - First Match In The New Churchill Mk VII Tank (Patch 14.8) (m.youtube.com)

Welcome back to some more Hell Let Loose tank gameplay! This is our first match in the new Churchill Mk VII tank on Driel. This heavy tank is a beast and a welcome change from the Firefly. It's pretty much the same tank as the one on El Alamein, but with a slightly different turret model. It's green paint job also gives it some...

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In my latest post I take a look back at the early games that were released 30 years ago, around , and as a result were completely overshadowed by it and forgotten


There were a lot of really interesting games from that era, from the crazy Rise of the Triad to the innovative Blake Stone (which had the misfortune of releasing one week before Doom; talk about bad timing). Come and relive this forgotten chapter in gaming history!

Screenshot of Blake Stone, with the player shooting at a guard with a pistol
Screenshot of The Terminator, with the player shooting a gun at a terminator robot in a Japanese-themed room
Screenshot of Super 3D Noah's Ark, with the player Noah holding a slingshot in front of two sleeping goats

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wiedo, to PCGaming

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

The worthy 1 sequel we never got. This is not just a but what I call an exploration , very few games are like it and I love the genre. Great looking and playing game. Level design is very diverse in style and gameplay. It’s best in class and has beautiful brushwork. Love the movement additions for fun secret hunting and sequence breaking and the alternative quicksave system gave some extra tension. Chef’s kiss.


Le_bottin_des_jeux_linux, to linuxgaming
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🕹️ Title: Half-Life 1 (with FreeHL + FTEQW engine)
🦊️ What's: A Sci-fi FPS (Half-Life 1, CD vers), to run with FreeHL (pk3 files) & FTE QuakeWorld engine
💰 (CD version only supported)
🐣️ https://github.com/eukara/freehl
📖 Our entry: https://www.lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily.org/en/online/lights-on/

🥁️ Update: 03-02-2023➜03-05-2024
⚗️ No changelog 🙈️🙉️🙊️
📌️ Changes: https://github.com/eukara/freehl/releases
🦣️ From: https://mastodon.social/@holarse/112066238059440126

🏝️(o) https://www.youtube.com/embed/G5Nk5RSwbqM
🎲️ https://www.youtube.com/embed/38f99L9MVu4

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I'm not one for "New Year's resolutions", but I am one for overly ambitious projects.

For 2023, Project365 is "One New Game Per Day".

Given that I have 634 unplayed games in my Steam account and {mumble} unredeemed bundle Steam keys, there's a reason my unplayed collection is tagged "Pile of Shame".

I'll pin this to my profile, and give a brief summary here each day (or x, if I miss x days due to work or stuff).

I'll play 15-30 minutes of (at least) one new game I've never played before (or played less than 15 minutes of). I'll give every game at least 15 minutes, even if I hate every minute of it.

I'm also open to suggestions; if you reply to this thread with a game, I'll schedule it, or tell you what I thought of it.

One of the things that's come up is that I have a bunch of games that I've played once, and not touched again.

Unplayed games: #NewPlay
Trying a game again: #RePlay
Going live on Twitch: #GrissGames

I'll hashtag these with #Project365ONG so you can mute it if you're not interested.

#Project365 #Gaming

@grissallia@aus.social avatar

March 6, 2024 - Day 431 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 466

Game: Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

Platform: Xbox Game Pass PC
Released: May 23, 2023
Installed: Mar 6, 2024
Unplayed: 0d
Playtime: 33m

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is a retro FPS set in the Warhammer 40k universe. It feels like Doom-meets-Warhammer-with-mouseaim. It was added to XBGP this month, and so I decided to give it a shot.

Pun intended.

I think for someone who loves Warhammer, it would be awesome. However, I'm not a Warhammer girl, so clanking around in the armor, and killing everyone for Warhammer reasons just doesn't resonate with me.

In terms of gameplay, it's an OK retro FPS. The titular boltgun IS kind of fun, dealing high-speed accurate death to mobs half a map away, but it doesn't feel like enough to carry me through the whole game.

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is:

3: OK

@grissallia@aus.social avatar

April 8, 2024 - Day 464 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 492

Game: Fashion Police Squad

Platform: Steam
Released: Aug 16, 2022
Installed: Apr 8, 2024
Unplayed: 0d
Playtime: 16m

Fashion Police Squad (FPS) is a retro 3D first person shooter (FPS) and marks a change in pace, for game four in the April Humble Choice Bundle

As Sergeant Des of the Fashion Police, you patrol the streets putting an end to fashion crimes.

I swear I am not making this up.

Initially armed only with your trusty 2DYE4 gun, you shoot the boring grey-scale 2D business-sprites, with fashion, taking them from drab to fab!

As you move through the game, you unlock more weapons; unlike most boomer shooters, you need to match the correct "weapon" to the fashion crime.

Overall, it's pretty goofy, but it plays the concept straight, and it's kind of fun. I'm incredibly amused that it's in the same bundle as The Callisto Protocol, but I'm glad that I didn't try to play them back to back, because the mood whiplash might have killed me.

Fashion Police Squad is a groovy:

3: OK

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